12 Weeks Pregnant!

I truly do apologize for being MIA this past week. It’s the longest I’ve gone without blogging in forever. I don’t really have a valid excuse (although 3 out of town weddings and 1 week in Bermuda all in the same month probably is decently valid!) but it is what it is. I’m back and I’ll be catching up ASAP! I missed posting on Friday as we were at the third (and final…for awhile!) wedding! I’m THRILLED to be into my second trimester and here’s what’s going on in week 12 of this pregnancy journey:

Baby Growth: Blitzen is now the size of a lime and just over 2 inches long. So exciting! He or she now has reflexes and if I poke my belly Blitzen will move in response (even though I can’t feel it yet)! If we could look inside my belly, here is what Blitzen looks like:

Belly Picture: We were at the beach on Friday, which is when I officially hit 12 weeks, so we made due and snapped a picture before lunch. I LOVED the cute stickers Danielle had throughout her pregnancy with Charlotte and I found them on Etsy at Baby Shine’s Store. I like having something I use every week to be able to compare pictures easily 🙂 And I like the idea of getting more for when the baby arrives to take monthly photos with!

Front Shot

 Side Shot

(I’m wearing my Copa Necklace)

My Symptoms: I think it’s safe to say I’m no longer sick. I’m still not pigging out or anything, and I’m hoping (praying?!) that I never will with this pregnancy. I think a difference with being pregnant for the second time is that I can CLEARLY remember how hard it is to lose that weight. With Kye I didn’t worry about it, I mean breastfeeding takes it all off right? Um…no. It doesn’t! I know that now and I know that the baby doesn’t need a bunch of extra food. That it’s best for us both if I just eat like normal and eat when hungry. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I am hardcore about eating something each morning for breakfast and it is the reason I think I’m no longer sick!

Still having the vivid dreams. I had one about the baby where we had the ultrasound where from that point on the dr. all know what the sex is, but we don’t. I was meeting with Stacy and went on and on about how I just FEEL that this is a girl. Like I KNOW it is. She was so sweet and said, “As your friend I don’t want to give anything away…but I also want to just warn you not to be too sure.” So then we knew it was a boy and had to keep that secret from everyone until he was born (side note: I wasn’t upset that it was a boy and was kinda glad she let me know so I didn’t get my hopes up on the girl thing). On another note I also had a yummy one where Curtis Stone tried to, unsuccessfully, woe me. So my dreams mean nothing. Haha. 

Still exhausted. Now it’s honestly worse because the 2nd trimester migraines have begun!!! It’s the first REAL symptom that I’m having with this pregnancy that is exactly like mine with Kye (it also started at the same time…you can read it here). It’s horrible. I don’t go to bed with them, I wake UP with them. I have one now actually and it’s a big reason I’m so behind on blogging. I’ve been in the BED all the time trying to sleep off the headaches 🙁 I think I can take Tylenol? What strength? I need to get some!

Skin is looking MUCH better (knock on wood…) and I think my hair is starting to look somewhat thicker too. I also tried on clothes for the wedding this weekend and now have many things that make me look fat. So I’m at that embarrassing part of pregnancy where you don’t look pregnant but you look like you have a beer gut. If you are ever out with me in public, I announce to EVERY ONE I meet that I’m pregnant b/c I don’t want them thinking I’m just chunky 😉

Weight: Didn’t weigh myself at the beach, will do it this Friday. I’m positive I’ve gained which is fine by me! I’m proud of myself for not gaining during the first trimester as there is no reason I needed to gain!

Gender: So glad we don’t find out! I can’t WAIT to get all kinds of cute little newborn Christmas outfits. You think I take a lot of pictures at holidays now?!?! Just WAIT until this Christmas. We better have an awesomely beautiful tree b/c a sweet little baby is gonna lay under it!

Maternity Clothes: Officially down from the attic! I won’t be wearing them anytime soon but plan to go through everything and get organized. I stretched out SO many of my “normal” clothes last time (mostly when I had lost the weight but still nursed so my big boobs stretched it out) and want to organize it all so I only wear the things that are already stretched out and don’t make the same mistakes I did last time! 

It’s funny b/c the weekly update says at this point most people are in maternity clothes, especially if it’s a second pregnancy. My little gut I have going is pretty high and honestly ALL my pants are still comfortable. And I’m even in my smaller sized pants. Zach should be proud at me for saving us money and not having to buy a bunch of summer maternity clothes yet (with Kye I was in the winter so most of my stuff is long sleeved!).

Movement: nope!

Sleep: Sleeping great still, other than the migraines. And I am waking up more to pee and then it’s tough to go back to sleep. Also still sleeping mostly on my belly.

Cravings: Milk, milk and more milk. No sweets really. Seafood. BIG TIME. Sometimes cereal. Nutty Butter Bars are a sweet craving right now of mine. Still strawberry koolaide. Not anything fried. Not really any fast food. At this point in the game last time around I started to pig out and love a lot of foods…you can read what I was craving here.

What I miss: I’d seriously trade these headaches to go back to being sick all day. It’s HORRIBLE to be in constant pain. And Zach gets really annoyed by it b/c it means he can’t sing (you don’t know how many times a day I have to say “please honey stop singing…my head hurts…”)

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: Kye and I were laying in his bed when I tucked him in and we say prayers and cuddle a bit. He has started to pray for the baby on his own which is SO sweet (He says “Jesus thanks baby”). He also said he wants to hold the baby so I lifted my shirt and he thinks my belly button is either the baby or is like a portal to the baby. He reached out and touched my belly button and said “the baby is all done mommy!” I thought that was cute. I like that we spread the ages out enough to where Kye at least somewhat understands.

Questions/Concerns: How much seafood is okay??? I’ve been eating 1 can of chunk light tuna in water a week, but I’d LOVE to have more. Is Tylenol the only safe thing to take for the migraines? How many, how often, what strength? I hate the idea of taking anything but I can barely function like this! Also nervous about being able to get good bras this time around. It was nice having to drive to Melbourne to visit Mom so often b/c we’d stop at the St Augustine outlets and hit up the maternity store there for new nursing bras as needed…I need to find a good local place this time around 🙂 

Goals this Week: House completely, deeply, cleaned. Go through ALL the baby stuff and maternity stuff in the nursery and organize it. My plan is to divide it into piles: keep for new baby boy (Kye’s old clothes and such), keep for baby if boy or girl (gender neutral stuff like bottles), sell, pack away just for Kye. I plan to keep a notepad handy to start registering for things. I know that seems WAY too early and, duh, no one is gonna buy me anything right now. But I like to have a running list so it reminds me of what we need to buy down the road or what I want to research further. Also want to organize maternity/stretched out clothes. Possibly go ahead and order a Bella Band or something similar to be ready when that day comes…any suggestions???

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