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Friday, August 28, 2015

Healthy Kids: Filling in Nutritional Gaps

When it comes to parenting people are passionate about many different things. I'd say most people would consider me to be "hardcore" about Jesus, sleep, and car seat safety. Those are probably my Top 3 "parenting passions" if you will (although if making memories counts then that's totes one too!). 

Healthy eating is a very confusing area. You can find a billion books and blog posts and articles and journals with a billion different opinions. When it comes to healthy eating in our home my motto is "Do my best and don't stress the rest." I'm far from perfect in the area of healthy eating. We don't "eat clean." I don't buy a whole lot of organic fruits and veggies (all the milk the kids drink is organic but that's about the only organic thing we buy). However, I personally am happy with the balance we have. We limit junk and do our best to give our children the healthiest options possible at each meal. Healthy eating is expensive and I'm about finding that balance of giving my kids the healthiest options without going against our spending smart plans. If you want to see how we grocery shop I did a post about our monthly shopping here.  I also don't mind my children enjoying a sweet treat or special snack and we enjoy the occasional fast food outing...but our regular routine consists of healthy meals made at home (side note but Kye is six and still has yet, to my knowledge, to have any chocolate milk haha they might be a little deprived!).

I breastfeed all my babies so from birth they start taking some sort of supplement to help fill in their nutritional gaps. I know people have varying opinions about vitamins but I am a believer in their importance for a healthy lifestyle. My personal opinion is that it's very difficult to get everything we need from the foods we eat so it just makes logical sense to me to take some daily supplements to help make sure we all get the nutrients we need for our bodies to perform at their best! Everything in this post is based on my own personal experiences and my decisions were made based on research from various sources as well as advice from my children's doctors. 

I have three children who are now 1, 3 ½, and 6. They all take different supplements each day and I get a lot of people asking me what supplements we use for each of them so I thought I'd put it all together in one easy blog post :)

As I mentioned earlier, I breastfeed my babies. I'm still breastfeeding Tess at 1 year old. Our pediatrician discussed with me the importance of vitamin d for breastfed babies. Vitamin D deficiency is a huge issue in our world today and my pediatrician told me they are beginning to link so many health problems to a lack of vitamin d in our diets. Zach's family has a STRONG genetic history of auto immune disease and our doctor told us the best thing we can do for our children to combat that strong genetic history is to make sure they are getting enough vitamin d. If you know me then you know I'm quite the rule follower so I have made sure my kids get the higher end of the recommended daily amount of vitamin d!

Here are the drops I give Tess each day! They are soooooo much better than dealing with the ones I did for the older two (those enfamil ones are so sticky and a huge mess and just a PAIN!). These are one drop a day so I just hold it over my nipple prior to nursing her and wait for a drop to fall out. EASY! And the entire bottle lasts at least a year as I'm still going strong with it :)


When Tess was born it was right around back-to-school time and I was super worried about her getting sick. I knew the older two would be bringing a lot of germs home and I wanted to do my best to help prevent sickness for my newborn. I did some research and decided to invest in another daily drop...probiotics. They are "calming drops" but are really just a probiotic. I looked into powder forms but since I was nursing it didn't make sense to go that route. I felt better about doing a drop I could put on my nipple before her feedings. The bottle isn't cheap but it lasts forever (she's a year old now and there's still a ton in it!).

Britt is a trickier age for vitamins as she's 3 and not yet old enough for the ones I give to Kye. I knew I did NOT want to do a gummy type vitamin for her as I've read several bad things about them through various articles and such. I ended up deciding to give her a daily chewable multivitamin marketed specifically for Toddlers. I didn't start these until she was old enough to eat the hard chewable. I really want to make sure my kids get enough of both vitamin d as well as vitamin c. I know that vitamin c really helps prevent sickness. The chewable Britt takes has 40 mg of vitamin c which is in the proper amounts for her age. It also has 600 IU of vitamin d. The max for her age is recommended at a minimum of 600 IU so it has just the right amount. However, our pediatrician recommended for us to aim for the upper limit amounts which for her age is 2,000 IU of vitamin d. When I remember (which isn't always!) I try to add a drop of Tess's vitamin d into Britt's morning cup of milk. That way she gets an extra 400 IU! They are a bit tricky to find although I can usually pick them up at Target!

A big thing I worry about is sickness for my children. We go on a lot of trips and vacations so I'd rather use their days of missing school for FUN instead of sickness ;) My kids are very rarely sick and I truly believe that's a reflection of their healthy diet and consistency in receiving the proper amount of vitamins and minerals each day. I really wanted to start giving the older kids a probiotic and had a hard time finding something. I tried a power mix-in and they could tell it was in there and hated it! I looked everywhere and finally found a chewable, made for kids, simple ingredient probiotic. It was on the bottom shelf at Publix and if I wasn't looking hard for it I would have totally missed it! I will say it's a LOT cheaper at Publix than on Amazon but you may want to read up on it on Amazon as the reviews are fabulous :) I started giving one to Kye and Britt each day. They enjoy them and the bottle comes with 60 chewables so one bottle lasts me a month!

When Kye turned 4 we went through a lot in learning about his growth as he had some delay issues in that area.  Of course there isn't a whole lot you can do to help your child grow ;) But I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to best help him. Again, we were told about the importance of supplements. I took in the packages of the chewables Advocare has to offer (Advocare has a medical advisory board and I just really trust their products over any others) and both his growth doctor as well as our pediatrician recommended taking one of each of the three I brought to them each day. Combined they offer an AWESOME boost to his healthy and really fill in the gaps he may be missing from his diet. I do spread them out over the day (he eats one with each meal) and he LOVES them. 

My pediatrician did approve cutting them in half and giving Britt half of each one as well but we are waiting until she turns 4 to start using them. I just personally feel more comfortable following the recommendation on the packaging :) 

After a solid year of taking the supplements each day he grew a significant amount and is no longer considered "delayed." I am NOT saying it's thanks to the supplements, but when I asked the growth doctor about her recommendations for moving forward she highly recommended to continue using them for him. She said "whatever you have done has worked so keep doing it!" The great thing is I already get an awesome discount with Advocare so I know they are a great product and they don't break the bank! 

For breakfast Kye takes the probiotic vitamin mentioned earlier as well as the V100 Tropical Chews (you can learn more about them here). The give him 100% of the daily values for 16 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. To me, they are the most important one for daily overall health and if we ever got to a point where we could only choose one to give him, this would be the one (which is why I also do it at breakfast!). 

At lunch Kye gets what I consider the second most important chewable: Citrizinc. You can read more about it here! It's basically loaded with stuff to help support a strong immune system. It has vitamin d (200 iu), vitamin c (120 mg) and zinc (3 mg). I feel like with this and the probiotic that his body is getting a great boost to help fight off all the crud at school every day. When Zach and I get sick our kids rarely get sick with us, and if they do it's very mild.

Finally at dinner Kye gets Purple Champs (you can read more about it here!). It's a DHA supplement. DHA is very important in growth and development. Since our concerns were growth related it was a no-brainer and it's great for kids to have DHA supplements as it also helps support the development of the brain, eyes and nervous system. 

Since Kye is getting about 600 IU total each day of vitamin D I will also put a drop of Tess's vitamin d drops in his morning milk too if I think to do it! 

I tried to mention where to buy all the vitamins we give our kids...if you are interested in getting the Advocare ones then you can order them through this site. They aren't a "kid vitamin" and are great for adults too! The recommendation is for ages 4 and up although you may want to check with your doctor if you have children younger than 4. I know many people who give their younger kids half of a chewable :) 

They are also on special right now until Sept 1st! (I'm about to stock up myself!) I joined the membership early on with Advocare so I could get a discount on my product purchases and man I'm thankful for that savings each month! The membership works like a Sam's Club. It's $79 to join and you will receive 3 boxes of spark and also a 20% discount off all your purchases. You can earn up to a 40% off discount and once you reach each discount level you are set at that level for LIFE. I'm at the 40% off and it's pretty awesome to have such a large savings on products we love! If you're interested in joining the membership you can do so here! I'm also available to answer any questions and you can email me at: 

Writing this post made me really realize just how much I do believe in supplements for my kids and how much I do think it helps their overall health. They are very proactive about it as well. I have little drawer dividers in the kitchen with all of Kye's advocare vitamins and he and Britt both know which one he takes at each meal and she will often get it for him if I forget :) I was always a picky eater growing up and had a TERRIBLE diet up until a few years ago. Like I found one of my "diet journals" the other night and Zach and I cracked up. One day my food intake consisted of: cinnamon toast crunch, nerds, reese's, peanut butter crackers, and milk. Legit. That was it! I'm truly so thankful for the opportunity to learn more about health and to raise my kids to be healthy eaters and to see the value in a healthy lifestyle! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Car Seat Safety: Beyond Age 2

Awhile back I wrote this post on car seat safety. Today I want to discuss what happens after the age of 2. By now everyone knows, I hope, that children are to be left rear facing in their car seats until age 2. What you may not know is that it's actually best to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. It's safer. Period.

The ability to rear-face for an extended period of time comes down to having the right car seat. The world of car seats is SO overwhelming and the sad reality is that all seats are not created equal. When my babies are infants I use an infant carrier type seat (I love the Chicco Keyfit 30). Once my babies reach the height or weight limit for that seat I then invest in a convertible car seat. Not only are all car seats different, but car seat companies are constantly tweaking things and coming out with new models. It's important to do your car seat research prior to buying a new seat, every time. Just because you loved "such and such" seat for your older child doesn't mean it's the best seat for your current child. Improvements are being made constantly, especially in regards to extended rear-facing!

Tess recently moved out of her Chicco and into her convertible car seat. I did a lot of research and decided to purchase the Graco 4ever. The #1 thing I recommend looking for in a convertible car seat is how long they will be able to stay rear facing. That's the most important thing as ALL seats must pass certain standards in crash testing. But not all seats may have the ability to allow for extended rear-facing. With this seat Tess will be able to be rear-facing until 40 pounds and it does not have a height limit for rear facing. Meaning the shell for the seat is tall enough where she shouldn't be limited by height for the ability to rear-face! Britt is 3 ½ and is only 30 lbs so I'm assuming Tess will be able to rear-face until probably age 5 in this seat. 

In addition it's one of very few seats that gets positive reviews in all positions. Rear-facing, forward facing, and even in the high back booster mode. I was debating between this and another extended rear-facing seat and went for this one due to it's high reviews for the high back booster. That's something rare! Most seats that are convertible don't get good reviews in the booster mode! I also like that with this seat she will be able to forward face, using the 5 point hardness until 65 lbs! 

My rear-facing beauties!

You'll notice that yes, Britt is still rear facing. She turned two back on Dec 6, 2013. That means she will be turning four on Dec 6th of this year. Not only is she much older than two, she's also among the highest percentage for height for her age. At her 3 year well visit she was 38 inches tall and in the 90th percentile for height. Yet, she is still rear facing!

When I first transitioned Britt from her infant carrier to her convertible car seat I did a lot of research (Notice a trend? DO YOUR RESEARCH!) and decided to get the Graco Siz 4Me 70 (you can read my review of it here).  This seat allows for rear-facing up to 40 lbs and/or 40 inches. The negative of this seat is that there is a height limit in rear-facing. At the time I purchased the seat this was a standard thing in rear-facing positions so it wasn't something I was too concerned about. 

Since Britt was 38 inches at her 3 year well-visit in December and most kids grow an average of 2 inches a year I was hoping she'd remain rear-facing until her 4th birthday. However I do think she may have had a growth spurt as on the first day of school they measured them for a cute little project they made and they said she's 40.5 inches. We are going to go ahead and move her to forward facing this coming week as I don't want to risk her being above the height limit!

I know very, very few (if any!) parents who keep their children rear facing as long as we have Britt. The comments I get about it are pretty hilarious and just show the lack of knowledge most people really do have about car seat safety! We had a teacher at Britt's school approach Mrs. Charlotte one afternoon about how dangerous it was for Britt to be rear facing. No joke! And how uncomfortable she looked and how miserable she must be. I have to say I have an awesome mother-in-law. She's not going to let anyone bad mouth us ;) She told the teacher that Britt's parents would rather have the inconvenience of her rear-facing in order to know she's the safest she can be. BOOM! ;)

In reality though Britt has NEVER, not once, companied about being rear-facing. She's never said she's uncomfortable. She's never had issues with her legs. She's perfectly content in her seat. She actually thinks the rest of us are the ones with a disadvantage haha! She has asked before why Kye's seat is facing front and hers isn't and we just simply told her when she's bigger we will turn her seat around. And that was that. If your children only ever know rear-facing then they aren't going to have an issue with being faced that way! It's all they know!

I will say that car manufactures need to step it up with making vehicles more accommodating for extended rear-facing. I have a van and it's been a struggle to figure out how to set up two rear facing convertible seats as well as Kye's seat and the ability for him to access that third row. Last school year since Kye and Britt went to the same school I had both of them in the third row which allowed access to it through the second row (we actually took out one of the seats in the second row so it was mega easy access). However with Britt rear facing it was tricky to get her in and out of her seat. I actually would open the trunk of my van every time I picked her up or dropped her off and climb in my trunk to buckle or unbuckle her. Yes. I got looks. And probably some whispers. But I know my baby is SAFE so they can laugh all they want :)

Now that Kye is at a different school we re-arranged things so the girls are both in the second row. WAY easier! Yes I still buckle and unbuckle Britt. Buckle placement and strap tightness are both very crucial elements to keeping our children safe. What's the point of having the seat if you aren't going to buckle it correctly?

This was taken prior to me buckling her in, just to give an idea of how well a child at almost the height limit of the seat fits!

Once Britt is forward facing she will stay in her same seat with the 5 point harness until she is too big and needs another seat. At that point most people move to a high back booster. But did you know that staying in a 5 point harness for as long as possible is also important to the safety of our children? I highly recommend reading this article regarding booster seats. 

We bought Kye's convertible car seat before he was even born. We didn't do research. We were clueless in the realm of car seat safety. It was also 2008 which was before all the studies on rear facing and it's importance. Needless to say, the seat Kye was in (which was Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite) wasn't the best seat when I started to do more research into car seat safety. I was extremely concerned when he reached the limits for the seat in forward facing and it was time to convert it to a high back booster. He reached the limit for the 5 point harness in that seat younger than I would have liked and I in no way thought he would be ready for a booster nor did I like the reviews/safety ratings of that particular seat in booster mode.

I went into some heavy research and had to do a LOT of convincing with Zach but we ended up purchasing a new car seat for Kye. Yes. A car seat. Not a booster. At 5 years old he got a new seat that gives him the ability to remain in a 5 point harness for a much longer time period. I purchased the RECARO Performance SPORT Combination Harness to Booster and, lucky for Zach, it's the last seat Kye will need. It allows for the use of the 5 point harness until 65 pounds/49 inches tall (which will probably be how Kye outgrows it...since he was 45.5 inches tall at his 6 year well visit I assume he will be able to stay in the harness until probably age 8)

I really, really love this seat. The lines on the straps are simply genius. Why don't all car seat companies put white threading on the straps so they don't get twisted? SIMPLE! The only negative is the lack of a cup holder but Kye's seat is always near one anyway so it hasn't been an issue. Kye is able to get in and out of the seat on his own and buckles himself (as well as unbuckles) we do check to make sure it's tight enough and he does know proper placement of the chest clip (but of course we check that too!). 

Most likely we will convert it to the high back booster and just keep Kye in this same seat. But depending on how things workout I could also see Britt using this seat as the harness option when she's too big for hers and then getting Kye a new high back booster. Speaking of boosters...use a high back one until your child outgrows it then do invest in a backless one! And if you've heard about the "bin the booster" campaign...don't let it alarm you! Read this post for the facts! 

We don't care if Kye's one of the only kids in the carpool line in a harness! Safety is much more important than coolness :) 

I do also want to take a minute just to point out that I don't favor a certain brand of seats. I'm a firm believer in researching the actual seat and what is best suited for your needs. Brand names are cool for purses, but not for car seats. Y'all wouldn't BELIEVE the number of people who are hardcore Britax seats but don't have any research as to why. Just because everyone says it's the "safest" or the "best" doesn't mean that's necessarily true. I'm not knocking Britax as a brand, but I'm just simply saying that in all my personal research none of their seats were even in my top 3 when making my car seat decisions for each of my children. Just because "everyone" owns a certain brand of seat doesn't make it the best and just because it may be a more expensive brand also doesn't mean it's any better than other brands. Just putting it out there as a reminder to: DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I hope this post helps others to see that extended rear-facing as well as extended-harness use are both very do-able. All of my kids ride happily in their seats (and we travel a good bit!) but most importantly I can rest easily knowing they are as safe as possible. I know I've done all I can to protect them. Car crashes are THE leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 12. #1 cause of death guys! So yes, use sunscreen and feed your kids healthy foods and have talks about stranger danger. But most importantly keep them safe in the car!!!

I am by no means any type of expert with car seats nor do I have any bias towards a certain brand or company. I also may not be super helpful with specific questions but I due just urge everyone to please, please research the best seats for your child at each stage and follow car seat safety practices every time you ride in the car!

Several of us are sharing safety tips on a range of topics sure to visit the Babywise Friendly Network Pinterest Page for pins from all of our sites including a board on Safety!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Recap: Week 5

This is a recap of our 5th week of summer. We got back from the Parker Family Trip on Monday June 15th so this covers Tuesday June 16th through Friday June 19th :) 

I feel like I've never taken my kids out and about as much as I do now that I have three. Which is interesting to me. Because it would be WAY easier to just take one or two kids out rather than three right?!?! But I think this has to do with the older two being at ages where they bicker. Going out places stops the bickering from happening. It also has to do with how easy going Tess is. She has a great go-with-the-flow temperament which makes going out a pure joy with her! It's stressful taking them all places and I'd def still rather run errands solo...but we make it work quite a bit now and it's always an adventure!

Conquering Target!

Of course it started DOWNPOUR raining when we went to leave! And I didn't have any type of umbrella or anything. We made it work with our plastic bags ;) 

Ever so often I have some random creepy thing happen from the blog. This week I had someone contact me from Canada to let me know that my husband is on a dating site. Well. Thankfully my husband and I have mega trust in our relationship because I knew right away that it wasn't actually my husband. Sorry ladies! The girl was nice enough to send me a screen shot of the guys profile and then also sent me the picture of the actual guy who had the account once she found out who he was. I mean why lie and then send a different picture of yourself once you start chatting? And it's not like the real guy has any reason to use a fake picture! Anyways if you EVER see Zach on any type of dating sight please let me know! This is the 2nd time someone has used pictures from my blog to catfish him! Just a reminder to anyone who is considering using any images from my blog without permission: it's a crime!

When the kids and I made our plans for summer Kye's big thing he really wanted to do was have a lemonade stand. He talks about it all the time. He has a natural entrepreneur spirit which I'm very proud of! I want to foster that in him as it'll raise him to be a great provider someday for his family. It is SO HOT here so we set up the stand first thing when Tess went down for her morning nap and lucked out that the corner of our front yard is a busy corner as well as a spot with some shade :) 

Britt's future husband better be ready for her enjoyment of spending. Girl is always wanting to break into her piggy bank to support her brother's business ventures ;) I had to limit what she could spend and she enjoyed her three cups of lemonade and bookmark. 

The business was BOOMING. We ran out of lemonade and had to go make more within 30 minutes of opening the stand and he made $13.50 in only 45 minutes. I mean maybe Zach is in the wrong business!?!?! It was a big success and Kye had a great time! He made sure to set aside his earnings to give to the Lord and to also pay his sister for her help :) We need to open him a bank account because his piggy bank is getting too full from all his earnings!

I really enjoy our yearly strawberry patch visit and kept seeing on social media about people picking blueberries. I use blueberries almost daily in my smoothies (so good to help lose belly fat!) and they ain't cheap so I thought going for a picking outing would be a fun way to stock up! 

Casey, of course, was in to come with and we decided to load up one afternoon and find this little hole in the wall place Robyn knew about. We struggled BIG TIME to find it. Finally got there and I got Tess out of her seat to realize she was COVERED in poop. Which quickly turned into me being covered in poop. Lovely. 

Thankfully Casey is a lover of layers and had on two tank tops. I did a quick change in the back of my car and rolled with it. I didn't ever look at myself and got home that night and Zach kept saying how sexy I looked. Finally looked in the mirror and realized it was one of those baggy tanks that totally revealed EVERYTHING from the side. Guess the blueberry farm owners got quite the show hahaha

It was an odd situation as it was someones home. We finally realized what to do and got to picking. Picking blueberries is WORK guys. They are TINY. 

"who likes picking blueberries?"

God bless Britt. She is so my child in so many ways. It was hot. And hard work. And there were gnats like crazy and for some reason they especially loved her. To say she was miserable was an understatement. Girl will never want to go pick blueberries again!

So many screams and tears haha

It may have been hot and hard work but that didn't stop Kye. He is just such a worker and enjoys working no matter what the circumstances. I'm glad he was there because he picked majority of our blueberries for me while I dealt with the girls!

In the end we only got half a bucket full but it was SO cheap. I really wanted to go back again but never got the chance. I did find out they open at 7 am so next summer I plan to go bright and early and probably just with Kye so we can get it done fast and get more. They also sold pre-picked buckets and I regret not just buying one of those too bc they were still WAY cheaper than the store prices! Instead of growing so much corn, Mr. Rusty should grow blueberries ;)

Every week, if you haven't noticed by now, I am trying to make something new for the kids. I love freezer-friendly things as I can store them to use later. My goal for this summer was to have some nutritious options for Kye's lunch once school starts as well as have some easy-healthy options for Tess. This one is more of a toddler/baby food as the big kids weren't crazy about the amount of spinach in them! Here's the recipe for Cauliflower Spinach Bites!

I know pools may not add a lot of resale value to a home but MAN it's SO worth having one. We LIVE in our pool in the summer and both of our big kids are amazing swimmers. Tess even has a natural love for the water! My only regret is that we didn't do a beach access to the pool (the gradual slope to enter the pool) and I do think someday we may do some additions on the pool if we stay here forever and have our other items checked off our "house to do" list!

While in PCB with the fam Gap Factory had their HUGE 40% off everything deal that I looooove. I was pretty bummed that I missed it but decided to hit it up asap when we got back in hopes of still finding some good deals. I think missing the big sale actually worked in my favor. SO much for under $2. I went a little crazy! I think I'd call this some good "me time" wouldn't you? :)

Zach cracks me up because whenever I'm away from home he always gets creative in the kitchen. I cook but I don't really love cooking and have to follow a recipe whereas Zach is all about creating random new recipes. And he takes pictures of them and sends them to me haha. He made a chicken parmesan sub out of some garlic bread we had ;)

That's it for week 5!

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