Summer Recap: Week 6

I work with several companies and links to any products within posts are affiliate.

This post covers our 6th week of summer! It’s from Saturday June 17th – Friday June 23rd.

Zach loves to do breakfast for the kids on Saturdays. Britt especially looks forward to their “treats” for breakfast and this week he did sausage biscuits which were a big hit!

We then went to the YMCA for Carter’s birthday party! I’d never been to a party at the YMCA and I was very impressed with the set up. They had the area closed off for the whole water park section just for the guests and a lifeguard too. It was FABULOUS. And not too late in the day so it wasn’t overly hot. The kids had a BLAST!

Miss Watermelon even came with us 😉

Love me some Robyn!

Yay for a yummy lunch celebrating Carter turning 3!

He’s so grown and so excited to be a big brother ANY day now!

I was pretty pumped about the Thomas set we got him and apparently so was Tess

All the guests…

and the birthday boy too! 

That afternoon we had Seth and the Megow crew over for dinner. We hadn’t hung out in WAY too long and it was so great catching up with him and the kids. So thankful for our friendship 🙂

Buddies…just like their dads!

This reminds me SO MUCH of ME at this age. My parents have this video where I’m sitting on my grandmother’s steps watching all the action and eating a snack just like this and I even have my little feet crossed and am tapping them in the video 🙂 

Caught a bug

Sunday was actual Father’s Day and you can read that post here. We went to visit Zach’s dad at Lakeland and I about died laughing when the sweet church member who hosted Casey’s baby shower handed me these print out photos. When Casey was opening gifts I scooted as far away as I could so I wouldn’t be in the photos. Y’all I have a VERY expressive face. And I wear my thoughts all over it. Opening gifts is a struggle for ME because people can always instantly tell whether or not I like something. Obviously I didn’t want to be seen making some sort of “omg why did so and so buy this for her” face so I tried to get away but OF COURSE I’m still in them all. And the faces are epic. And I died laughing when someone posted them on FB and tagged me in them. So it was even funnier to be handed copies of the photos to keep. I will for sure cherish these forever 😉 

We are meeting tonight to discuss our 4th book for book club. I started it during this week of summer and loved it so much that I tried to be suppppper sllllllow with reading it. If you’re looking for a great book and a fun read then def grab One True Loves!

I LOVE how well my kids will play together…and it’s totally worth the chaos the room becomes 😉

Swim Time!

Their fav pool game is for Tess to toss in the toys and they race to see who can get ’em first 

Shocker, Kye always wins. 

Kye has started to ask to read bedtime stories and we decided he’s a better reader than Daddy bahahaha

I LOVE this picture. Britt is so proud b/c she was winning Monopoly and you can just SEE the competitiveness our kids have because Kye is NOT happy about losing to his little sister!


I am ALL about being “down for whatever” with my kids, especially during summer. I love to go and do and experience new things and make new memories. Especially with friends! Doing stuff solo with the kids is fun, but having a friend to do it with? Even better!

Robyn and I tossed around a few ideas and decided to spend the day on a road trip to MOSH in Jacksonville. We have had a SUPER rainy summer so I liked the idea of going somewhere indoors to mix things up. Neither of us had heard of MOSH before. I went in with NO IDEA what it was about or what we’d do or how long we’d stay. Literally no agenda. But that’s the beauty of having kids old enough to be so flexible…we could roll with it and make it work and have a blast with very little concerns about timing or scheduling. I gotta squeeze in all those “yolo” moments that I can before we have another baby 🙂 

We loaded up my van (and got SUPER lucky Zach was home because the car seats almost didn’t fit!!!) and hit the road. Robyn is a great friend to have for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that she likes to be the driver. Go. For. It. 😉 

We hit traffic on I-10 and by traffic I mean one of the worst wrecks I’ve ever personally seen and it completely covered the highway and the GPS simply told us we couldn’t get to our destination because there was no way around the wreck. C-RAZY. We sat for almost an hour. Thankful for movies to keep the kids happy! A 2 hour drive turned into a 3 hour one and we did spend more time in the car that day than we did at the museum haha but we made the most of it and really the car time getting to talk with Robyn was SO great 😉 

Oh you know me. I got up in my sunroof to take a pic and try to figure things out AND I exited my car and chatted it up with other people trying to see if they knew anything. It was funny because we stopped at a rest stop once we got going and ended up running into one of the ladies I spoke with on the highway. 

Any situation can be an adventure!

We busted out lunches when we stopped at the rest stop so the kids were fed and full and we got to MOSH right at noon. Which really wasn’t bad AT ALL. We picked a random Tuesday to go and it wasn’t crowded and we made it just in time for the laser show! 

They have this big planetarium thing where you are leaning back. I think the regular show of the constellations and stuff would have been really neat to see but with little ones we figured the laser show version was the way to go. If you’ve been to Stone Mountain’s Laser Show it was very similar but closer to us and the seats didn’t quite lean back enough so my neck started hurting pretty fast. And then the lasers were very repetitive and bright and it quickly turned into headache city.

However, it was SO WORTH IT. Omg KYE was KILLING ME. Right when the show started they did a swirly design with the lasers and Kye was dead serious when he told us not to look at it bc they were hypoptizing (hypnotizing but he said it wrong every time he said it too which made me laugh even harder) us. He really did think that’s what was happening and any comment we made about anything related to the show he’d say “it’s because you’re hypopitized now.” SO funny. 

MOSH is perfect for kids of ALL ages. It was very factual and informative which Kye loved (much better than like a zoo where it’s “Hey look at this animal” and then move on) and very hands on too. Plus there were tons of interesting things to see for the girls! 

Britt’s fav of the day was probably the touch tank! It was SO much easier to touch things than at the GA Aquarium! 

The girls and a HUGE whale!

I love that both boys wore dinosaur shirts 😉 You can tell Robyn and I only knew they had dino stuff at the museum haha

They did several shows throughout the day which were all great too! We especially loved the science one and both Kye and Britt got to participate. 

I kept joking every time the lady did an experiment and asked what we though would happen. I’d always say “it’s gonna blow up!” Then the last experiment the object WAS going to blow up and my jokes kinda caused LL and Britt to get scared. Oops! 

Luckily we left there to see all the smaller animals and the kids really all enjoyed that a lot. It was great because the museum is sectioned off into smaller rooms which made it easy to keep an eye on the kids while still letting them explore some on their own. Perfect location for a chill, take our time, kinda day!

Tess LOVES turtles!

Britt and LL had such a great day together. 

This snake was super cool. He was HUGE and we watched him move around. 

Probably the coolest thing at MOSH were the huge dinosaurs that were movable! 

We headed to their outdoor area for one more show…the feeding of their huge turtle named Tonca!

The girl doing the demonstration was mindful to say she was feeding the turtles “meat” when really they were little mice!

I was SUPER quiet while they fed Tonca and Tess just randomly yelled out super loud “I AM MOANA” it was awesome! 

Robyn stuck $2 in a Hurricane Simulator machine and dared all the kids to try it. Only Kye and Tess were brave enough to give it a go! 

Exploring the space area! 

So many cool interactive areas in the museum, with this one the kids make movements and the skeletons copy! 

A super successful, super fun day!

Here’s a few videos I took:

Kye making energy 

Britt’s hair during the science experiment

Dino controls at MOSH

Plant Facts 😉

Turtle Eating “meat”

Feeding Tonca

Hurricane Machine

I need a caffeine fix after that planetarium situation and everyone needed a solid snack to hold us over for dinner at home. McD for the win!

I thought FOR SURE Tess would sleep on the way home but, nope, Cooper took home the prize for only kid who slept!

Two moms and 5 kids survived a day trip and had a BLAST! 

More reading from brother ❤️

Kye and Britt vs Mommy in Clue!

Britt is doing super great with her speech and Kye and Tess love the playtime while we wait

Yay for no rain!!!

Tess loves playing with Britt in the deep end and pushing her off our step out. 

Pushing an empty stroller while on our walk since Tess asked to walk with her siblings…I’m so ready for a baby to fill it!

Playground pit stop!

It seems like the BIG “thing” right now is rock panting. Our town has a Facebook page where people post hints for where they have hidden rocks and then people can go find them and rehide and post a hint for that one. It’s a super great idea but I’m a) not good at painting b) not up for spending money on ROCKS and c) not very observant for looking for things while I’m out running errands with three kids in tow. So basically we haven’t been big participants in it. However, I LOVED the idea of painting Kye’s rock collection rocks and having the kids hide them places we go. GOODBYE ROCK COLLECTION!!! The kids loved painting them and it did make me want to maybe, possibly, buy some rocks and let them do the real deal thing 😉 We’ll see. 

The worst thing to see while swimming: the dreaded turd bump in the back of a bathing suit. 

We found out this month that Zach got offered a promotion! He decided to accept and is now the District Coordinator with Aflac. I’m SO proud and excited for him and know this will be a great fit for him. He’s been with Aflac now for 10 years (which is insane to think about!) and is beyond deserving of this honor. I had THE hardest time getting something together to celebrate. First I tried doing a large family thing for adults only at a nice restaurant but that fell through then I kept the sitter and got all dressed up and figured we’d do a date night but THAT fell through. Poor guy just couldn’t get any sort of well-deserved celebration to happen! On the upside I can wear this outfit again sometime 😉 

When stuff happened that made us late for the date night I wasn’t sure if we’d still go or not and I’d promised the big kids they could stay up a little late to hang out longer with the sitter. I let them play games and then finally gave up and canceled the sitter and let them have a treat before bed haha 

Britt chose chocolate

Kye chose a honey bun!

Zach and I finally got some “us time” at 10 and by then I was in my date hair and makeup but while wearing pjs haha the only thing open was McD so sundaes for dinner! 

All about some crock pot meals 😉

To end the week we hit up Wild Adventures!


Our fav 😉

We met up with Robyn, her kids, and her nephew (Ben)

Ready for the water fun!!!

SO proud of Tess for FINALLY doing the slide on her own and she LOVED it and wanted to do it again but of course by that point everyone was ready to go to a different area haha

Wild Adventures has a LARGE parking lot but not really any way to distinguish your row vs another row. I put Kye in charge of both getting us out of the park (no easy feat when you’re horrible with directions like I am) AND finding the car. He was a GREAT leader!!!

I felt super off all morning that morning. Like my heart was racing and I thought I was having an anxiety attack or something. My limbs felt weird and even at Wild Adventures I just felt “off.” When I got home Zach pointed out that he was on meds for strep so, duh, it was probably what I had too. I used MDLive for the first time (We have Medishare and it’s a FREE service they offer!) and it was AWESOME. I spent 6 min on the phone with a dr and BAM! had a prescription ready and waiting for me! 

We had William visit that afternoon (please continue to keep his sweet mama in your prayers) and I just was pretty out of it by that point. Thankful Zach was home and that Trolls is on Netflix because it was the perfect movie night movie to keep us all happily entertained!

Whenever we watch a movie my kids ALL love to jump up and dance around the living room during the credits. I hope they never grow out of doing that 🙂 


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Summer Recap: Week 6

I work with several companies and links to any products within posts are affiliate.

This is a recap of our 6th week of summer. I’m really liking this format of blogging! It’s so much better than doing small posts of every thing we do and it gives me a chance to include things I wouldn’t normally include due to them not fitting in a particular post! I’m trying to think of how I can keep it going when summer is over 😉 This covers Saturday June 20th through Friday June 26th!

I have been SUPER pumped for Renika’s wedding! I met Renika back when Zach and I were newlyweds (so in 2007…8 years ago!). I had a hair emergency (legit! whew y’all know what I mean!) and she and Penny came to my rescue. Since then I stayed loyal to their great combo for my hair. Eventually Renika became my sole stylist and I even had the privilege of being her very first customer when she opened her own salon (it was so cool giving her that first dollar bill!). I was beyond honored to be invited to attend her wedding. Her love story is awesome and I couldn’t wait to be there on her special day! It was a tad tricky with three kids to figure out child care for but we made it happen 😉 

The wedding was the same location we used in a recent photo session for our family. Highgrove Farms is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously if I was getting married today I’d be checking ’em out 😉

There were a TON of personal touches put into every detail of the wedding. I loved the little boy who came out and rang a bell and announced “the bride is coming!” It was so cute! I also loved how the wedding party walked in to the beat of a Beyonce song, so Renika 🙂

This was my first time meeting Renika’s man. She’s always told me he is JUST like Zach and she wasn’t kidding. He was cracking so many jokes during the ceremony! I told her she made me feel bad b/c she LOVED it and I would have been so mad at Zach for joking haha. It was the perfect blend of humor and romance with GOD as the focus of it all. I loved their vows. I especially loved the programs that included a personal story from each of their perspectives. They truly shared their hearts and the journey through both spiritual growth and in their love for each other. 

It was all so beautiful and I’m so glad we were able to be there! We ended up leaving soon into the reception. It was a good chance for us to have a little quick date since we had childcare 😉 Who can turn that down? We went to one of our old school FAVORITE places to eat. We legit haven’t been in YEARS. Guilio’s has THE best salad and we were both pumped and then Zach got his meal. Yes this is supposed to be Chicken Parmesan. We aren’t ones to complain but $17 for two chicken strips?!?! No. Way. It was sooooo disappointing and when you don’t get nights out very often it was so hard not to let it ruin our time together! We did speak up and sent it back and they stood by their product which surprised me. I’m not saying we won’t ever go back but when we do it’ll just be salads for us!

While I was SO excited for the wedding I did hate that it fell at the exact same time as Cooper’s birthday party. I’ve been to every single one of Robyn’s kids parties and I was so bummed to miss it! Thankfully Mema didn’t mind keeping Tess at our house while Mrs. Charlotte took the big kids to the party. I may not have been there, but at least our family was represented and the kids had a BLAST! I stole a few pics from Robyn’s post 😉

Something I wanted to make sure to do this summer was to attend story time at our local library. It’s free and fun for the kids! We hit it up on that Tuesday and man it was CRAZY packed which I’m not used to. It was an interesting experience. So many kids were just running wild and so many moms were just having conversations with each other while the librarian was reading. RUDE. I love how close Kye and Britt are sitting 🙂

Britt keeps surprising me! Child just wanted to sit and do the craft while other kids played!

Casey and Carter came with us and as soon as story time was over we headed to a park nearby for lunch under a pavilion and then a little playtime before naps! 

The babies may make it look like we have beautiful summer weather here but the big kids prove the intense HEAT that is our reality. 20 min outside and you are a sweaty messsssss

That same night Zach and Jordan had basketball. The past few summers they have started up and ran a summer men’s basketball league. So every single Tuesday night of the summer (and a couple weeks it’s Thursday nights too!) they are up at the gym from 5-11. They play in the league too but mostly they are there since they run it and are responsible for everything. Casey and I made it our mission this summer not to get bitter about basketball (easier said than done haha). Robyn approached me about co-hosting a paint party so I instantly said “on a Tuesday!” haha! 

One thing that isn’t often discussed about Babywise is the fact that I CAN host a BIG group of people in my house with NO concerns about my kids being woken up. They all three were in the bed well before the festivities started at 8. We never heard a peep from them and things didn’t wind down until after midnight (Zach even got home to see mostly everyone!). It’s such a blessing having children who sleep so well and stay in their beds with no issues!!!

Kelly’s Crafted By You was awesome. Kelly brought in all the supplies we needed and was MEGA helpful in creating our masterpieces 😉 We did a pj night and everyone brought a dish to share. We painted, we ate, and we laughed a whole lot. Girl time is THE BEST. I know I left with my heart full and happy and hope everyone else did too 🙂 I think as women and mothers we tend to put ourselves too low on the totem pole. We need time together and we need to make it more of a priority! 

I’m officially stealing Kayla from Robyn 😉

Pro artists!

Kayla took more pics than me (selfie queen?) so I stole this 😉

Zach is mega anti wreaths so I was nervous about how he’d feel regarding these designs. I am thankful for a husband who is involved but man sometimes it makes it harder! I was SO nervous if he’d like it and if he’s let me actually put it on our front door! I think it turned out super cute and I’m soooo thankful Kelly was there to practically do it for me help!

The whole crew! It was such a great group! Several friends of Robyn’s I’d never met, some newer friends of mine that I’d like to know better, and some friends we’ve both shared forever! 

(shout out to Kori who also came and didn’t paint…glad I had your moral support haha)

Zach approved! It’s currently hanging on the door! I do feel like even though our house is beachy that an anchor is very “summer” right? I am going to another paint party this weekend and am doing a football 😉 I also want to do a Christmas one and am thinking of hosting another party closer to the holidays! It was so fun and they all turn out so cute!

Awhile back we had a themed movie day. We did a Brave Day and LOVED it. We decided to do another movie day over the summer and this time I picked the movie based on movies they rarely choose to watch. They both get obsessed with certain movies (right now: Big Hero 6) and then don’t want to watch others. So we had a Finding Nemo Movie Themed Day!

First we dressed up in our aquatic themed clothes

I found a Nemo worksheet with activities for Kye and a color page for Britt

I LOVE paper plate crafts…we made turtles!

We also played a fishing game

And I gave them each some blue jello and gold fish as a snack for while they watched the movie!

They both went through and brought down all their sea related friends (Captain Hook totes counts since he lives on a ship ha!) to watch the movie with them!

I’m not sure how Merida, Rapunzel or a baby doll fit the ocean vibe?

Then for lunch I made hot dog octopuses and served them over shell mac and cheese! 

To finish out our themed morning Kye read one of his Nemo books before naps 🙂

Kids eat UP themed activities. It makes a boring, simple movie day into so much more. It takes a little planning but always pays off and is something I hope to do at least once each summer. I’ve seen a lot where people do Disney Movie Nights and plan a themed dinner with activities and such then watch the movie. As the kids get older I can see us doing those as well! Super fun!

It wouldn’t be a weekly recap without some swimming fun 🙂 

This week Kori told me about a HUGE sale at the VSU bookstore. I haven’t been on campus for a long time but we couldn’t skip out on the big discounts. I’m talking DIRT CHEAP. Like everything was 70% off! We got Zach a tonnnnn of stuff and got each of us a few things too 🙂 It was hilarious because a college book store is not a place meant for a stroller or three young children. Thankfully they are all super well behaved but it got a little crazy and was one of those “everyone is staring at me” situations haha. I owned it 😉 We had to wait in line a long time and Britt was in one of her moods where she wanted to touch everything. At one point we were looking at hats and Tess was in her stroller but then I looked and she was on the floor playing. Neither big kid got her out of the stroller so we decided she must have somehow crawled out herself haha. Quality mom moment 😉 

I have learned that I can’t handle venturing out with all three kids solo twice in one day. I’m a one activity a day person. The VSU bookstore deal was too good to pass up so we went after Tess’s morning nap and before afternoon naps. I also got a parking ticket. Which I’m sorry but there is NO PARKING close to the book store. So, yes, I parked in a spot marked “45 minutes” and I was only there for 45 min AND it’s the summer. I mean really?!? I’m not going to park in the parking deck and walk ½ a mile in 100 degree temps with my three kids to go shopping at the bookstore. Not gonna happen. I wasn’t going to worry about paying the ticket because it was a campus ticket. I don’t think it goes on my real record? But then I looked online and turns out I have 4 campus parking tickets that date back to 2008. Oops. So I paid up. But mark my words if/when I go back to the bookstore I will park there again. They need parking for visitors!!! {End Rant}

So that same afternoon after naps we had to rush to the library for this zoo exhibition thing they had with animals. Y’all. It was activity overload for me. The craziness of the bookstore and then the craziness of a free community event? Whew. I was DONE. Kye was eager to go back to the library because when we were there on Tuesday he checked out several books and read 20 books in a 2 day span in order to get a prize. The prize was mega junky and didn’t work so I kindaaaaa discouraged us from continuing the program. Especially after dealing with the library….

This might be another rant so be warned! haha! But we love Parks and Rec and if you watch the show they hate the library. I tried to still have an unbiased opinion of the library. The kids loved checking out books and we had fun reading them and filling out Kye’s reading log etc. And y’all know me. I took pictures of every single book we checked out to MAKE SURE we returned every single one. And guess what? They are claiming we kept a book. Me. A book stealer? Um no. I called and called and they keep saying they don’t have it and they never checked it back in. Well maybe that’s because when I turned in my books the guy sat right there and said he forgot to scan them all. Maybe he’s the book snatcher! So now they tell me I’m going to have to pay $15 for the dang book that THEY lost. Parking tickets for parking spots that shouldn’t be given parking tickets for parking in AND fines for books I turned in. I would totally rebel against the library but we love the snow day and I love the free Zoo Atlanta passes so I will probably pay up. Ugh!

Anyways here is Kye very proud of his 20 books in 2 days accomplishment 🙂

A sweet distant cousin of ours was there for the animal show too!

You know how you go to large group events and they ask “any questions” and there is always that kid that constantly has their hand up? Yup. That’s my kid. And then when they called on her she would think of a question on the spot or tell a very unrelated story haha

Britt’s favorite animal is alligators…she FLIPPED!

The hedgehog was my favorite!

And they even had a little owl!

That arm got a work out haha

I planned on putting this up on IG with the caption “We love the library!” with some cute emoji of a stack of books and a worm or something but then book gate went down so “no photo for you” haha I migggght be bitter 😉

We finished out the week on Friday with lunch and pool time at Robyn’s mom’s house with Robyn, her kids, and Kayla. Her mom has THE BEST backyard and pool. I’m totally envious! The kids had fun getting to play with their friends for a bit and I enjoyed some adult interaction 🙂 

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