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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Goals? Advocare Can Help!

With this year coming to a close and 2014 beginning I know we all are looking forward and thinking about our goals for the coming year. Have a goal to get healthier? Lose some weight? Earn more money? Advocare has helped my family with ALL THREE of those goals!

I have posted many times about the benefits we have found with Advocare. It allowed me to lose my baby weight after having Britt. It helped Zach to reach his lowest weight since college. It has helped me be healthier this pregnancy. It's given my kids a more well-rounded diet. It's gotten us eating healthier and feeling healthier! Zach and I both have much more energy and are better able to keep up with our children until bedtime. On top of allllll of those's also given us an awesome amount of extra income to our home. I've averaged $600-$800 a month this year just by organically sharing my story and my love of the products Advocare offers!!!

What are some of YOUR goals for 2014? Can Advocare help YOU to reach them like it has for us? Y'all know I'm passionate about keeping it real on my blog. I take pride in being true to myself in everything I write and I stand by any product I ever recommend. I know everyone is looking for "the thing" that works for them, and Advocare has been that "thing" for us. I truly am so thankful for the products the company offers and for the business opportunity I've been able to enjoy too!

Starting tomorrow Advocare is running an AWESOME sale. Having been with the company since July of 2012 I can tell you I have only ever seen the 24 Day Challenge go on sale ONCE and that was New Year's Day of 2013. This is a rare occasion so if you've been thinking about doing the 24 Day Challenge NOW is the time!!! It's a GREAT way to jump start your goals of losing weight and getting healthier! The average person loses 12 lbs and 9 inches in just 24 days! 

While I can't do the full challenge (hello pregnancy!) Zach and some of his family all plan to take advantage of the discount and kick of the New Year with doing the challenge together! I HIGHLY recommend doing it with a friend, your spouse, or even a group of people. Having that accountability is huge and really makes a difference!!!

Want a deeper discount? If you join the membership for $79 you get a discount of 20% off ALL products for LIFE and Advocare sends you $50 worth of products! For us it's a no-brainer b/c I'm allll about working the system and getting the best deals possible. And, yes, you get your discount on top of the sale price :)

Interested in a great way to earn extra money this year? I know I personally never planned on looking at Advocare as a business. I am a stay at home mom and have never brought in any income to our home. While I didn't plan on it, once I started seeing results people naturally wanted to try it for themselves and it just took off on its own from there! I've done some other direct sales type things and none of them have ever brought me this kind of income. Plus there is VERY little start up cost! Just by joining the membership (that one time $79) you are given your own website. You can just use it for yourself and your own orders (to get your discount) or you can also let people shop from your site and earn money from those sales! It's SO SIMPLE! 

I have a tab at the top of my blog that gives TONS of info about Advocare! All my personal posts about it as well as other sites with great info and tips to help with the challenge (print outs for what to eat, details on the challenge for nursing moms, etc!). You can see ALL my Advocare info HERE!

If you'd like to order the 24 Day Challenge it goes on sale TOMORROW and you can order it here (I highly recommend the chocolate shakes...I drink one every single morning for breakfast!). 

If you'd like to join the membership be sure to do it BEFORE ordering anything so you can get that discount!!! You can join the membership here! Once you join you start off at the 20% discount level but can go as high as 40%! 

If you have ANY questions feel free to contact me! I know this time last year I had tons of Advocare questions and such and I am totally around to help in anyway I can! Best place to reach me is on my Facebook page or email me at

Happy New Year to everyone!!! Hope you are enjoying the last night of 2013! I'm excited for all the many joys and blessings in the year to come :)

Long Awaited Bonfire Night

Way back in September, maybe even August?, Kye started talking about having a bonfire. He wanted to cut down trees (child talks constantly about how there are too many trees in the world and how we should cut them down haha I think my attempts to not let The Lorax make him into a tree hugger actually made him go the opposite direction!) and use them to have a fire. He wanted to invite EVERYONE he knows and he talked almost daily about his big plans for this bonfire night. Next time he has a birthday party he will FOR SURE be helping in the planning process...he really enjoyed planning this special bonfire night!

I told Kye we needed to wait for it to be colder to have the bonfire and that instead of having it at G-Mama's house it'd be better to have it at our house and we could do it for my birthday celebration with the family. We couldn't invite everyone we know (even though he did confess he totally invited his teacher from school haha) but we could have the WHOLE family come! I planned the night for Nov 9th because it was after daylight savings time ended...meaning it was dark much earlier! 

We had to order a fire pit thing and we got some wood from Big Daddy's house (no chopping it down, sorry kid). We ate early so we could do the fun outside festivities before bedtime! Zach even set up the tent in the backyard so the kids could feel like it was a true camping experience. Payton told us she wants to have her birthday party at our house next year haha. It was truly probably THE most fun party to date! Kye did an awesome job putting it together :)

I asked Kye if he had any activities planned so he took the leadership role and told EVERYONE about the races he wanted to have. First was a kids race and then an adult one. He took it very seriously and luckily pretty much everyone played along and let him "be the boss" for a minute ;) He was hilarious b/c he was super hardcore about running around the entire yard three times and then he barely made it twice before he said he was too tired haha. Classic!

Adult Race!

Casey got the senior superlative for "biggest schemer" I think you can see why ;)

Telling secrets in the tent!
Birthday time!

After dinner and presents it was starting to get dark and I wanted Britt to be able to participate in the bonfire so we got it rolling! I'm so thankful to Trey and Jolee who really helped watch Britt for me!

I got some super sweet gifts from everyone! I especially loved the mase Mrs. Charlotte got me (I sleep with it by my head at night haha) and the People magazine subscription Casey and Courtney bought me! Super, super thoughtful!!! I've never had a celebrity magazine subscription (but I do have like 1,000 parenting ones haha) so it's been super fun!!!
Big Daddy enjoyed my magazine more than I even did haha we kept spying on him through the window while he read it ;) 

Once Britt went to bed it was time for s'mores and "scary" stories!!!
Zach taking control of the situation haha

I tried to get pics with everyone that I could :)
Our height difference always gives me a wonderful pillow ;)

Poor Jordan slaving over the stove ;)
Kye had THE BEST night!!! He said it was his favorite night ever :)
s'mores and hot chocolate...I mean total cool mom status ;)

We all sat around and told stories. We also played that game where each of us say a sentence of a story :) We kept it pretty silly rather than scary but the kids got so into it. Payton was cracking me up! She was so expressive and so into it all. I loved it! I can see Britt being a lot like her in a couple years!!! Of course the scariest part of our story was when it turned out the "bad guy" was Mr. Tom haha (our neighbor who had all the blue door issues and tried to sue us for issues he'd already had with his yard before we moved in!). 

It was a very, very fun night! I'm very thankful to have married into such a loving family who always make me feel so special! Everyone did the typical birthday thing of going around and saying what they love about the birthday girl/boy and I appreciated all the sweet words. I think Jolee had us all in tears ;) I'm truly blessed and I'm thankful everyone helped contribute to make it the bonfire party Kye had been dreaming of!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Kids and Cotton

We live in the country. Like, legit, we pass farmland to get to our house :) My favorite crop every year is cotton. It's SO beautiful! The snow of the south, right? Kye always loves it too and two years ago we were able to go check it out for ourselves and get some pics. Ever since then Kye will ask about the cotton and when it's coming and when it does come in he talks about wanting to go see it again. I wanted to do the pics again last year but the crop was mega early and we missed it! This year I wasn't gonna to let the opportunity pass us by! Unfortunately, they had already picked the cotton by our house but I have an awesome husband who didn't mind driving around until we found a field!

We parked at these people's house and went and asked them if it was okay for us to check out the cotton! The kids were SO excited (it's the simple things, right?). Blogger uploaded my pics in a funky order but that's fine! Enjoy LOTS of cotton pics!

Kye was thrilled that we got to take some home!

Britt is a true Bible thumper ;) She carries her little Bible EVERYWHERE!

Haha real life: no makeup, wearing a pj shirt and sports bra ;)

Can't wait to have THREE babies in our cotton pics next year :) Hopefully we'll act a little quicker and get some in our neighborhood as I do think it's a prettier field! Both kids enjoyed this little outing and Britt yells out the window "COTTON!!!" anytime she sees anything white haha!
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