Zaycon Foods: Chicken!

I try my best to feed our family in a healthy way, but I also try my best to stick to a budget for our family. Those two priorities don’t often line up…it seems like to eat healthy, you also have to spend a lot of money! I do the best I can and prioritize what we can afford to eat and what we just can’t make happen. We don’t eat much processed food (rarely do we have hamburger helper, kraft mac and cheese, etc) and majority of our dinners are made with chicken. We do all organic milk and I buy some organic fruits. We do use Advocare vitamins and supplements and we are at the highest discount membership level to help us save money and still afford the top nutritional products. Since we do eat SO much chicken, we buy the cheap cheap stuff. We get these bag of pre-frozen breasts from Walmart for like $8-$10 a bag for 3-4lbs of meat. I defrost them as we need them and just try not to think about how much junk is probably in them to allow them to be so affordable. 

A friend shared on Facebook about Zaycon Foods and it caught my eye! Farm fresh foods delivered directly to me for much cheaper than the junk I usually buy? Um. Sounds toooooo good to be true! I decided to still give it a try and just see what happened. I spent $75 for 40 POUNDS of fresh farm chicken breasts. A steal! Here’s more info about their chicken breasts and here’s a video all about how how Zaycon Foods works. It makes logical sense to me! Cut out the middle man which cuts down my price and gives me a better quality product? I’m all for it!

This morning I went to pick up the chicken and I was a little nervous. The pickup location was at a local church I’d never actually heard of and it was about 20 minutes away. I got there 5 minutes before the pick up time but there was already a big delivery truck there so I pulled up behind another mom in an SUV (I thought to myself “I bet 90% of the pick ups are gonna be moms in suvs today” haha). I literally had ZERO wait. I pulled up and the man standing there was holding an Ipad and wearing a very professional Zaycon Foods shirt. He asked my name and said I didn’t need to show him my printed off order I had brought with me. Yall know me, I totally started in on the small talk but he was very polite about not having small talk. He meant business! They opened the back of their truck and had me open the back of my trunk. He laid down a piece of plastic and placed my order in my trunk and said I was good to go! I could tell they were ALL about keeping their reputation in place for being fast and efficient and delivering a good quality of product. I was BEYOND impressed. I hadn’t even busted open my box yet and I already knew it was the REAL DEAL. 

Here’s the box when I got home and brought it inside

 40 lbs of chicken! It had been in my car for over an hour (had to go get Kye from school after my pick up) and it was STILL plenty cold! 

I pre-bought several freezer bags from the grocery store as I knew I’d need to cut the chicken and store it for our family. Typically we use four of the “chicken breasts” from the Walmart bags for each meal we eat. The chicken “breasts” in the bags are actually already cut in half and are pretty small. And since they are pre-frozen they shrink up even more once cooked. When I took out ONE of the butterfly breasts from the box I was in shock! It was about the same amount of chicken as we use for an entire meal for our family!!! I cut it in half down the middle then in half again and had the same amount of chicken we’d use in an entire meal. I went ahead and froze them in those quantities so I’d have one bag of chicken for each meal. This way I can go ahead and just grab a bag and defrost it for dinner and not have to worry about dividing up portions later! Zach got home in time to help me and took over for me and I was eager to see how many meals we’d end up with! He was blown away by the amount of chicken and said he def thinks it was a great value!

In the end of it all we ended up with enough chicken for 19 meals!!! That worked out to cost us under $4 per meal and MUCH less than we typically spend in chicken. I had plenty of extra freezer bags so we double bagged all of them just to make sure they are protected. Then Zach had the genius idea to put them all back in the box and put the whole box in our deep freezer. It worked out perfect and now we have plenty of chicken to last for quite awhile!!! I totally regret not going ahead and buying more (as I think it ends up being less per pound the more you buy?) and I WILL be making a MUCH larger purchase next time they come to our town! They also sell bacon, beef, hot dogs, and even fruit! I’m confident this was our first of many purchases to come.

I’m a very loyal person…when I LOVE a product I will share about it and I truly do believe this is a WONDERFUL company to do business with. Simple to order. A breeze to pick up. An amazing value. And a great product! You can learn more about Zaycon Foods and see what foods are offered in your area HERE! I’m crossing fingers that they will be back to our area SOON!


  1. Jessica Lovett
    October 8, 2013 / 11:34 pm

    You should get a vacuum sealer so that you can vacuum pack all the meat. It will pay for itself with how much meat you buy and freeze

  2. Michelle
    October 9, 2013 / 2:29 am

    Hi Emily, I've been ordering from zaycon for almost two years and we love it. I don't think that you get a discount for buying more than one case, but they only come to our area with chicken a few times a year so it's always best to stock up. We have also ordered their lean ground beef and were very impressed. We didn't love the bacon, but it wasn't too bad. Glad you found zaycon!

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