Zach’s 29th Birthday!

Zach celebrated his 29th birthday on August 7! It’s the LAST year of his 20s and I hope we can live it up and enjoy his youth while we can 😉 Last year he had that super scary ER incident the day prior to his birthday so I wanted to do all I could to make this birthday extra special for him. His special day fell on a work day so he was gone but the kids and I worked on a special surprise for him when he got home! They made him a sign and I hung it on the door to surprise him 🙂

 Kye is REALLY into drawing rainbows right now 😉

Zach’s day was def not boring…he was working at a school system that day and a kid went C-R-A-Z-Y and Zach actually had to help chase the kid down and had to tackle him and hold him down until the cops got there to arrest him!!! This kid was going nuts, spewing threats, cussing up a storm, etc. Guess Zach got to start off his birthday with a bang 😉 Thankfully no one got hurt and it’s good Zach was there to be able to help manage the situation. God puts us where we need to be at the right time huh?

He got home pretty early that day which worked out great! We got the celebration started as soon as the kids got up from naps. We had some bad timing with Father’s Day for dinner so I wanted to get there as early as we could and hopefully beat the crowd this time. We always get to pick where we want to eat for our birthdays and Zach picked Longhorn, as usual 🙂

When we got to Longhorn it was EMPTY!!! Which was great! Not only did we not have a long wait but we also didn’t have to worry about our kids Britt bothering anyone. Britt LOVES looking at all the animals around the restaurant so we took shifts walking her around while we waited for our dinner. And Kye was happy and content coloring in the kids packet they gave him 🙂

 Best. Meal. Ever!

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Sandwich!

We didn’t ask them to do anything for his birthday (b/c we had cake waiting at home) but they surprised us and came out singing and delivered some ice cream. Britt was hilarious about it. She had TWO spoons and kept digging in haha Girl loves her ice cream!

 Britt reading the card haha

This year I pretty much decked Zach out in golf stuff. Golf has come a LONG way in the clothing department and now that Zach golfs more often I wanted him to look cool on the course 😉 The kids and I had fun picking everything out for him and I think he had a great birthday!

 The kids and I also went to pick out his cake together and Kye picked out the design! 

 Here’s a video of the kids telling Zach Happy Birthday! One error I made with the cake was choosing red as one of the colors of icing…

This summer was NON-STOP rain. We typically like to have everyone over to swim several times during the summer but every time we tried to plan something it would rain. We tried again for Zach’s birthday and got lucky: it didn’t start storming until after everyone had a chance to swim! Yay! The kids LOVE having so many people enjoy the pool with them! 


 The birthday boy and his four favorite kids!

 This is like the best picture EVER of Zach and Big Daddy! Look at that precious smile!!! Big Daddy rarely smiles for pictures!

The weekend of Zach’s birthday we went to Atlanta for my high school reunion (post to come…I know yall can’t WAIT for that one!) so it took us awhile to finally go on a birthday date together. Jolee was so sweet to come watch the kids for us and we decided to go down to Kinderlou to eat at the restaurant there. When Zach joined their golf membership they gave him a coupon to use at the restaurant so we thought we’d be saving money. Haha. We were wrong…that place was expensive! At least the food was super yummy and we had great service since we were literally the only people there. 

 Shrimp and Grits were awesome!

 And we got that hook up with free birthday dessert what what

I really am having a hard time accepting that Zach is 29. I’m so, so thankful he’s a few months older than me so I can ease myself into it. Gah…next year we will be THIRTY!!! I need to start planning to make his birthday BIG for the 3-0 🙂 I’m so thankful we were able to fully enjoy his birthday this year. Zach works so hard for our family and is such an amazing husband and father and deserved a great day to celebrate HIM!

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