Zach Bday Trip: Day 2

Day 2 of our trip kicked off with celebrating Tess being 1 month old πŸ™‚ Having her birthday on the 31st of the month means we don’t get to have her true monthly change every month! 

Kye wanted to clean up for us so he swept while I was nursing!

He also helped in my attempt to get Tess’s first monthly pics (post to come)

Carter was trying to show Tess how a smile is done πŸ˜‰

Once Tess was down for her nap I took the big kids down to the pool for a little bit while Zach was getting ready for his birthday celebrating for the day: the water park! He and Jordan had a BLAST last year together at the water park so we decided to make that part of his gift this year as well. Since the park didn’t open until 10 we had a little time where he could sit at the condo with Tess and I could go play with the big kids for a bit!

The resort had a really cool splash pad area!

It was awesome having a huge pool all to ourselves! We found a cool ball someone had left and made up a game where whenever I caught the ball Kye had to spell one of his spelling words πŸ˜‰ Had to get some of that makeup work in!

The crazy eye faces are KILLING me!

That same weekend Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte were celebrating their anniversary. They went to the beach for the weekend and then came over to Orlando once they checked out of their hotel. It worked out great because Zach and Jordan left for the water park around 9:30. I pumped and made a bottle for Tess for her 10:00 feeding and then Casey did the same for Carter’s 10:00 feeding and we took them all to the pool and Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty met us at the pool once they arrived. 

While I was trying to get everything together to go down to the pool the big kids were doing “magic tricks.” Zach jokes with them with the whole “penny in your ear” thing and Kye was putting some change that he found in random spots and then making it “appear.” Like I was walking around with pennies stuck in my shoes haha. 

It was all fine and going smoothly until it was time to go. Casey and I were standing in the doorway with the door to the condo propped open trying to strategize our plans for getting all four kids down to the pool and making sure we had everything we needed etc. I looked down and suddenly realized that the kids had made their change disappear…into the slot of the door where you put your key in. It was a mega tight fit and so the change was TRULY gone. And the door was TRULY jammed. Our key couldn’t work b/c it was blocked with the change. Awesome. Kye felt AWFUL and started crying because he felt so sorry. Britt, of course, had no idea what she had done. There really was no solution because it was just jammed. Rather than calling up to the desk and getting the lack of help we had the day prior…we just made it work. We had paid a deposit and I assumed we wouldn’t be getting it back and just went with that rather than dealing with someone trying to fix it with our schedule and probably messing up Tess’s sleep situation. Luckily we had another entrance door (the one we had keys made for the day prior) so we just used that the rest of the trip. This trip and our door issues!!!

It was great bottle practice for Tess and she did great!

Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty got there while we were feeding the babies so I was able to let Tess hang out for a few minutes after she was done before we had to head back for her nap! 

My Vaca Baby!

Mr. Rusty decided to join the guys at the water park. Zach said it worked out awesome because he and Jordan had some time just the two of them and then Mr. Rusty came and it was like a whole new experience. They all had a blast! 

These pics made me laugh b/c if you didn’t know they were at a water park you could also think they were at a nudist colony haha

I stayed with Tess during her nap and Mrs. Charlotte took the big kids swimming some more. When they came back and I was taking off their suits Britt had POOPED in hers!!! OMG I about died! I don’t think she even realized it?!?! That has NEVER happened before. She felt so, so bad and for the rest of the trip she kept asking to go potty a bunch of times while in the pool. Mrs. Charlotte said nothing had been floating or anything so we just hope the chlorine killed it all for the other swimmers. Oops!

To make the days run smoother I tried to pack/buy easy prep stuff. It was vacation after all, why not have some treats? My kids go NUTS over the chance to eat a lunchable!

Casey even bought some corn dogs so they had those for the first time!

That afternoon I napped while the babies napped πŸ™‚ Once they got up Mrs. Charlotte took the big kids back to the pool because they had a carnival area set up in honor of Labor Day! They played and swam some more and I got dinner ready. This time I made them Bagel Bites which is another rare treat they love (hello…Bagel Bites are EXPENSIVE!). 

This time I had to get ready to go rather than spend my afternoon being lazy. The water park closed at 5 and I made reservations for MY birthday celebration with Zach πŸ™‚ Way way way back at my birthday we were in Orlando for the weekend looking at town homes we were considering buying. We drove past a Fogo De Chao and Zach mentioned in passing that he’d always wanted to eat at one of them because they serve endless amounts of meat. I’d never heard of it before but I made a mental note (and a physical note in my phone too) to remember that it was on his bucket list πŸ˜‰ When I started brainstorming ideas for his birthday trip it was one of the first decisions I made! It was the perfect thing for me to experience with him because it wouldn’t take too long and I’d be able to be home in time to nurse and such.

I fed Tess at 6 and had time to be able to read story and tuck everyone into bed before we left. 

First date night post baby!

We got to the restaurant right on time for our 7:30 reservation and I went to the bathroom to pump for Tess’s 8:00 feeding. Mrs. Charlotte did her bedtime routine and gave her the bottle for that feeding and she said it went well! 

So excited!

If you’re like me and have never heard of Fogo De Chao it’s an experience restaurant. Which I LOVE experiences!!! It’s a Brazilian restaurant (which is why for Zach’s gift I gave him a flag of Brazil haha). You pay one price and they bring you an endless amount of different cuts of meat. You also have access to an endless salad bar and endless side dishes. It’s a LOT of food! It’s not cheap by any means but we were impressed with the price for the amount of food (and the quality of meat!) you get. We would have spent the same amount at another fancy restaurant and gotten much less food for our money!

Green means “bring on the meat!” and Red means “no more right now!”

Zach got the pricer selection so he could have his share of any of the meats offered…I went with a cheaper, more limited, menu because I’m not that into meat eating πŸ˜‰

It’s so fun having the different servers come to the table and serve the selections of meat!

Our waiter was AWESOME. He was super sweet and since we were celebrating Zach’s birthday they brought him out a free dessert!!! 

Mine came with a dessert and the key lime pie was on point πŸ™‚

We had SUCH a great time! We talked and made plans for the future. I love our quality time together and it was the perfect way for me to get to be part of the birthday celebration trip! We were back to the condo before 9:30 haha. Which meant I could still get my pre-dream feed nap in πŸ˜‰ Life with a newborn kinda revolves around SLEEP! Casey and Jordan stopped by to see if we wanted to hang out for a bit at like 9:45 and Zach answered the door and told them we were going to sleep haha. We are officially LAME πŸ˜‰

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