Yes, I’m taking my baby to Mexico

Today we are heading to Atlanta where we will fly out first thing in the morning for Cancun!!! It’s a free Aflac trip that Zach won and we’re very excited about it! Since we are going to New York the week after we get back from Cancun I just couldn’t imagine being away from Kye for 10 days so close together like that. Not only would I miss him and worry about him but what about breastfeeding? I know at this age he could easily decide he no longer wanted the breast once I got home as he’d be so used to a bottle/sippy by then.

Luckily I have an awesome husband who agreed with me! While I think I’d be FINE in Cancun I didn’t want us to have fun in Cancun then me DREAD going to New York because I’d be missing Kye so much! It all worked out and Zach’s parents are going with us on the trip to Cancun so that way Kye can come too! Zach is technically taking Mr. Rusty as his Aflac guest and they are flying with all the Aflac people while Mrs. Charlotte, Kye and I will be flying separate.

It all sounds great right? But what about that little thing going around called the Swine Flu? Didn’t it start in Mexico? Is it REALLY safe to take a baby? I know these are things people are probably thinking when they read that my 6 month old baby is going to Mexico. I was worried too! I actually ended up calling the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and talked to someone there about it! They told me that it’s perfectly fine to take him and that they would take their children no problem. That said that he has just as high of a chance of getting the Swine Flu and dying as he does the regular flu and going to church is just as dangerous as Mexico. That made me feel SO much better!

I’m so thankful I breastfeed as it really does help his immune system and will help protect him from illness. I bought plenty of Nursery Water to take with us to mix for his rice cereal (the hotel does have filtered water but it’s better to be on the safe side). And I actually bought a box of sanitizing wipes to use too! So unlike me but I’m actually more nervous about him getting sick from the airport than I am the resort once we get there. I also brought his high chair cover to use when we eat at the restaurants.

Our plan is to NEVER leave the resort. First of all, we’re all-inclusive and Zach and I want to save all our money that we can for NYC. Secondly, it’ll be so much less of a hassle with the baby as we won’t have a stroller or anything! It’s great that we have the new duck tub as we deflated it and can take it with us no problem! My only REAL concern about Kye’s stuff is a bed. We don’t want to check our pack and play b/c it’ll get tore up on the airplane, but it makes me nervous not having a 100% guarantee that we have one waiting for us in Mexico. The hotel said it shouldn’t be a problem but what if we get there and they don’t have any available?

It’s been a crazy time getting everything together and packed. We have it worked out so Mrs. Charlotte and I aren’t checking ANY luggage so that way we can be at the airport a little later. It’s going to be interesting flying with Kye. Luckily the flight is very short but his nap time is while we’ll be at the airport and I’m hoping he can somehow fall asleep in my arms although he never really has before! His lunch feeding also falls while we’re on the plane and I decided to just nurse him in the sky! I NEVER nurse in public EVER so this will be a first for me but it just makes more sense than having to worry with warming a bottle then going in the bathroom and pumping. We’ll also be feeding him solids in the sky which could be a little messy seeing as he doesn’t have his own seat and will be in our laps!

The whole trip should be a fun experience. I really feel like traveling is important for children as it teaches them so much about the world and allows them to be cultured people. I know he’s young and this trip probably won’t impact him that much but it will help him to be flexible as he doesn’t have much of a choice! The one tricky thing about Cancun is that they are 2 hours behind us, but we decided that we will stay on Georgia time the whole trip to make Kye’s schedule easier on us all. It’s great that Zach’s parents are going as they will be babysitting Kye a lot so Zach and I can have a vacation! I get the best of both worlds, I get to have my baby and I get to have a break from him too!

We get back on Wednesday but it just so happens that we’re going to the Blink 182 concert that night in Atlanta! So we’re staying in a hotel and Mrs. Charlotte is staying with us to keep Kye! It’s just one thing after another with us haha!

While it’s a bit tricky traveling with a baby I can’t wait to see his little passport with its first stamp in it!!! How lucky is he??? I totally plan to get a picture of him with the pilot too! I am so so so nervous about the flight. I’ve NEVER prayed this much about ANYTHING in my life but I keep praying over and over again to keep us safe and protect us from any illness. I have never feared flying before and my biggest fear when getting on a plane is that they will lose our luggage (I’m carrying on ALL his diapers just in case!). Now for some reason I’m just so scared. I hate that Zach and I aren’t on the same flight as I just feel safer with him with me. I know you’re more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash but still for some reason I’m just nervous. I guess it’s part of being a mommy huh?

So keep us in your prayers during all this crazy traveling and I can’t wait to post the cute pictures of my little Mexican baby!!!! It was where Kye was conceived so he is kinda going home haha


  1. Danielle
    October 2, 2009 / 5:38 pm

    I have flown with Clayton 4 times and every time has been great so hopefully the same will happen for you! We are fliying out to Chicago tonight so I'm there with you on all the flight and travel fears. I can't wait to see all the pictures when you get back

  2. Elizabeth
    October 2, 2009 / 7:10 pm

    You are going to have so much fun! We went to Jamaica when Damian was 13 months old and debated forever if he should go or not. We ultimately didn't take him because I was scared if something did happen there wouldn't be a good hospital around, but I think he would of been fine. Yuo are really lucky to have your in laws there too. That will be a huge help. Be careful and have a great time!

  3. Emily
    October 2, 2009 / 9:34 pm

    Hi Emily, I found your blog while blog hopping one day (can't remember where I linked over from now), but have enjoyed reading it a lot! I have a daughter 6 weeks younger than Kye, so it's fun to see the next stage before she hits it! :)My husband and I live in Brasil currently and our 5 month old has been on 19 flights now (including a couple international journeys). She did get her first cold at 3 months after one 8-hour flight, but otherwise it hasn't been an issue at all! (Also, might be helpful to know that most airlines will let you use a car seat for a lap child if there happens to be a seat available next to you on the plane (or if you can sweet talk the person next to you into moving to a different empty seat. Otherwise you can put an infant carseat in the overhead bin or they will gate check a bigger seat for you. We're big sticklers for safety and always feel our kiddo is safest in her car seat.) You'll do great with Kye! Enjoy your trip!!!-Emily Z

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