Writing Letters and Picking Ornaments

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Crissy is always in the “know” about local activities and she told me that there was a special mailbox in downtown Hahira set up to mail letters to Santa! I decided to take the kids after nap one afternoon to let Kye mail off a letter to Jolly St Nick and to let them each pick out their Christmas ornament for their trees in their bedrooms πŸ™‚ 

Kye worked SO hard on his letter to Santa!

Explaining it to me!

His rainbow

He asked me to write down everything he drew so Santa would know what he meant. He was asking for a bouncy thing with handles like g-mama has, a big fire truck, a lot of Lightning McQueens and he said that Britt would like a big house so she won’t choke on it and another toy school bus. 

Addressing the envelope (and yes, ALL of our envelopes are Aflac ones haha)

We headed to downtown Hahira!

Tell me this is not adorable

Downtown all decked out!

Ready to send off his letter!

Britt CLINGS to me when I set her down haha

I let her hold onto something else so she could check out all the fun stuff!

We got lucky and a choo choo came by as we were there!!! Perfect timing to watch it (and I think the people waiting in their cars enjoyed watching US haha)

I’ve always wanted to get a picture by the big Bee when we attend the Honeybee Festival but it’s always SLAMMED!

Kye couldn’t resist the chance to climb up on the firetruck πŸ˜‰

Handsome Boy!

After our quick stop in downtown Hahira we headed to Hobby Lobby. I like our little tradition of having a mini tree set up in each kid’s room and letting them pick out an ornament each year to put on it! Hobby Lobby is SO cheap so I’ve always taken Kye there to pick his out. We went kinda late this year I guess b/c they were SUPER picked over πŸ™ 

I busted out the double stroller and the kids had SO much fun together πŸ™‚ It was Britt’s first time getting to have a snack cup! It proved to be rather messy haha

After much debate Kye picked out a choo choo ornament this year

Britt was content with her snacks…ALL over the place

She had more fun taking them out of the cup than she did eating them πŸ˜‰

When it was her turn to pick an ornament Kye kept luring her back to him with snacks haha

She stood solo a LOT which was exciting! But she’d grab onto her brother when she got nervous πŸ™‚

We hunted and HUNTED for something that fit Britt’s personality (or at least matched her room). In the end I went with a flamingo ornament haha. RANDOM but seriously there were NO good options. I think I’m gonna order her a mermaid one from Etsy or something to have for next year!

She was SO happy and content and didn’t even ask to have me carry her!

Either she’s starting to get more independent or she just really really liked having a snack cup

Kye decorated his tree all by himself and was excited to put his choo choo on display

Kye’s Tree!

Last year I just used ornaments from Britt’s baby shower for her tree and this year I got out one of them to put on display then added her flamingo ornament and bought a “B” ornament since Kye has a “K” one from when he was a baby. 

Tacky flamingo πŸ˜‰

Her “B”

Checking out the finished tree!

Sometimes a good deal isn’t really such a good deal. Not only did Hobby Lobby have a SLACK selection but…Kye’s choo choo broke. Like he wasn’t playing with it or anything. It fell off the tree and chipped. He was pretty upset and it wasn’t his fault so when we went to Target to pick out presents for each other (post to come) I let him pick out a replacement ornament. We hunted and hunted for another choo choo but…again slim pickings. Finally we found a Lightning McQueen and, DUH, that satisfied him fine! So Lightning McQueen is the official ornament for 2012 πŸ˜‰ 

I guess next year I need to take the kids to pick out their ornaments in EARLY November or something so they won’t be so picked over at Hobby Lobby! I love that they each get to have their own special tree and are starting a collection of ornaments that they can take with them someday when they move to their own homes with their own families πŸ™‚ I also thought the letter to Santa thing was super adorable and I appreciate Crissy telling me about it! Yes, another new tradition!

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