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There is SO much I’m loving about this week!!!

I’m loving my rejuvenated relationship with the Lord! Just like other relationships, I go through ups and downs on my closeness with God (I’m not alone in that right???) and I love when I am living my life in a way that draws me closer to Him!

I’m loving the Copa Necklace from Stella and Dot and can’t WAIT to show it off at my trunk show this Friday (If you’re looking for a great deal on shipping let me know and I can hook you up!)

I’m loving that I ordered Kye’s BIG BOY furniture this week! It won’t be here until the end of April, but I’m so excited to FINALLY start decorating his room (any golf theme ideas?). You can see his future bedroom set here, I love Pottery Barn and that the lady I ordered it through gave me 10% off 🙂

I’m loving that ordering his bedroom furniture on my Pottery Barn credit card earned me enough reward points to get his bedding for practically FREE. I plan to get the Madras Quilted Bedding with the monogrammed matching pillow and use hunter green sheets to match his room. Doesn’t it fit so perfectly with the golf theme?

I’m loving that our garage sale over the weekend raised $146 for the Diving for James fund! I can’t wait to hear how much our church raised total with this event. You can still send a donation if you’d like to help (email me at emilysparker33@gmail.com to find out how to donate!)

I’m loving that my hubby will be HOME tomorrow! I’m especially thankful for our awesome alarm system that allows me to feel safe when he’s away but I can’t ever get comfortable without my man beside me in the bed at night. He’s also picking up our kitchen table on his way home and I can’t WAIT to see it!

I’m loving that we went to the library story time for the first time yesterday and that Kye had a blast! The lesson was on spiders and Kye did great sitting and listening to the story and enjoyed making this cute little spider with finger paints. Free stuff is always great and we totally plan to go again soon.

I’m loving all this rain so maybe our grass will FINALLY turn green like all the other yards in the neighborhood…

I’m loving that trip planning season has begun! I’m working on nailing down locations for our trips to Destin, St Augustine, Vegas and Maine! Any suggestions of places to stay????

I’m loving that we went to see Tangled last night! A mini-date with Kye, Mommy and Gramma. It was SUCH a cute movie and I highly recommend it. (Tell me that Flynn Rider isn’t SO hott for a cartoon character!?!)

I’m loving that I won a blog giveaway!!!! I found out this morning that I will have my button featured on Chrissy In America for the month of April and she’s going to do a little feature on ME! How fun 🙂

I’m loving that tonight we get to eat at church for feeding the flock, have an awesome bible study, then I get to have a Grey’s night with Katie! (Who doesn’t love McDreamy?!?!)

I’m loving that yesterday morning while getting ready for the day that Kye raced in my bedroom, looked at me and said “Hey Pretty!” Such a future ladies man 😉

I’m loving that last night I was able to re-connect with one of my favorite people. Ashley and I were attached at the HIP for three years and I really feel like last night was the beginning of something great for us again! I’m looking forward to lots more girl time with her soon 🙂

Can’t wait to see what you’re loving this week!

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