A Whole Lotta Egg Huntin’

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This year during the Easter season we went to FIVE egg hunts. Zach was beyond over it and by the last one I think even Kye was done! That a lot of egg hunting and we will be cutting down the number next year! Here’s highlights and pics from each of the five hunts:

Hunt 1: Our Neighborhood I love that our neighborhood throws events like this and I think it’s very important to meet our neighbors. Sure, we’ve had our differences and our issues in the past with people but I’m all about fresh starts and this was a great opportunity to do just that. We all brought a dish to share (mine being my fav. bread spread) and the kids enjoyed the playground at the park as well as bounce houses. We did meet a few new people, and Zach even met someone who wants to get together to play basketball so that was good! They divided the hunt into ages and Kye enjoyed himself. I appreciated that their eggs were empty as what 2 year old needs candy???

Grabbing up the eggs!

His stash

Hunt 2: Drexel Park After the craziness of the adult egg hunt last year, I didn’t plan on attending this one ever again. However, I heard that characters would be there and I’m trying to prep Kye for our Disney trip and really wanted him to meet some characters. So we went. Again, very disappointed. Again, I swear we won’t go again! Here’s all the eggs for Kye’s age group:

They announced that there would be some eggs with gold in them which were special prize eggs. They also said that no parents were allowed to touch any of the eggs. Yeah, right. Within 3 minutes all the eggs were gone and you could see parent shoveling eggs into their kids baskets. So dumb. And rude. Worse than that, I was told the characters would arrive at 11:30 and I waited until after 12 and they never showed! So frustrating!!!

Hunt 3: Easter Morning Post to come on that, but it was an egg hunt (my personal favorite!)

Hunt 4: The Parkers We alternate Easter’s so this year was the Parker’s year. We all went to Mema’s for lunch and let the kids nap then they hunted eggs. It was cute to see the cousins all hunt together and Kye got into this hunt more than he did any of the others (except for ours at home). I think his competitiveness started to show! Those Parkers will bring out your competitive spirit haha Here are two videos from the event. This video shows Kye’s excitement (and his love of racing) when he starts out saying “ready, set, go!” and it also ends with him busting his tale (you can tell men hid the eggs…they weren’t all in the safest of places). The second video is the fun after Kye’s fall 🙂

Kye, Colt and Payton

another egg hunt???”

a pro at this point

Mema helped 🙂

if only Payton was smiling this would be a super cute pic of her!

Hunt 5: The Megows I thought it was SO sweet of Seth and Crissy to come up with the idea to do an egg hunt at the park across the street from their house! They had it the day of Easter, in the afternoon. It worked out great because we just left Mema’s then went straight there. The only downside was it was MEGA hot and we were exhausted by that point (especially the pregnant one in our bunch!). It was still super fun though and a great way to end the Easter holiday!

Kye was ALL about riding the bee

“giddy up!”


Neela admiring Kye’s dare-devil nature

wanting to join in

I LOVE this picture of the two of them, it’s so precious!!!

He had a blast climbing up over and over

Taking a well deserved rest!

egg hunt time

Kye didn’t join in the hunt with everyone else…then he realized there were treats in the eggs (a first for him out of all the hunts) so he was all about it then! We allowed him a couple pieces of candy (I know, crazy for us! But what do you do when all the other kids are eating it?) but then he got out of control about it and ended up getting a spanking over it.

Neela LOVED the egg hunting

and she taught us a valuable lesson – do NOT put chocolate candy in eggs!!! (We filled ours with Reese’s cups b/c we like them and figured we’d eat ’em since Kye wouldn’t be allowed too…oops…)

The Easter Bunny came for a visit (so I got my character practice in after all YAY!)

I love Kye’s face!

He did GREAT with him

Bunny eye kisses

Minnie Mouse was the grand finale (super prepared to meet Mickey now!)

Aren’t Seth and Crissy so sweet to do that? SETH was even dressed up as the characters in like 1 million degree heat!

Next year we won’t be attending the Drexel hunt FOR SURE but will probably still do all the others. It was exhausting but fun and I’m excited to be holding a little baby on my hip while watching Kye race around to find eggs.

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