Where did I leave that???

I have heard that pregnant women become very forgetful. I have experienced this twice so far in major ways!

The first time was a couple of weeks ago. I spent an entire day shopping around town trying (unsuccessfully) to find some brown flat shoes and I ended my day at Rack Room. I stayed in the store for about an hour just browsing and trying on different things. When I went to leave I started digging out my keys to find that they weren’t there! They weren’t in my purse. I frantically looked in every box of shoes I’d tried on, on all the seats, under the seats, in the shelves etc. But no luck. I then asked everyone and no one had seen them. When I described them to one lady she said someone probably stole them because I have a Coach keychain! Random! So I ran out to the car thinking maybe I left them inside and nope. No where! Thankfully when I ran back in and started asking more people some lady said she found them and had turned them into a guy who had already left work and some of the workers found them in the register area. Thank the Lord!

This type of thing REALLY irritates me because finding stuff it something I’m naturally good at (it’s a skill, I’m not joking!). I’m great at retracing my steps, somehow just seeing the item in my head and recalling where I placed it. I’m even good at finding stuff of Zach’s! I’m really probably one of the last people who’d ever truly lose something and have no clue where it is.

On top of my mess-of-a-day registering, I had my second pregnancy forgetfullness moment. I was shopping in Victoria’s Secret (getting my free panty as usual) and talking to Ashley on the phone. Then I went from there and got a pretzel, looked in a couple stores for some brown flats (yes I’m still looking) then drove downtown to see about ordering shirts for the Twilight Premiere night. The shirts were a no-go so I went in the car to call Ashley back and tell her the news and I couldn’t find my phone. My blackberry phone. My expensive-expensive-Zach-will-kill-me-for-this-phone. I started bawling. People turn in keys when they are lost (even with Coach keychains on them…stupid lady!) but who turns in a phone? Seriously?

I was bawling, praying, cussing, then praying for forgiveness over and over and over. I raced back to the mall…pulled into a parking spot…and ran the hardest I’ve run since being pregnant back into the mall. I backtracked and asked each place I’d been to if they’d seen my phone then ended up back at Victoria’s Secret. I said “please please tell me you found a pink blackberry” and THEY DID!!! Thank the Lord again! I kind of thought He may have left it lost after I cussed but I was truly sorry and am soooo thankful I got it back! I’d much rather lose my wallet than phone because you can get all your cards replaced for free…you can’t get a phone replaced for free!

I’m hoping this junk is over but I’m worried that it’s only just beginning! As long as I get it out of my system while I’m pregnant b/c I really don’t want to leave the baby somewhere and forget her/him!!!

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