What I’m LOVIN’ Wednesday!

Usually I looked forward to these weekly posts and find it easy to find things that I’m loving…today hasn’t been a good day so far. It’s days like these when I’m thankful for an opportunity to truly sit and find the GOOD in life!!! I’m linking up with This Kind of Love for another dose of What I’m Loving Wednesday!

I’m loving that Kye and I got to have our very first mommy-son date today! We were meeting a friend for lunch but she wasn’t able to make it so we just enjoyed each others company. He was a great date (and I even got a kiss at the end of it woohoo!). A lady was putting on a shawl and he looked at me then pointed to her and said “cute shirt.” haha He also enjoyed telling everyone at the restaurant “bye-bye see you next time!” when we left. I really enjoyed that quality time together – especially at Two Friends a fav. lunch spot of mine in town!

I’m loving that I got to spend some quality time with my sister-in-laws last night! We did some Mother’s Day shopping and some hardcore Steak and Shake grubbing. It was great to get to catch up with them and just have girl time together. I’m so lucky to have such great relationships with my husbands sisters…it took us awhile to get to this point but I’m thankful we’re here now! 🙂

I’m loving that today Kye FINALLY quit kicking when he did his starfish arms during swim lessons. I know that doesn’t make any sense to most of you, but it will once I post on it. It’s been a ROUGH couple of days for us both at swim…he’s been struggling and it’s tough for Mommy to watch that. I’m PRAYING that it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out and that he’ll get to graduate Tuesday morning!

I’m loving that this Saturday will be a day ALL about ME and my role as a mommy. Zach and I like to spend the day before Mothers or Fathers Day as a family since those holidays always fall on Sundays and we have church. I’m excited to see what Zach had planned and know it’ll be a great day with my favorite guys 🙂

I’m loving some cinnamon and brown sugar toast. With several weeks of barely eating I’ve found that I actually enjoy the toast and it puts something in my stomach for a change. I am thinking I’m almost done with the all-day sickness thing, but we shall see!

I’m loving that my mom lives HERE for Mother’s Day! Usually I don’t get to see her for the holiday since she lived in Florida but this year we get to celebrate together. I think we’re going to do something after Kye’s nap Sunday before night church. I wish Brandon could be here to shower Mom with love too but I look forward to Zach, Kye and I getting to spend quality time with her and letting her know how much we love and appreciate all she does!

I’m loving that this time next week I WON’T be participating in “What I’m Loving Wed” b/c I’ll be in BERMUDA!!!!! We are staying at Fairmont Southampton Resort and it looks FABULOUS. I can’t wait for lazy days, a couples massage, the beach and quality time together (aka watching The Office!!!).

I’m loving swimming laps in the pool! My new daily routine has been to lay out for 30 min (15 min each side) then swim laps until I’m worn out. I’m not into working out but swimming has always been something I love to do. It clears my mind and I could LIVE in the pool. I’m hoping to keep it up until it’s too cold this winter to keep jumping in – I love it and it’s good for baby Blitzen!

I’m loving that Stella and Dot has THREE items on MEGA sale from now until Friday! You can get the popular Owl Necklace at 50% off – now on sale for $22, the Mimi Necklace at 40% off – now on sale for $35, and the Charlotte Charm necklace at 25% off – now on sale for $36! Just click on the names of the necklaces then click “add” to put them in your cart. A GREAT deal for sure 🙂

I’m loving my dream last night about our wedding day. With all these weddings going on I guess I just have wedding on the brain! I dreamed that we were renewing our vows and that I was able to wear my same dress again for the special day (phh like that will ever happen!). I really do LOVE my dress and I especially love my groom!

I know reading what the rest of you are loving will help my day get a little brighter!!!

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