Welcoming Spring

When we got home from Jacksonville it’s like we brought the Florida sunshine with us. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! I got to enjoy some time in the sun while the kids napped and Zach spent the afternoon working on the shed (yes, he can still find things to work on with it…). When Kye got up he wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather too! Our sandbox has been out of commission for awhile because it got filled with water. Zach bought new sand, cleaned out the turtle box and refilled it. It was like a brand new toy. Kye had a BLAST and I enjoyed just sitting back and relaxing.

Here’s a video of him playing in the sand while discussing our weekend.

Afternoons like these make me sooooo happy. I think I’m one of those people with SADD…where you get depressed in the winter time?!?! I NEED me some Vitamin D 😉


  1. Wag More. Bark Less.
    March 9, 2012 / 4:35 am

    Oh my gosh in the 6th picture down from the top he looks EXACTLY like you!! I see a perfect mix of you two hotties in both of your babies but that pic is ALL Emily! 😀

  2. Robyn Mullican
    March 11, 2012 / 5:56 pm

    Don't you LOVE how the kids (well – not Brittlynn) are getting to the age where they can occupy themselves outside for HOURS??  LL spent almost two hours outside yesterday (under supervision – of course.  sometimes we were out there, and sometimes I just had the back door open and kept popping my head out) and she had a BLAST!  I'm loving that the weather is warming up and that she loves to be outside so much!  Kye still needs to come play on the trampoline!

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