Welcome to Valdosta Dinner

I’ve been SO excited about Mom being here and really wanted to do something special for her. She’s in a new town where she doesn’t really know that many people so I thought we’d have a Welcome to Valdosta Dinner for her and invite all the family, friends, and church people to get to know Mom a little better and help her form an identity in her new town. I debated about where to have it but ended up choosing CiCis. I know that’s random but they are cheap, kids under 3 eat free, they could handle a large group, and it’s super casual for all the kids. We had it the SAME day that I did all my lighting, appliance, and flooring picking…it was a packed day for sure. On my way back from Nashville I picked up Kye and Mrs. Charlotte and headed to the dinner. I still cannot believe how many people came to welcome Mom!!!

The sun was killing us!!! Aunt Karen, Shauna, and Little Mama

 The Mullican Fam ~ Matt’s now a work buddy of Mom’s too with Aflac!

 Zach, Mr. Rusty, Mrs. Charlotte, Mema, Mom and Courtney (we missed you Casey!)

 Mema, Mrs. Charlotte, Mom, Me and Courtney

 It was a perfect place for the kids as they could play and play with the games (and are too young to know they aren’t actually playing!). Colt and Kye are total boy bffs!

 Jolee and Trey took on babysitting duties

 I was proud that Barry and Big Daddy even came (don’t ask Big Daddy to smile…he says he only smiles during love making hahahahaha)!

 Masha and Me!

A few of us got mom a little something. I got her a gift card to Learner so she could get something to wear for work, Courtney got her a gift card to Target to help decorate her new house, and Mrs. Charlotte got her some Georgia gear to make it official! Katie couldn’t make it to the dinner but came by a couple days later to drop off the adorable cookies she baked for Mom along with a gift card to Pier 1…isn’t she the most thoughtful person ever?

Showin’ off her Georgia Gear!!!

I’m pretty sure Mom had a nice time and there is no way that she didn’t feel so loved and welcomed! When I moved to Valdosta I had SUCH a different type of welcoming…it was more of a go-back-to-where-you-came-from type vibe so it made my heart  very happy to see everyone so excited for Mom. I wish my experience was different but I’m thankful that things have changed since then and that my mom knows how much we all are happy to have her here!!! Thanks again to EVERYONE who came (as I know I didn’t get pics of everyone)!

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