Week Two Summary

Tess’s second week of life was from August 7th – August 13th. This means she turned 1 week old on August 7th and would turn 2 weeks old at the end of this week on August 13th. Weeks ages get so tricky πŸ˜‰ 

Nursing: At this point Tess knew what nursing is all about! Right when she woke up (or we woke her) she immediately started rooting and got super mad if I wasn’t not quick enough in getting her to the breast. She was pretty impatient πŸ˜‰

She started being a lot more alert during the day this week and I had to work less hard to keep her awake for feedings. She was nursing an average of 30 min total per feeding session! Which is SUPER fast for me πŸ˜‰

My body was still producing exactly what she needed. I hadn’t felt any engorgement and I hadn’t seen her showing any signs that I was overproducing. I was very hopeful that this would be my best breastfeeding experience yet and that I’d avoid the issues I’ve had in the past…especially mastitis. While I was super thankful for my balanced supply I was also nervous about Hawaii. We will go on the trip when she’s 10 weeks old and I HAVE to have enough milk stored for her while we are away! I was getting about 5 oz a day just from the Milkies, but as I have discussed before, I can’t just give her bottles of that as it’s not as healthy as a true pumped milk bottle is. 

My favorite thing about nursing is her sweet hands. I love feeling them hold me and I love that closeness. There is just nothing like it and if you have breastfed then you know what I’m talking about! Ugh I wish I could just bottle up that feeling and keep it forever!

Love those middle of the night feeding snuggles!

The craziest time of my day is lunch hour. Kye’s school day ends at 12:15 rather than 12:00 so the big kids don’t get home until 12:30 at the earliest. It’s a mad dash to get them fed and in the bed before Tess eats again at 1. Their first day of school I rocked it! They got home at 12:30 and I had them fed, with a story read, prayers said, and in the bed before she needed to be fed at 1!

One day I just gotten them down and had just started nursing her when I heard this bang on our front door. Like over and over and over again. Dogs started barking and freaking out and I even yelled “GO AWAY!” in hopes that they would stop. The knocking finally ended and I was nursing topless b/c it gets really hot in the house at that time of day. I turned and looked out our huge picture windows and saw the bug man spraying the porch. Y’all. He got quite the show!!! After that I decided it was time for a sign πŸ™‚ I covered our doorbell with it and, so far, everyone has gotten the point!

We decided to try out the bottle for the first time on Aug 10th. I pumped at 6:30 and got 3.5 oz. We gave her that bottle at 7 and I was able to tuck Britt into bed and spend some special time with her. Tess took to the bottle instantly! It was amazing!!! She sucked it down like a dang pro and didn’t even mind that Kye and Britt helped feed her. She was on a mission! She drank the entire bottle except for a little drop!

She reminds me of a little bird!

Kye really liked helping her burp! And he did great at it!

Pro Dad πŸ˜‰

Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte came by a few days later and we made a bottle then as well. I know many people say not to introduce the bottle too young when breastfeeding due to nipple confusion concerns. I have NEVER heard of a SINGLE baby who had nipple confusion. But I have heard of a TON of babies who wouldn’t ever take a bottle because they weren’t introduced to it young enough. So I try to always introduce the bottle to my kids after 1 week old. And I try to make sure they have at least 1-2 bottles a week to keep them used to drinking from them! She did great again with the bottle for Mr. Rusty and he really enjoyed feeding her πŸ™‚

Schedule: Like I mentioned on the last weekly post…Babywise does NOT recommend any type of scheduling at this age. But honestly, I just can’t stand not having some type of routine. I need it to make it through the day and it helps me be a better mommy to all my kids. Since Tess was doing well eating every 3 hours I just woke her to eat at that time. If she woke earlier and was hungry then I fed her but if not then I had an alarm set on my phone and woke her to eat after three hours. Even through the night. So our “schedule” was her eating at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, 10, 1, and 4 unless she woke on her own sooner than that. Usually she made it to those times or if she did wake early to eat, she’d end up sleeping the next time until the “scheduled” feeding. So it always balanced out! It was a win/win because she was getting the 8 feedings a day she needed and I was getting to have structure that I need!

I do need to start storing milk for Hawaii at this point in order to have enough for when we go on the trip. I started pumping after her 10 am feeding. The first time I pumped I got 2 oz which isn’t too bad! I really didn’t want to introduce a pumping session each day but don’t really have any other choice if I want to have milk stored for us to go on the trip!  

Sleep: The night of Zach’s birthday (8/7) she had her first flawless night where she slept totally solid until the next feeding time. The gas drops seemed to really help and her sleep got more consistent and solid. When she did poop during naps it seemed to cause her to wake early. Which is funny because I have felt the need to be SO CLEAN. From labor to postpartum I just feel icky and dirty very easily and it bothers me. Very interesting that it also bothers her!

Even though she started sleeping more solid this week, I was still not getting enough solid rest. Feeding her every 3 hours meant that I’d only be able to get 2 hours solid sleep max. I still was requiring naps whenever I could get them and I’d go to bed after her 7:00 feeding for the night! 

One night I set my alarm for the 1 am feeding but accidentally had set it for 1 pm instead of 1 am. I overslept the feeding and she didn’t wake up until 2:30! So she ate at 10 then not again until 2:30 and then made it all the way to 7! I knew she was too young to be doing that, but that one night of solid sleep was AMAZING for me πŸ™‚ It allowed me to have my FIRST day of feeling totally rested and normal πŸ™‚

She was sleeping better for night sleep and was harder to keep awake for night feedings this week. I would change her diaper between sides to help wake her up. Often her naps were still gassy and I’d have to hold her quite often to get her to sleep solid! 

On the first day of school for the big kids I had Tess nap in her car seat for the first time. It went really well! She napped the whole time we were gone and when we got home I put the car seat in the crib so I could see and hear her on the monitor.  I know a big thing going around now is not to let them sleep in the car seat. This is why I’m thankful for the Snuza! I know it’s not accurate while riding in the car because we are in motion, but once we get home I can keep her in the car seat and know it’s monitoring her breathing. She did wake up fussy so I took her out, swaddled her, and put her to bed and she slept great the rest of the nap! I don’t plan to have to take her out and about often (thankful for Zach and Mrs. Charlotte for helping with the big kids school drop off and pick up until Tess is on the 4 hour schedule!), my plan is to let her sleep in car seat as long as she will and then transfer her to crib if she wakes early in the car seat. 

I don’t get to hold my babies to sleep very often since I do sleep training. While it’s frustrating to have to go in and hold her for naps, I didn’t mind to much either! I follow the Babywise Newborn Sleep Hierarchy and at this age she just needs SLEEP. If she’s fussing in the crib then I go in and hold her for a bit. By me holding her (no rocking or anything, just holding) it allows her to sleep and then once she’s good and asleep I will put her back down. 

I could tell that GAS was her main sleep issue. I did drops before each feeding, burped like crazy, and pumped her legs. I also tried to trouble shoot and figure out why she was so gassy. I was gassy myself which is not the norm for me and the only real “different” thing in my system was the Colace stool softener they had given me at the hospital. At that point I was still taking one a day and decided to cut that out and see if it helped her gas. I do think it helped some when I stopped taking it! 

Here’s a cute little video of her sleeping. I love those little baby noises πŸ™‚ Here’s another showing her sleeping and smiling. 

Other Stuff From This Week:

With her awake times being a little longer I got to read her a story for the first time! It took us a FULL DAY to get through the whole book haha. But we read it πŸ™‚ Her first book was Guess How Much I Love You (thanks Catherine for the gift!)

Gotta love a freshly bathed baby!

On the first day of school it was all a little crazy between trying to get myself ready and all the kids ready so Tess got her first experience in the bouncer! I know a lot of people swear by baby wearing but it’s just not my thing. I’m a fan of a bouncer seat for when baby is awake but I have to get something done where I can’t be holding them!

Her umbilical cord was still hanging on this week!

Her skin was also very peely. Mostly only on her hands, feet, and face. To help with her face peeling I’d use a little bit of lotion or Aqaufor. 

  • Before having Tess I bought two smaller packs of newborn size diapers. Both Kye and Britt went to size 1 pretty fast. Britt actually never even wore newborns I don’t think! I assumed “Leo” would be the same but I was wrong! Zach ran to the store and bought a JUMBO box of newborns! 
  • Tess required a lot of diaper changes. Like twice per awake time. I’d change her right when she got up from nap and then again before going down! 
  • She is a VERY happy baby. She smiles ALL THE TIME. I know it might be gas at this age, but it’s adorable
  • Her tear duct is for sure no longer clogged
  • Her privates are no longer swollen.
  • Kye, from birth, was always a “two sneezer.” He still always sneezes more than once at a time…Tess takes after her brother and is the same way! I LOVE IT!
  • We have several Miracle Blankets and it’s funny how the pink one we have just doesn’t work right! It’s the only one she has kicked out of so I stopped using it. 
  • Just like she had in the womb, Tess gets the hiccups often. We give just a little bit of gripe water (not the full serving size) and it works like a charm to get rid of them!

Siblings: Still the same in the sibling world. Britt is ALL about being a helper and Kye is ALL about loving on Tess. It’s a great balance! 

The monitor is a hot item around here…they both always want to check on her!

Britt doesn’t go to school on Tuesday or Thursday and I have noticed that on those days she shows more interest in Tess than when Kye is home. Maybe she has jealousy about him showing Tess more attention than he shows her? I haven’t seen her act jealous AT ALL. So maybe Kye just hogs Tess and that’s why Britt is less involved? Who knows! But it makes me super thankful for our Tues and Thur mornings…I LOVE seeing my sweet baby girls together. I have ALWAYS wanted a sister and giving my daughters that bond means the world to me!

Both of my kids have always loved these little games…they call them their “cakes” and the pegs are “candles”

I love these b/c they are both doing the same thing with their fingers!

One thing both kids really like is getting Tess to hold their fingers. They ask often if I can help make that happen!

Kye is a pro at helping burp her too!

This week I did notice that having a baby was causing more issues with the older ones. I think school starting made it harder on them because that was even less time they got to spend with me! Plus they got home and had to deal with me being busy with the baby too. Britt was more clingy than normal and always asked for me to cuddle with her. And Kye told me he didn’t feel special. It was a crazy time for me in general but I tried to stay focused on giving them that special attention from me that they needed (they both got Mommy Dates that next week as you’ll see in the next weekly post!).

Overall though the adjustment was going great at this point and I’m so proud of ALL THREE of my sweet children! Could I be any more blessed?!?!?!

More of Tess: Yes, it’s picture overload πŸ™‚ Here are more pics of Baby Girl that I took this week!

My Favorite!!!!!

This looks like she’s got a sassy attitude haha

I just adore how TINY she is πŸ™‚

“Mom I’m OVER the picture taking” haha

Postpartum: Zach’s birthday (one week pp) was the first day I didn’t have a tub soak and I did go back to them the next day but not as often. No more twice a day in the tub! I also still required sleep as often as I could get it and my “bedtime” was as soon as she got done eating at 7:00. 

My bleeding slowed a lot…basically is stopped. This has been my lightest bleeding of any babies. But it ended up coming back again and would be on and off for several weeks, although never anything heavy. 

Night sweats are THE WORST. Ugh. I’d shower at night and then have bad sweats while sleeping. No matter how low the AC was, I still had them. I know it’s b/c of hormones! I also got a MEGA huge zit on my face (thankfully it was edited out of newborn pics!). Again, I know it’s hormones. 

Worse than the night sweats though were the DREAMS. I always had them with my other babies too. I would dream that I fell asleep with Tess in my arms and I’d wake up so afraid that she was hurt! I’ve never, ever slept with my babies but yet this is always a nightmare I have and it’s horrifying to me to wake up thinking I’d forgotten to put my baby to bed.

I had several large lumps in my arm pits this week. I read it was common when milk comes in to have them. I massaged them a lot in the shower and it helped! 

I stopped taking the stool softener this week in hopes of it helping Tess’s gas issues. I also went down to two Ibuprofen rather than three a day! 

I also weighed myself. I gained 30 lbs total…and still have 20 left to lose. 20. Ugh. I just can’t even think about it and plan to start on Advocare once I’m 6 week pp! You always hear that women lose weight while breastfeeding but I tend to hold onto weight. This pregnancy being SO MUCH like mine with Kye it makes sense that my pp would be too. I gained all over with him, and gained all over with Tess! YUCK!

Overall I felt good this week. Tired, but happy. Having Tess has given me such JOY. She’s so precious and gives ME baby fever and she’s my own baby! I can never, ever imagine being done having kids!!!

Even on my rougher days, I’m so so loved by my precious family. I woke up from a nap one afternoon to find these little notes next to my bed from Kye πŸ™‚

Sibling Comparisons: You can read Britt’s Week 2 Summary HERE! With Kye I did a combo summary of the first two weeks, you can read that HERE!

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Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Love What Matters, Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, FacebookΒ and Pinterest!

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Week Two Summary

I promise these posts will start to get a better order to them eventually, blogger has been funky lately with picture uploads for me so I have to post them in the order that they were taken!

Here’s what Brittlynn was up to during her second week of life:

Nursing: Babywise says if you focus on full feedings from birth that your baby will fall into a natural routine by about day 10. This happened sooner for us with Brittlynn, she was in a natural schedule of eating 2 1/2-3 hours during the day and going 4 hours at night. Regardless on the length of the feeding, she tended to eat four times on the breast. Two from one side, then two times from the other side. Usually feedings were lasting an hour or more. Since she took SO long to eat, her awake times were only 5-10 min long each. She is a very sleepy nurser…so frustrating! I try everything to keep her awake but typically the only thing that works is to change her diaper mid-feeding (which she usually needs it anyway!). Sometimes I’d just let her snooze for 5-10 min in between breasts and she’d wake up on her own wanting more.

Gas: Whew this child is gassy! I read on the babywise blog that Valerie gave her kids Mylicon drops after each feeding so we started doing that this week. Brittlynn also started being a “happy spitter” meaning she started puking quite often. Kye did this too. I think it’s from my abundant milk supply???

Angel Care Monitor: I mentioned that I was too scared to sleep with Brittlynn in our hospital room, when we got the Angel Care Monitor at a baby shower from Mrs. Charlotte we didn’t open it. I didn’t know if I’d really need it and always kinda thought of it as a rip off for panicky mothers. Well…welcome to the panic mommy club πŸ˜‰  The minute we got home from the hospital I had Zach set it up. It’s a mat that goes under the baby’s mattress and it detects movement. If it doesn’t detect movement for a certain number of seconds, it will beep. A few more seconds and an alarm will sound. I slept GREAT knowing that she had that monitor and knowing it would wake me if something was wrong with her. During her second week of life I was in the living room and heard it beep. I freaked. Then the alarm sounded before I even reached her room. Double freak. I instantly thought of Tripp then of Titus when I found him unconscious. I snatched her out of her bed and blew in her face. Thank GOD she was fine but I bawled my head off and was a basket case about it. Was something wrong with her? Or something wrong with the alarm? It wasn’t a one time thing. It would beep decently often (4 times within the first 24 hours after the first time it went off). I was MUCH more calm about it though and would just go in and make sure she was breathing. She always was. I started researching it as I worried she might have sleep apnea. This article relieved my fears! Especially this part: “Keep in mind that it’s normal for babies who are less than 6 months
old to experience what doctors call periodic breathing. You may notice
that your baby breathes faster for a period, then more slowly, then
pauses for up to 15 seconds before resuming normal breathing. his
isn’t anything to worry about. In fact, your baby may breathe this way
up to 5 percent of the time he’s asleep” The Angel Care Monitor goes off prior to 15 seconds so it makes sense that Britt was just having this type of breathing and the monitor would go off. I’m thankful we have the monitor as I’m GLAD I know that she may stop breathing from time to time and I’m GLAD I can run in there and check on her. It’s a peace of mind for sure. I found that it most often went off when she would initially fall into her deeper sleep so it definitely makes sense that maybe she held her breath during that transition. 

Other Stuff About Britt This Week:

  • Her poop turned into the yellow, seedy breastfed baby poop which is a great sign that she’s getting plenty to eat!
  • Her skin was still shedding and it started to shed on her feet and face
  • She sleeps with her head on either side, never straight up like Kye always did (hopeful this will mean she won’t lose as much hair as he did either!)
  • She sleeps well in the car seat which is how we handled all the holiday events and such…it’s kinda rude but we didn’t let people hold her! We just kept her in the car seat, with the sleep sheep (she likes the rain sound best it seems like, Kye liked the ocean) and we’d rock it back and forth while she slept. If we got her out while at events then she’d just want to eat anyway so people still wouldn’t get to hold her!
  • I bought the same amount of newborn sized diapers for her as we used for Kye and we RAN OUT of diapers by week two!!! She goes through them like crazy
  • Her umbilical stump thing was kinda bloody on her clothes and such and one day I noticed part of it was missing. What was strange is that I didn’t see it in her clothes or diaper. I kinda forgot about it then went to change my clothes and the stump was IN MY BRA. Makes me wanna puke just thinking about it…so gross.
  • Since the dr didn’t tell us her stats at her first appointment I looked them up online (thanks for the idea!) and she is in the 90-95th percentile for length, 75-90th percentile for weight, and only 10th percentile for head size!!!! She may look like me in a lot of ways, but she def has her daddy’s small head!

Here’s some pictures from this week:

Sleeping Swaddled Baby!

First Outing: On Tuesday Dec 13th Brittlynn had her first official outing! As I mentioned before, both of my kids were born ONE day prior to my hair appointment! I’m hardcore about having my hair done (I hate roots!) so it bugged me that both times my hair was in desperate need of some touching up. Renika, who is THE BEST, squeezed me in so I could get some fresh hair so Britt and I headed up there!

Sleeping in the car πŸ™‚

At Jordan’s Salon!

She did great the whole time. Never once woke up! It was GREAT to relax and have my hair done, yet it really wore me out. Sitting that long not on my ring thing from the house was painful and my back was killing me. I guess you don’t realize how much you’re hurting when you’re at home dealing with a crying newborn but as soon as you get a chance to relax it ALL hits you!!! The little outing wore me OUT and I was exhausted afterward…but my hair looked good and that was the goal πŸ˜‰

Swing: I didn’t do Babywise with Kye until he was 3 weeks old, didn’t get hardcore until he was 6 weeks old. So a lot of the stuff with Brittlynn is all new to me. Something I learned is the sleep hierarchy which means that the most important thing right now is that she SLEEPS. Then you try to get her to sleep without a prop, then in her bed without help. I was not doing anything but keeping her in the bed and it wasn’t working. She was crying allll the time and not sleeping so I tried different methods to achieve sleep. The swing is something a lot of babywise moms love. Kye wasn’t crazy about his (he did use it at this age though). We have three swings (1 was Kye’s, 1 is a travel swing, and 1 is the Mamaroo). It seems like Britt only likes the travel swing and I started using it for times when she just would not sleep! (sidenote: it no longer works…it quit helping at about 3-4 weeks old)

Tripp, the Aflac state coordinator, sent us these pretty flowers!!!

We enjoyed them while Britt got her bath πŸ˜‰

She’s holding her daddy’s finger!

Since Zach gave me my push present before Brittlynn was born he promised me a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake after her birth. During this week he delivered!!! It was AMAZING and I ate the entire thing myself (not in one sitting…but it didn’t take long, trust me!)

The night after her first dr visit we went ahead and put her in her own room to sleep. With Kye, we waited until he was 5 weeks old. With Brittlynn, we waited 8 days. I was nervous about it but Zach needs his sleep too and I need my husband in OUR room. It’s not good for Kye to wake up in the mornings to find Daddy on the couch. Sure, it’s not due to arguing but I don’t want him to think that Mommy and Daddy don’t share our bed, ya know? She did FINE in her room and I def didn’t regret the decision!

First time in her bouncer!

Levi kisses

With breastfeeding, it is important to make sure (at this age) to get in 8 feedings a day. While I didn’t have a schedule at this point, I did wake to feed her during the day if she had slept to that 3 hour point. I love how sweet she is when she first wakes up and took a couple videos of it. Here’s the first one and here is the second one!

This swaddle was Kye’s and it’s WAY too big and drove me nuts, glad our new ones came!

SO sleepy!

Paci: Many of you know of my love hate paci relationship. I seriously went through spurts with Kye where I HATED the thing and swore I’d never do it again. Now, though, I kinda miss it. When I see pictures of Kye with it I think “oh my baby.” It’s a very, very “baby” thing to me and it brings back memories of Kye being that sweet little baby of mine. With Brittlynn we didn’t buy a single paci before she was born. We wanted to see what she’d be like and decide from there. Since she was taking so long to nurse I thought maybe she just had a need to suck and would benefit from one so we bought some. Here’s a video of my first time giving it to her. I introduced it on 12/16…and she did NOT take to it the way Kye did. We really didn’t use it much after that…we would try to use it when she wasn’t sleeping but she’d typically suck it MEGA hard then spit it out. It’d only work sometimes and often it would fall out pretty quickly and she’d be fine without it.

attempting both the paci and the swing

Kye and Britt – both fresh awake from naps πŸ™‚

Milkies: I’m pretty sure it was my friend Danielle who introduced me to Milkies. OMG. Seriously THE best parenting invention ever. I waited until week two to pull it out and try it and it’s AMAZING. You put the cup thing on your breast that you aren’t having the baby nurse on. There is a little hole in it that covers your nipple then the thing catches all the milk you leak from that breast during the feeding. I NEVER realized how much “free” milk I was wasting in my breast pads!!! It holds up to two ounces and that’s how much I’d get from one breast. That’s a LOT of milk!!!! I dump it into a bottle then put it on the other breast when she switches sides (obviously I don’t get nearly as much, sometimes just a few drops, since that breast has already been emptied). It takes practically ZERO effort and results in stored milk. I only do it during the daytime feedings, not the late night ones (so I do it 6 out of the 8 feedings) and I get around 6 ounces total a day. With Kye I would do a pump session each day. Once he got on a good schedule I started pumping an hour after his first feeding of the day. I’d use that milk to store up for when we traveled and such. With this product, I don’t have to do a daily pump session! 6 ounces is a LOT. It’s much more than she would need right now for one feeding so I’m storing up plenty for the future πŸ™‚ Then when I use that milk I will be replacing it with whatever I pump while away from her. With Kye I always pumped more than he ate so if that’s the same this time around I should have extra milk left when I’m ready to wean her from the breast. The Milkie allows me to store that milk without the hassle of pumping!!!! SCORE!!!! If you’re pregnant or nursing BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!!!! Seriously!!!!!

As of this week, she still has all that hair!!!

She does have very light eye brows and the roots of her hair are blonde so I’m interested to see when it’ll start getting lighter!

She still gets the hiccups a TON…here’s a video of her with them, but you can tell she’s happy as can be!

First time doing skin to skin with Daddy (something he always loved to do with Kye…GREAT for bonding!)

When Kye is playing with Brittlynn, he enjoys covering her in stuffed animals

And whatever else he can find (here’s a video! I LOVE the way he says her name don’t you?)

Mom gave me this baby blanket of mine so I used one of her short awake times to get some pics of her on it πŸ™‚

Gotta use that head band as often as possible right?

Love how the sun hits that baby hair fuzz πŸ™‚

How she is most of the time haha

Kye: During this week we started to notice that Kye was struggling some with the adjustment. He got really upset one night at like 4 am and told Zach he wanted him to sleep with him. We’ve NEVER (not even ONCE) slept with Kye. Not for naps or night not in his bed or ours. Never. So this was an odd request. We evaluated things and realized that ALL my time was spent with Brittlynn or sleeping. I rarely saw Kye or had any interactions with him. And if I did those interactions also included his sister. Zach was very sweet to suggest that Kye and I go have a special date just the two of us while Britt slept for one of her naps. We ran up to McDonald’s and got some ice cream together. I thought we could have a little picnic in the backyard to eat it but Kye just wanted to eat it at the table. Some date huh? But he was happy and I enjoyed the one on one time in the car and when we got home. It was nice to just soak him in!!!

I hooked him up with some sprinkles in his sundae and here he is mixing it up like Mommy does!

Postpartum Update: I weighed myself and only have 7 lb left to lose until I’m back to pre-baby weight!!!! And I was still hardcore pigging out!!! Not dieting one bit! I guess this time around breastfeeding is helping me out πŸ™‚ Yay! While I’m thankful for Brittlynn, I don’t really like having a newborn so close to the holidays. It was stressful and hard to manage everything we had to do (and making it all fun and special for Kye) while dealing with a newborn and constant feedings. I was exhausted. I felt like I just couldn’t keep up and I wasn’t able to enjoy things as much as I would have liked!!! 

I was able to sleep on my stomach some again right after she’d empty me (but then I got a clogged milk duct the next week and read you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach while nursing so I quit). I had MEGA bad night sweats and would have to change clothes in the middle of the night sometimes b/c I was so gross. It was nasty to feel that dirty all the time but it was impossible to shower as often as I needed. Since she was still taking an hour or more per feeding, I was sitting…a LOT and the pressure from sitting made my privates hurt badly. I ended up pulling out the ring from when I had Kye to sit on all the time. Even when eating dinner I’d need the thing or else my private area would ache in pain. My bleeding was still heavy and I actually ran out of the heavy flow pads I’d bought! Zach had to run and get me more b/c I bled through the light ones!!! Having to wear pads ALL the time for such an extended time caused me to get little sores on the inside of my legs from the constant rubbing against the wings of the pads. I recommend not getting wings and I started to cut the ones out of mine before wearing them. I was still using the dermoplast spray and spraying warm water down there after each time going to the bathroom.

Once I get through alllllll the holiday posts I should be back on track so these will get posted on the actual weeks…right now she’s actually 5 weeks old and I’m still back at week 2!!! At least I’m recording it all for her though, even if it is behind πŸ™‚

Emily Parker

Hey Y’all, I’m Emily! I’m a stay at home mom and consider parenting to be my passion. Disney is my happiest place and I love making memories as a family together. I’m a big believer in transparency and share all of my real-life moments as a mother of four.

My work has been featured on Love What Matters, Today Parenting and Babywise.Life. I’m also honored to be a member of the Babywise Friendly Blog Network.

You can read more about our family on my About Me page. Also be sure to follow along with me on Instagram, FacebookΒ and Pinterest!

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  1. Brandy Andrews
    January 10, 2012 / 5:17 pm

    I'm sooo going to read back over your blog when I have a baby!Β  Thanks for being so open!

  2. Ashley Troutman
    January 10, 2012 / 8:25 pm

    I definitely plan to get some Milkies for the next baby! I leaked all of the time, especially while nursing. Β Β 

  3. Chelley
    January 10, 2012 / 8:32 pm

    Great tip about the Milkies! I had no idea those existed, but they sound great. It would always frustrate me when I was nursing Brianna because I could tell I was losing a ton of milk that I could have been storing.Β Also, I think in a few of the photos, Brittlynn is starting to look like Kye! Not in all of them, but just a couple here and there.Β 

  4. Mary Graves
    January 11, 2012 / 12:09 am

    Britt is adorable! I had heard about the milkies and now I wish I had purchased them! I wanted to tell you I had a lot of trouble with my Angel Care monitor and then was reading the very tiny print in the manual and it says have the pad sitting on a piece of wood. And I ended up having to turn up the sensitivity to about 6. Home depot sells a thin piece of wood that is the exact length of the crib so that was quick and easy!

  5. whisktoriamclean
    January 13, 2012 / 1:56 pm

    I'm so glad you've blogged about Milkies! I had never heard about them before and now they are on my 'I have to buy' list. I have a baby due in June and i'm really not sure i'll be comfortable breastfeeding in public and I really want my husband to be able to feed our baby so I have been looking into pumping early on but *maybe* with this I won't have to. Β Being pregnant for the first time it's super exciting learning about new products and reading blogs like yours.

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