Waffles for Daddy

As usual we celebrated Father’s Day a day early so we could spend the entire Saturday devoted to our favorite Daddy! Now that Britt doesn’t have her morning nap we were able to do a LOT more in one day than we were able to do last year 🙂 Zach made a t-time for our annual family golf outing for early that morning (Yay for not having to do it in the heat of the afternoon!) and we decided to go out to eat for breakfast on the way!

This is NOT something we do very often. Eating out is a rare treat for us in general, but at breakfast time? Extremely rare. It’s tough to get out the door quick enough in the mornings and it’s typically not worth the hassle or the money! However, for Father’s Day we were gonna do everything Zach wanted and it was an extra special treat for us all! He chose to eat at Waffle House! 

 Sweet Daddy Kisses!

 My boy, ready to grub 🙂

 Britt was FOR SURE a Waffle House fan!

 Had to rock the hats! 

It all went really well and we had nice, full bellies for the golf course! Post LOADED with TONS of golf pics is coming up 🙂

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