Visit to Raisin’ Cane

The second weekend in November was our last weekend of the ENTIRE year that we didn’t have plans. Isn’t that crazy?!?! I have really been wanting to go visit Raisin’ Cane and it was our only chance we’d have for awhile! It worked out really well as Titus ended up staying with us Friday night and we were able to bring him along for the fun!

Seth brought Titus over Friday evening and the kids were SUPER pumped to have him there! Kye had Payton sleep over last year but hasn’t had a sleep over since so he was really excited!

 Of courses we played Candy Land!

 As a special treat Kye got to sleep in his top bunk for the first time ever!!! Does anyone else dread the top bunk days? I’m so short that it’s SUPER tough for me to change the sheets up there!

I told the boys they could talk for awhile and it was hilarious on the video monitor. Titus fell asleep almost instantly and poor Kye kept trying and trying to talk to him haha! He eventually gave up and went to sleep too! 

We decided to head to Raisin’ Cane as soon as Tess woke mid-nap. I had decided that day (b/c it wasn’t crazy enough, right?) to go ahead and move Tess to the 4 hour schedule. My plan (hope!) was for her to sleep the rest of her nap in the car and then wait to eat until 11 rather than her usual 10:30. It ended up that she didn’t sleep at all in the car so she essentially only had a 45 min nap and had to stay up longer in order to stretch the schedule. It didn’t work out that great for our day at Raisin’ Cane because Tess was EXHAUSTED and just fussy the whole time. Thankfully she did end up sleeping great until her next feeding time and adjusted to the 4 hour schedule super easily! 

I have been SUPER excited to visit Rasin’ Cane! It’s a local produce marker and agri-tourism business. They have a market with a wonderful variet y of fresh, local produce, fresh baked bread, casseroles and other food items. They also have a TON of great things to enjoy and it’s a very educational experience for the kids to see a real working farm and learn where their food comes from! They have a TON of different seasonal stuff too so you could visit anytime of the year and experience something different! We went during the fall and they had a MASSIVE corn maze. We didn’t participate (hello 4 kids would not have made it out very easily!) but I’m sure it’s super fun! The kids all did run to the smaller hay maze as soon as we arrived!

 The boys made it out pretty quick!

 Poor Britt inherited her mama’s direction skills

 Kye’s favorite thing of the day were the duck races. He could have stayed here all day! You pump water down the pipe and it makes your duck go! They had a blast with it!

 I personally thought the blow up horse races were adorable! The kids could bounce on them and laughed so hard passing each other!

 Zach gave Tess the bottle for her 11:00 feeding (she would only drink like 3 oz which wasn’t enough…ugh bottle issues!)

 Casey and Jordan (and Carter!) met us there!

 Pro dads!

 One of Britt’s favorite things was the corn play area! She kept smiling super big and saying “THIS IS SO FUN!”

 My Babies ๐Ÿ™‚

 I LOVE hands on fun! And I love that they have so many animals that the kids were able to touch and to even feed!

 The boys LOVED milking the cow!

Future farmers? 

 Bahaha the bjorn pics always crack me up!

Britt loved playing in the corn but she especially loved the horse.  I was such an animal lover as a kid and I loved seeing her face light up when she saw the horse. She didn’t have any fear and just stared and stared. 

 Poor sleepy, fussy Tess!

 Attempt at a cousin pic. Instant classic ๐Ÿ˜‰

 They had an awesome hayride that went around the whole farm and the driver told us all about growing crops. It was fun and educational! 

 If only Kye’s elbow wasn’t covering Britt’s smile!

 The driver even gave us a tangerine. You’d think the kids wouldn’t be all that interested in it…but it ended up being such a big hit that I had to take it away due to bickering over who got to hold it.

 Tess wasn’t supposed to go down for nap until 1:00 but she fell asleep in my arms at 12:20! Girl was EXHAUSTED!

 While we got Tess situated and ready to go home the big kids enjoyed one last activity!

We could have spent the entire day at Raisin’ Cane very easily! There was a TON there that we didn’t have time to be able to do! We had a GREAT time! I was thankful for such beautiful weather and appreciated being able to let the kids run and play outdoors. I’m so glad we went and for sure recommend it to anyone local!!! I know they’d have holiday festivities for Halloween as well as Christmas! They are coming up with new ideas all the time so be sure to follow Raisin’ Cane on Facebook to always know what’s next!

Did we rock out with 4 kids or whhhhat?!?!

Having Titus visit with us was a great time! Zach loved having another boy in the house for sure and he got along great with both Britt and Kye. They all had so much fun together and I hope he felt welcomed and had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Zach couldn’t resist playing a little back yard football since he had an extra kid to enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

 Time to tackle Daddy!

 Zach and Seth were hardcore best friends in high school so it’s super sweet to see their sons become buddies too ๐Ÿ™‚ It was destiny! 

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