Visit to the Fire Station

Last year Kye and I went to the fire station (revisit the memories here) with a local mommy group I sometimes do stuff with (actually I haven’t done anything with them in like a year…but I like stealing their ideas for fun things to do haha). It was WAY better this year than last year, especially because my mommy friends were there with me and we used it as a total photo shoot opportunity πŸ˜‰

First we watched a fire safety video then we went out to where the trucks are parked and watched Fireman Justin as he further discussed fire safety!

Stevie is at the BEST age for it, she enjoyed it the most for sure

Kye was very interested, but didn’t want to actually touch Fireman Justin

Neela looked ADORABLE with her little ponytail and short shorts πŸ™‚

Lorelai was pretty afraid, Robyn is not a fan of this yearly tradition

Titus was the easiest going of the bunch, of course!

Fireman Justin talked about what happens if your house is on fire and slowly put on each piece of equipment so the kids wouldn’t be afraid of him. I think this is SUCH a valuable thing to go to at least once a year because fire safety is something we should ALL know.

When Fireman Justin had on all his gear, Kye crawled in my lap out of fear!

Of course none of the Megows were scared πŸ™‚

Kye waited until the “scary” parts were off to give him high five

After Fireman Justin showed us all the gear we went outside and he let the kids play with the firetruck hose. How neat is that??? Stevie brought lots of her little friends along as always πŸ™‚

Kye enjoyed watching

Robyn workin’ that hose

Neela…totally unafraid

Kye kept pushing Neela to do it over and over

Didn’t she look ADORABLE?

After the water hose fun it was time to sit in the TRUCK!

Neela with Mommy

I snapped one of Robyn even though she wasn’t looking πŸ˜‰

When I told Kye we’d be visiting the fire station ALL he said he wanted to do was DRIVE the firetruck

He got his chance!!!

He could have stayed in there ALLLLL day

He even got to do the siren πŸ™‚

going to save the world!

You think Valdosta is a small country town??? Did you know we actually live in HAHIRA? And even smaller town???

Isn’t this such a hottie picture of Robyn?

Megows all in their fire station red πŸ™‚

For paying such good attention each of the kids got a fun prize packet at the end

We had a BLAST. Seriously Kye STILL talks about it. When I ask him “what do you want to do today?” He will typically say “see fire trucks?” It’s adorable. It was fun AND educational, I know the older he gets the more important it will be. Our family needs to have a fire safety plan if the unthinkable were to happen. I told Zach this and he said two things. 1) He said “making a plan” is some conspiracy idea to get us to buy fire safety junk like ladders on our windows and 2) Our plan is that I get out of the house and he goes and saves each kid. I told him when we have FOUR of them that’s gonna be a tough task so he said I can grab the downstairs kids on my way out and he’ll get the upstairs ones…my husband…the hero. Hahaha. He really does crack me up. Once Kye is old enough to be part of the plan, we’ll make a more legit one, no worries. I am thankful that we have lots of smoke detectors and that they are hooked up with our alarm system to notify someone if our house were to catch on fire πŸ™‚

My little fire truck loving boy!

We’ll FOR SURE be going back next year…but I’m very tempted to go back this year a few more times too, Kye really loves it! I wonder if Fireman Justin would think we were some fire station junkies if we kept coming back?

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