VBS 2013

Our VBS starts on a Sunday night and ends on Wednesday night. It’s every night from 6-8 and begins at age two. With our scheduling there was simply NO WAY Kye could begin going to VBS when he was two! We tried a couple nights of it that year and I even volunteered a little but it was just too much on us both. I was wore out being pregnant and he just couldn’t handle staying up that late at that age (by the time we get home and ready for bed he won’t get to sleep until close to 9). Last year we were excited for him to be able to participate and I fully thought he was old enough to handle it! Plus it was good for him to get a break from Britt’s demanding schedule at the time. Poor kid came down with STREP and couldn’t attend 🙁  Needless to say, Kye was SO EXCITED about VBS this year!!! 

Our church goes ALL OUT with VBS! They have tons of crafts, activities and food. One guess what Kye’s favorite part was? FOOD!!! Zach and I traded off dropping him off and picking him up throughout the week. I’m not sure when we will be able to actually help out with VBS as Zach’s work schedule is always changing and one of us has to be able to watch the younger babies! It may be awhile  but I do look forward to playing a more active role in everything! TONS of pictures were posted up on Facebook so I stole all the ones I could of Kye and his friends during the fun filled week!

Not a surprise, another favorite part of VBS for Kye was hanging out with Kailyn 🙂

Love these two!!!

I was super pumped to find out that the Megow’s were taking their clan to our VBS that week too! Kye was SO HAPPY to see Stevie and one night Crissy and I planned to do the dropping off and picking up so we could go have a little girl time inbetween 🙂 We loved watching our two eldest babies together!

Tell me that isn’t the sweetest thing!

Of course where did we go while the kids were at VBS?


One guess on which one is mine…

On the last night of VBS Zach was working late so I decided to take Britt for awhile to at least enjoy the songs and such before the actual activities started. On our way we picked up an early dinner at Zaxby’s and took some over to the Walker family! They have a new sweet baby girl, Kinsley! Kye was disappointed that Kailyn wasn’t home when we went to visit but we enjoyed our stay and he said he was so happy to get to see her new baby sister!!!

And, yes, these pics might give me a little baby fever!!!

Britt really enjoyed sitting like a big girl in the pew and jamming out to all the fun VBS songs! We headed home as soon as the kids were dismissed to their classes, but I’m glad she was able to participate a little bit this year 🙂

Here are all the fun crafts and goodies Kye made during his week at VBS!

I am SO SO SO glad we made the decision when we did to join our church. I LOVE how family-focused our congregation is and how much the elders value our children and instilling Christian values into them from the start! Kye LOVES to go to church and that is such a great blessing to us. I hope we are able to get more involved as our children get older. I know we are in a busy season of life right now with little ones who require sleep and such but we do the best we can at balancing both and I’m glad we didn’t have any sickness to stop us this year from Kye fully enjoying VBS!

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