Valentine’s Day – Night

After a fun day with Kye I was looking forward to a fun night as a family and on a date with Zach! Kye had big date-night plans with Gramma so we opened our Valentine’s Day Box together as a family before dropping him off. I was pretty pumped to open the special card Kye made for me. “He” made them for several members of our family and mailed them out for them to open on V-Day! They were super easy and turned out mega cute and would work for any holiday (you can read how to make them on my other blog, yes it still exists it’s just been neglected, here).

 Daddy’s first time seeing the finished product 🙂

Valentine’s Day is about showing you care, not about buying crazy big (expensive) presents. I like to do small, cheap, fun things on Valentine’s Day. Kye loved his Toy Story book I got for free by mailing in some band-aid rebates 🙂

Zach and I decided not to do gifts for Valentine’s Day since we’d be going to Ikea that weekend and would rather be spending money on the house right now and not on each other. We did cards and I got him $2 worth of chocolate since I know how much he loves it.

He got me some candy for our movie date that night! My goal is to always try to see all the Oscar nominated movies before the awards air so we went to see a double feature. We planned on seeing Black Swan and The Fighter but good ‘ole Valdosta took them out of the theater too quick! Instead we saw Blue Valentine (one of my new favorite movies ever!!!) and True Grit. Even my teeth felt gross after chowing down on all these candies!

 Enjoying his goodies from the dollar bin at Target

Last year’s Hallmark stuffed animal was such a hit that I couldn’t resist getting him another one this year. Plus it’s a great deal when you buy cards from them (which all my cards are Hallmark anyway!). It’s a cute little dog that says “I wuff you!” and it’s ears wiggle.


After we dropped Kye off (and exchanged V-day gifts with Mom!) we headed to Charlie Trippers for dinner. We usually go there for my birthday but this past birthday they were closed 🙁 So we had a make-up birthday date! When we sat down I instantly got back up to check out some of the cool golf artwork they had on display. We haven’t started to decorate Kye’s room yet (waiting until we can afford the furniture!) but these pictures were $350 so I doubt they will be gracing his walls. Once I sat back down Zach started cracking up. I didn’t know what was going on and then I finally realized there were beautiful flowers on our table!!! I didn’t even notice them…which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the second time I did it. The night before he proposed to me we ate at Melting Pot and he had long stem roses on our table and I never saw them. Oops!

How could i have missed 15 tulips? I mean I must be BLIND! (they were all shades of pink and purple and continued to bloom throughout the week – so pretty!)

We enjoyed our dinner and both of the movies. It was a late night but it was nice to have a REAL date night. Getting to take our time doesn’t usually happen when someone keeps Kye because we have to rush home to get him into bed. It’s so wonderful having Mom in the neighborhood because he just stayed the night with her and we picked him up the next morning. I think I’m going to be saying how wonderful it is that she’s here quite often huh? It was a truly love-filled Valentine’s Day for us and I hope yours was too!

Those of you who are just as behind as I am need to catch up so we can all read about it!

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