Valentine’s Day – Day

After last year and all our lack of holiday festiveness I promised myself that this year things would be different. Each holiday we’d CELEBRATE and do it right! I didn’t make some grand plans for Valentine’s Day and I didn’t want to spend any money (not that Zach probably would have let me anyway!) but I still managed to make it a fun day for Kye.

For lunch I made heart shaped sandwiches

 on a pink plate too 🙂

 Then we baked a special heart cake

 (it was a brownie cake since that’s what I had in the pantry!)

 Isn’t his little chef’s hat adorable?

 We spent more time tasting then we did baking

 Licking the spoon is a must!

 After nap we iced the cake

 And did more tasting 😉

 Proud of the end result 

(I love his “Cheese!” face)

While Kye napped a reporter from the Valdosta Daily Times came over and talked to us for awhile about an article they are doing. It’s a catch-up thing based on older articles. Kind of a “where are they now” idea and one of the articles they picked was when we were in the paper for our special graduation ceremony (we missed actual college graduation because we were at Zach’s football game, the one where he made the #1 Sportscenter Play of the Day, so the president of VSU held a special private ceremony for the 3 players that didn’t get to walk and for me!). He told me to e-mail him a family picture and I realized I didn’t really have anything recent (unless you count the one with Santa and that’s not really paper worthy…). Luckily Mrs. Charlotte wanted to stop by to give Kye his little present so she snapped some pics for us. Turned out pretty great huh?

 I’m wearing Stella and Dot Revival Necklace, Revival Bracelet, Soiree Studs, and Silver Vintage Twist Bracelet

 Here’s the one we picked to send to him for the paper! The article should be out sometime this month 🙂

A great start to a great Valentine’s Day!

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