Trimming the Tree

After picking out our tree we always make a pretty big deal about decorating it! This year I had to run some errands (post to come…about returning lots and lots of baby clothes) during Kye’s nap so Zach worked during that time on the outside of the house then when I got back we started on the inside! Did I mention in the last post that our tree is HUGE?!?! Last year our tree was 8 ft and it was a little too big for our living room…this year ours is 8 1/2 foot!!! And I LOVE fat trees so our tree takes up our entire living room!!! I worried that it looked stupid b/c it’s so big but I love it now! Plus this year will be the first (and only) year that I get to have Christmas at my house since Mom, Brandon, and Chrissy will be coming here instead of going to Melbourne so we had to get something super pretty, and we did 🙂

Kye’s first tree! and putting his first ornaments on (if he doesn’t eat them first)



while Z and I decorated Kye helped unpack ornaments!

(thanks for Lindsay for the help on how to do the black and white fade thing on the pics!)



We did just a little bit of the decorating with Kye so he could say he was there haha but we did most of it once he went to bed. It was fun to listen to Christmas music and go through all our ornaments together. Every Christmas I always buy at least one of those personalized cookie dough ornaments to fit something significant that happened that year (last year I got an “our new home” one as well as a “pregnant mommy” one!). We also have a tradition (I’m telling you we have a thousand of them!) where we buy ornaments on every trip we go on…so obviously we have a lot of those too! This year we put up all the cool ones first and then added in all the balls at the end to make it look really filled. I’m hardcore about seeing an ornament in every spot! Since our tree is HUGE Zach had to do a lot of the work while on a step stool!

it had been a loooong day can you tell?


had to relax with our traditional hot choc!

we waited for the morning to let Kye decorate his mini tree for his room!

the finished products are up next!

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  1. Rachael
    December 13, 2009 / 1:54 am

    WOW! that is a huge tree!

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