So DUH I’m totally a trendsetter 🙂 Here I am all upset all the time feeling like I’m the only person in the WORLD (well at least in my circles of friends) that has a son. I see little girls everywhere. I see pictures of the Daddy/Daughter dance. I hear about bows and dresses and princess things. ALL. THE. TIME. And duh, I want other people to have some SONS! Not only so my son can play with them but so we can share boy stories. You know talk about trucks and dirt and the random peeing of a little boy’s penis haha. Here I was all down in the dumps that no one had a little boy and I never even realized that having girls was just the “it” thing at the time and once I came along and gave birth to a little boy then the trend changed and now everyone wants to be cool like me and have sons too!

Well technically I guess Liz and Danielle started the boy trend first but since they had sons before I did, it doesn’t count 😉

All kidding aside I am SUPER pumped at all the little boys in the wombs and now in the world too!

  • Seth and Crissy announced this week that baby #3 (yes, third baby in three years…they’re the next Duggar family!) is a BOY and will be named Titus! I love it!!!
  • Both Brittany and Bobbi (sisters that are good friends with our fam…and both were Zach’s girl friends at some point haha) are pregnant (only weeks apart, so fun!) with BOYS!
  • And TONIGHT at 6pm Rachael gave birth to a SON!!!! She was surprised at the sex again (my kinda girl!) so they didn’t know until today! It made it SO exciting to check Facebook allll throughout the day for updates (and yes, she’s that good that she actually did update). I just KNEW it’d be a boy (well…I knew but I also HOPED haha). And I’m so so so thrilled for them!!! His name is Glen Gregory the third and they are calling him Tripp! I love the idea of calling him Tripp, I think that’s so neat and I never actually knew that when people were called Tripp that it meant they were the third..isn’t that cool? I’m so so so excited for her and can’t wait to read ALL about his birth on her blog (she’s the one that inspired me to start mine so you all should totally thank her haha)!!!!  I know Macy will be a great big sister too!!!
  • WOW I just wrote this and looked at Facebook and a lady we met on an Aflac trip and became instant friends with is now in labor too!!! She’s being surprised at the sex as well (I think this is her third baby maybe? Not sure!) My money is on it being a BOY!!!

    I’m so excited about all the boys and all the fun it’ll be as they all grow up together! I am ready for some play dates so you ladies who are pregnant (or have a NEWBORN!) better hurry it up so Kye can play 🙂

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