Toy Story Surprise Party!

We were super bummed when we found out Seth and Crissy couldn’t be at Kye’s party! They are SO fun and get super pumped about stuff so we were sad that they couldn’t be there (but a family members wedding does trump a birthday party ya know?). They felt pretty bad about it too and invited us over a few days after his party to hang out. I took Kye early so Crissy and I could catch up and the kids could play. When we walked up to the door this is what we saw:

They put together a surprise party for Kye!!! His first surprise party ever and they did it Toy Story themed…how perfect for him 🙂

Gotta love all the Toy Story decorations!

Isn’t that SO sweet and thoughtful?!?! Stevie and Neela colored several Toy Story pictures and had them hanging up and right away Kye wanted to join in on the fun so he and Stevie colored and colored and colored together.

He scooted his chair to sit closer to her, isn’t that precious?

Once the guys got home from work the big bash began! They had hot dogs and other yummy dinner stuff along with Toy Story cupcakes!!! Kye was thrilled to have more birthday fun and we even sang to him again too (you can see the video here!)

time to dig in!

This makes me laugh…Titus looks a little afraid haha

For DAYS after his birthday and party Kye asked to “open presents?” And this party didn’t help in that area haha. I think the kid was starting to believe that life was one big birthday party for him. He was excited to get another present and the bubble maker machine is just what I (oops..I mean he) wanted!!! Mommy isn’t so great at blowing bubbles so this will allow us to actually have bubbles to play with 🙂

Of course his FAVORITE present was the kidney beans, thanks Mr. Seth!

It was SUCH a great surprise and beyond thoughtful!!! What was even more fun was that we ended up running Kye to Gramma’s for the night (isn’t it awesome to have her as a neighbor?) and hanging out talking and laughing until almost midnight. We seriously haven’t laughed so hard in ages. The next day I asked Zach what he wanted to do that night and he said “go to Seth and Crissy’s again???” haha!

Thanks guys for Kye’s second 2nd birthday party!

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