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Awhile back I was contacted by Hullabalu regarding doing a toy review for them. Free toy for my kids? Sounds great to me!!!! The package arrived and I waited for a good day to pull it out…when Kye woke up fromm his nap like this I knew it was a good day for something fun! haha

Hullabalu is a BRAND new website and a new line of toys! They don’t launch until January but they sent me a toy by Kimochis (SUPER cute website by the way!) to review for them. I’ve checked out their site and I’m interested to see what they have in store…it looks really neat! You have to be invited to join it so here is the site: and here is the invite code:

Can you tell Britt was eager to see what was in the box?

Cat is the name of the toy they sent us and he is a HUGE stuffed cat (obviously by the name “Cat” haha). You can read more about Cat here! It’s really neat because it’s all about helping children understand their emotions and describe how they feel. Cat has a little pouch in his tummy and came with three different emotions (Happy, Cranky and Curious). The little emotion guys all feature facial expressions that match their feelings. It’s a GREAT tool to teach feelings because you can talk about how Cat feels and put that emotion in his little pouch! I wonder if you can purchase the emotions separately so we could have more?

You can also use the emotions as wonderful chew toys haha

It came with a little book describing Cat as well as other toys from the line

And even little band-aid stickers to make him feel better when he’s upset 😉

I was impressed with the SIZE of Cat. I like how big he is and I like the concept about teaching through play. I’m ALL about some play with my kids and any teachable moment while playing is awesome! I thought the box design was also super cute and inviting and I like that Cat is made of an easy to clean material for when Britt gets slobber on him 😉

The Hullabalu site should be officially launched at the start of the year and I’m super excited to see what kind of neat things they come up with! I LOVE the name Hullabalu…isn’t it super catchy??? They have contacted me about doing a reader giveaway once the site launches so stay tuned for more!!! And thanks again Hullabalu for the sneak peak and for Cat! It def helped cheer up my child on a boring afternoon 😉

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  1. Rachael_Copponex
    December 14, 2012 / 4:41 pm

    Very cool! Love the website!

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