4d Ultrasound

Today was the day Zach and I have been waiting for!!! We got to have our 4d ultrasound and see our baby! Supposedly these things are so accurate that the baby really will look like these pictures when she/he is born!

I was nervous about the appointment for two reasons: one, I was nervous the pictures wouldn’t turn out well for whatever reason and two, I was worried they’d accidently show us the sex of the baby (Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty are pros at reading ultrasounds after going through it with Courtney so one slip up and they could tell!).

Mom drove 4 hours to be here for the big appointment and we also invided Zach’s parents. We all walked into this tiny waiting room and noticed the sign that said “due to small space we request only one guest per patient.” I had 4 guests! Oh well!

When we went in the room (which was truly tiny!) the lady was so so sweet who did the ultrasound and I think she even enjoyed it. She was very careful not to show us the gender and she was only supposed to give us a cd of 32 images and have a session of about 15 minutes and our session lasted 45 minutes and the cd has 74 images on it! So awesome 🙂

This is a good one to see the fingers! We decided Clover has my eyes and nose and Zach lips!

This one looks like Clover is worried about something! Unfortunatly the black area on the head is NOT hair. But she did show us (on the regular type ultrasound) the little hair growing in and said that in our 32 week regular ultrasound we should be able to see it!

I love the open mouth! You can REALLY tell Clover has Daddy’s great lips!

Another good one of the fingers and lips! In some of them the nose looks really wide, but that’s just the distortion of the image and not the actual nose. When Courtney had hers Colts nose looked HUGE and FLAT but it wasn’t that way when he was born, so no worries 🙂 Also the blob on the side is not some growth, it’s the wall around the baby! Isn’t it sad how squished it is in there?

A little smile and what looks like a dimple!

Elbow shot!

We got really really lucky because Clover moved her/his foot into her/his face so we got to see the toes! I didn’t think we’d get to see the feet at all because they are too close to the private parts!

I think this one is my favorite. I swear I’m not going to be one of those mothers who swears their kid is the cutest baby ever but if our baby looks anything like these pictures I think we just may have the most beautiful child! Unfortunatly I doubt the head will stay this perfect after going through the trama of labor haha!

I think it was worth Mom’s drive! I just wish she didn’t have to turn around and drive all the way home right after! But it was so so so great for me to have her there to see my baby with me for the first time!

Mr. Rusty was so excited and I’m pretty sure HE would have been the one to bribe the lady to show him the gender so I’m glad we didn’t risk it!

It was such an amazing day and made me so much more excited to become a Mommy! I told Mom that I think the pregnancy will start to go SO much slower now that I’ve seen Clover because I’m so much more excited to get to see her/him for REAL. It’s so amazing that Zach and I made this little thing and that it is inside me right now! I highly recommend the 4d ultrasound to anyone who is pregnant…totally worth every penny 🙂


  1. Anonymous
    December 31, 2008 / 6:51 pm

    SO COOL! I loved being able to see Macy, it made her even more real. Every time I went to the doctor and especially in the hospital, before I would even say HELLO I would say We don’t know what the baby is, please don’t tell us. The ppl at the doctors office laughed and understood but the ppl in the hospital were a little rude. Not that I cared. But seriously, nobody EVER spilled to us what it was, as a matter of fact, in our chart it said it was a boy!I think for out next baby we will do the 4d ultrasound!Rachael

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