Titus Robert Megow

I’ve been counting down for Titus’ arrival and he’s finally here!!! Poor Kye has been desperately needing some testosterone at play-dates and I’ve been needing to not feel like the ONLY woman with a son and not a daughter 🙂

Titus was born on Thursday August 5th weighing 8 lb 15 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Crissy always has some big babies so I think it works out well that she has c-sections. She’s a PRO at this whole mommy thing and has beautiful newborns (and looks AMAZING herself in postpartum). Stevie, their first baby, was the prettiest newborn I’ve ever seen (even beating out my own child!) and Titus is def up there on the “cutest newborns” list too. I was hopeful that he would be born looking just like Crissy as Stevie and Neela look EXACTLY like Seth, but Seth just has some killer dominant genes because Titus is another Seth Jr.

We went up to the hospital after Kye’s nap to meet Titus but when we got there he was back in the nursery and Crissy was sleeping…and sooo out of it. She’s probably one of the nicest people ever (right up there with Charlotte) but man when she’s on pain meds WATCH OUT haha. It was pretty funny to get to see her like that and to get to visit with Seth some. I adore both Crissy and Seth and feel like the longer we’re friends the more I like them (which prob is kinda rare don’tcha think?). It’s not the norm for a married woman to feel comfortable alone with a married man but with Seth it’s never awkward. We always get along super well and I like that I can consider him my friend too and not just Zach’s friend or Crissy’s husband! So we had a good laugh at Crissy’s “pain med face” and went down to the waiting room so Zach could say hey too (they don’t allow children up in he postpartum rooms so we have to take turns watching Kye).

Friday morning I got a text from Seth letting me know that it may not be a good day to visit because they were doing some tests on Titus for spina bifida. My heart sank and I immediately googled it and it’s VERY scary. I sent texts to all my good friends to help pray for good test results and as soon as Seth gave the word I raced up to the hospital to visit them during such a frightening time. I mean Crissy JUST gave birth and she had to be hit with such horrible news? Really? Any new mom is all out of whack with hormones plus she was on pain medication from her c-section and they had to throw more worries on her? They were both handling it all very well when I got up there and it made me feel more relaxed once I saw them. Titus was actually in the room when I arrived so I got to meet him and hold him! Here’s my meeting with Titus:

Can you tell Seth took the pics? Thanks for letting me know my BRA was showing dude!

I visited for an hour or so as I wanted to do anything I could to help ease their minds and worries. Thankfully on Sunday they finally heard word that he’s FINE! Spina bifida free!!! He does have a little indention at the top of his butt but they will know more when they visit the pediatrician about it…I’ve heard of several children having it and that it just closes up on it’s own with time. I’m SO relieved that he’s healthy and thankful for the Lord keeping one of my favorite families protected! Thank you to everyone I contacted for prayers as they helped for sure!!!

Sunday evening Zach, Kye and I went over to their new house to visit and get in some quality time with Titus. Seeing a house with three children under three years old was a little intimidating (um…I give Crissy mad props b/c I straight up couldn’t do it). I got to hold Titus for a good 15-20 min and I was in HEAVEN. I instantly bonded with him more than I’ve ever felt bonded to a baby other than my own. I told Crissy he’s my second son 🙂 Maybe it’s because he’s the first boy I’ve held since Kye was that young? Maybe because I kinda have a little baby itch? Or maybe b/c I know he and Kye will be buddies so I already love him? I’m not sure but I seriously ADORE the child. And I’m NOT a baby person AT ALL!!! He’s so precious and adorable and I just want to run over there right now and hold him. I went to help Crissy on Thursday for a couple hours since Seth went back to work and she’s still healing and shouldn’t be on her feet too much and it was SO hard for me not to snatch Titus from her arms and steal him away! Here are some more pictures of my favorite little guy:

Daddy and SON

here’s a couple Crissy took since she’s been home from the hospital…

isn’t his skin beautiful??? and I swear there are a couple specks of blond in that hair like his mommy’s 🙂 

I can’t WAIT for all the fun Titus times that are in our future! Welcome to the world Titus, you’re already very loved 🙂

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