Time A’Changin’ Again!

Back in November we had a tough time during the time change. It was a hard switch which you can read about here. I had heard that this time change would be an easier adjustment because instead of getting Kye to sleep an extra hour we’d be waking him up an hour earlier. Sounds easy enough right?

My frustration lies in the fact that all these times changes ALWAYS happen on Sundays. Sunday is our toughest day with Kye. We put him down early for his nap (8:15 instead of 9) then get him up WAY early from the nap (get up at 9 instead of 11) so we can make it to bible study by 9:30. Then we are at church until around noon and he typically goes down for his 1:00 nap a little early then we have night church at 6 so we rush home from there to bathe him and get him in bed. He eats both lunch and dinner DURING services and all of that makes for a tough day.

This time change happened on an even tougher Sunday than usual. I had to drive separate to church b/c I had to drop off my stuff to sell at the Kids Sale. Then that night I had to skip night church all together as they had the pre-view sale at 7:00. THEN Zach tells me that he’s actually going to be out of town Sunday night for work the next day so that added another kink in the day!!!

We ended up getting Kye up “on time” with the new time change (so he lost an hour of sleep) then we also skipped Bible Study as he wouldn’t have EVER made it through with no nap at all. After church we drove out to Mrs. Charlotte’s for lunch and she watched Kye that afternoon for me and he went to night church with them so I could go to the sale. Then I just drove back out there to spend the night as that was the easiest thing to do to make it all work.

We thought we had a good plan, the only problem is that when you lose an hour of sleep you assume the kid will be mega sleepy and sleep great for his naps. Well he didn’t. Even though he WAS tired he was still on HIS schedule. Which meant that while it was 1:00 the new time, so therefore “nap time”, it was only 12:00 for Kye’s body so even though he was sleepy he KNEW it wasn’t nap time yet. Poor Zach sat in his parents back room for an HOUR with Kye bawling until he finally fell asleep. It took QUITE a while for Kye to adjust to this new time. It was MUCH harder than I expected because he would just stay awake for naps and sit in his crib upset even though he was so sleepy. It even affected his night sleep as he was SO over-tired from missing so much sleeping time that he’d struggle to go to sleep at night and would even wake up during the night upset. Poor kid.

We always stayed with the new time though and made sure to get him up at 7:15 every morning even though he was typically SO tired. The good thing about Kye being older though is that his afternoon nap is a little more flexible so I have let him sleep later than 3:00 on several occasions b/c I knew how tired he was.

Mrs. Charlotte told me she saw a news show discuss the time change and how more heart attacks occur because of it! That makes a lot of sense! She said that our bodies physically have a difficult time adjusting and sometimes go all out of whack. I also didn’t know that some areas don’t DO the time change! I wish I lived in one of those places as it would be MUCH easier on my child!!!


  1. Lindsay and Willis
    March 22, 2010 / 4:41 pm

    I would have never even thought about how bad the time change is for the little guy! Even though I'm not a mom yet, I am learning so much… "Teach me your ways oh, Wise one!" :)~L.

  2. Rachael
    March 23, 2010 / 12:29 am

    This has sucked for us too…:/ Macy is going to bed about 30-45 minutes later and taking a nap at like…. 4 or 5 o clock! Oh well, my life is a mess anyway!! haha

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