Thanks Grandpa and Grammie!

About a week before Christmas I got several packages at the door so I figured they were just some stuff I had ordered but had forgotten about (hey, it happens). One of the gifts was addressed to Kye and that really threw me off because, duh, I wouldn’t send a present directly to him! Once I opened it up though I realized it was for him so I closed the box back and waited for Kye to be up to open his gift!

Dad and Audrey surprised us and sent each of us a Christmas present! It was very thoughtful and unexpected as we had discussed just getting money this year with the house building and everything. They got me a MAC giftcard (which I can’t wait to use!) and Zach a giftcard to Callaway golf. He’s ready to be healed from the surgery so he can get back out there to play some golf for sure. I thought since we couldn’t all get together for the holiday that it’d be nice to get plenty of pictures of Kye opening and enjoying his gift from them. His present was super cool…it’s some kind of car thing (called a Plasma Car) that drives itself when you spin the wheel (here’s a video of him opening). I was home along with Kye so I wasn’t able to put it together (I’m a girl people) but Kye enjoyed playing with the parts (here’s a video of that)!

Then once Daddy could put it together he enjoyed helping 🙂

 yes, some men do read directions

 and then Kye enjoyed driving it around the house!

Thanks Dad and Audrey for the great presents! I put yours in the mail YESTERDAY (and yes, I realize that today is Jan 6th…and Christmas was the 25th…but I moved and Zach had surgery…I’m full of excuses!). Hope to see you guys soon!

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