Tess’s School Summary: Fall 2019

Tess’s School Summary: Fall 2019

Entering kindergarten was a big, big adjustment for Tess.

She struggled a lot with this transition (I wrote this post about it!).

She adores her teacher and has shocked me as THE most social child we have.

When I go to eat lunch with her she’s saying “hey” to everyone and introducing me to tons of friends.

Tess does not love the school work part of school. She doesn’t love working on things at home.

She reminds me of a bit of Kye with her perfectionist side where if she can’t do it perfectly then she doesn’t want to do it at all and she gets easily upset and frustrated when something doesn’t come naturally or easily.

Like Britt Tess does not receive an actual grade but she is either progressing toward mastery or consistent achievement-mastery which is excellent!

I’m really proud of Tess and how well she’s adjusted to life in big kid school and how much she’s embracing it and enjoying it and how awesome she’s doing with her academics and reading!

The kids get to decide which school items to keep, which to toss and which to take photos of…Tess initially wanted pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING but once we got started she did toss some ­čśë

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