Tess’s First Bath

We did not get to give Tess her first bath until late into her first week of life. Due to our kids being sick and Zach not feeling well, we just postponed it until everyone was feeling better! We ended up giving her the big first bath on Tuesday August 5th. We decided the best time to do it was at 7:45, before she would eat again at 8. I wanted to let the big kids be part of the process so we let them stay up late that night to be able to help.

You can tell Kye’s not to sure about it haha!

We always used the same kind of infant tub for Kye and Britt but with Tess went with something new. Casey had registered for this tub and it looked awesome so I registered for one too (Courtney got them for both of us). It’s actually an Angelcare Tub!

Tess was NOT happy about getting naked! Since her cord was still attached we couldn’t give her a legit bath so we kept her covered and just washed one body part at a time with a washcloth. 

Britt was SO eager to help and was excited about it! Kye was more nervous about what to do and how to do it correctly. Neither of them lasted very long. I’m really hardcore about not forcing things with a new sibling. If they want to help, great. If not, that’s fine too! I try never to make them feel guilt or force anything. They helped for a few minutes then said they wanted to be done so they were done 🙂 

I didn’t mind the big kids being done because it meant I got to help more 😉 I’m so glad G-Mama got to be there for the first bath too! She stayed with us for two nights and we did the first bath on one of those nights (more on her stay in the weekly summary post to come)

Both of our girls have had heads FULL of hair. Tess has even more than Britt did! And they both have LOVED getting it washed! They get that from their mama b/c my favorite thing in the world is having someone play with my hair 🙂 I think it’s so sweet how much Zach enjoys bath time with our babies!

After bath kisses!

There is nothing sweeter than a freshly cleaned, naked baby

You knew it was gonna happen…mohawk time!

What we didn’t realize was that it would stay like this and we couldn’t get it to lay down until we did her next bath haha!

I love that I’ve blogged for all of my children and can so easily look back to when my other kids were babies! You can see Kye’s first bath at home here and Britt’s first bath at home here 🙂 

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