Tess’s 3rd Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

My sweet Tess:

It is hard for me to fathom that you are now 3. I feel like I just gave birth to you. Just held you for the first time. Just spent my days nursing you and comforting you. Now you’re officially a “big kid.” You are our oldest youngest that we’ve ever had. When Kye and Britt each turned three they already had a younger sibling, but you are still “the baby.”

This is an interesting role as I find myself saying “big kids” in reference to Kye and Britt and will keep thinking that you are “too little” or “still a baby.” When you’re not! You are a BIG GIRL and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to believe it!

You are fiercely independent. You see your siblings doing things and you can do them too. In many ways you act well beyond three. It’s wonderful to see you do things on your own but it also causes you frustration when you WANT to do it, but don’t always have the abilities. You do not give up and you have the ability to figure things out and the patience to keep trying until you are able to do it. I hope that determination and drive is something you always have! Sometimes it can present itself as stubbornness which I think we miiiiight have to work through a lot this coming year, but I know you’ll come through it! 

I am constantly telling people who have two kids that the need to keep going and have more. And I mean it when I say you are PURE JOY. Life may be crazier with three kids, but parenting is easier in so many ways and you’ve just been such a natural fit with our family unit. You are easy going and very content. People often comment on how quiet and calm you are and it’s true! You are STILL so quiet in the car that I’m constantly asking if you’re awake and double checking to make sure we didn’t forget you somewhere 😉 You are very go with the flow and that makes our days run so smoothly. You also play SO well on your own and by yourself. You enjoy solo time and you remind me so much of your brother. I think the two of you our for sure more introverted than Britt!

Aside from how adorable you are the comment I hear about you most often is how much you look like ME. This is one of my absolute favorite things to hear. Daddy always jokes that he had nothing to do with creating you and that you are just ALL me. We look alike and favor in our interests (I loved animals growing up just like you do!) and personalities. It’s so, so fun having a mini-me but I know there is a good chance it won’t last forever. I cherish our “twin time” but never, ever do I think that has any sort of expectations on you. You are TESS (as you make sure we all know…if we’re playing pretend you NEVER want to be anyone but TESS) and you are SPECIAL and I can’t wait to see all the ways that you grow and change and become your own individual person! 

I enjoy all of our quality time together and am so thankful you’ll still only be attending school 3 days this year. I love your giggles and your silly moments. You will catch us off guard sometimes with how funny you are! I especially enjoy tucking you in. That’s our special time and I love singing to you and holding you close and stealing those precious kisses from you! Your older siblings all dote on you and we all can’t help but to talk about how adorable you are. I think you get off pretty easy on a lot of things because Kye and Britt are always SO quick to come to your defense! As you’re getting older you are starting to do more “typical little sister” things and there is more bickering and such between you all. We knew it’d have to happen at some point 😉 Overall though you three share such a special bond and it’s such a gift to watch you all interact together. 

You’re favorite things right now include: ANYTHING related to animals, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Moana, yogurt, water, pretzels, playing with Little People, and putting toys into purses and bags and carrying them around. I’m so excited to see what new things you learn and discover this year. You’ve just recently started singing a lot and it’s super cute and you’re starting to get more selective with our songs in the car too. You will let us know when songs “are NOT a jam” and ask often to turn the music up louder. 

You’ve done AMAZING transitioning to a big kid bed and you’ve also been doing awesome with staying dry and clean at naps and nights AND going poo-poo in the potty. I’m excited for what this new year will bring with you. I’m sure you will learn SO MUCH at school and will hopefully be fully night and nap trained too. Hopefully by your next birthday letter you’ll have a little brother and I can’t wait to see you with him. I know you’ll be an amazing big sister and will love that new role! 

This past year was filled with SO many fun memories. You’re first Disney trip, going to Atlanta to the aquarium and zoo, and the beach! I think we also visited Wild Adventures more times than ever before haha I just love seeing your face light up when we see animals! You have always been an easy traveler and have always been so flexible. It amazed us to see you at Disney and how you’d go ALL DAY and never get grumpy or overly tired acting. I know this coming year will only bring more FUN together with you!

I’m so thankful for you and all you are and who you are. You are a cherished gift to us all and I’m so honored and blessed to be your mommy. You are my sweet Tessie and I love you SO MUCH!!!

Happy Birthday!



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