Tess’s 1st Birthday Letter {From Mommy}

We have so many traditions but one of my favorites is the yearly letter we write to our children! I love writing these posts and going through and finding all the pics of us with our children and looking back over their year of life. Its funny because I think each 1st birthday letter has gotten longer and longer with each child and has more pics. Most people say they slack on taking pictures the more kids they have…but I think I take more?!?! 

You can look back at Kye’s 1st birthday letter from Mommy here and Britt’s here!  

My dear Tess,

I have lived in a state of
denial in hopes that maybe if I didn’t accept your birthday that you’d simply
stay my little baby forever. You have been a blessing to me from your very
first breath. I know so many people who stop at two children but I thank God
every day that Daddy and I agreed we wanted more. You have been a true gift to
our family.

While I was pregnant with you
I felt so confident in my ability to smoothly handle the transition into having
three children. I enjoyed my pregnancy and savored the feeling of your little
kicks. Your delivery was nothing short of perfection. It was my best delivery
experience yet and I couldn’t believe how perfect you were right from the
start! I thought you were a boy up until the moment they said “it’s a girl” and
I have never been so happy to be wrong. I can’t imagine you being anyone but

I struggled a bit more than I
had anticipated when adding you to our lives. It was trickier than I thought it
would be but you were worth all the stresses over sleep training and crazy
raging hormones. It took a good 4 months or so but we got in our groove and
it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

I will never forget those
first days in the hospital with you. It was such a special time. I loved
holding you close and getting that quality one on one time together. You were
such a beautiful newborn. You were my own personal baby doll! People haven’t
stopped talking about how pretty you are since the moment you were born!

I love all of my children so
deeply and it’s amazing to me how the heart never runs out of room. I feel like
each baby I have I love more intensely earlier than the one prior. It’s like I
understand what parenting is about and I understand the true gift of being a
mother so I love each of you all that much more.

With you I appreciated things
that I’ve never fully appreciated in the past. I have a better understanding at
how quickly time passes. I look at your brother and how he wipes off my kisses
and I know that you will get to that point before I know it (I will still kiss
you though so deal with it!) so I sit with you more. I hug you more. I kiss on
you more. I truly ENJOY the day each and every day because I recognize what a
gift it is.

With you I appreciated things
that I’ve never fully appreciated in the past. I have a better understanding at
how quickly time passes. I look at your brother and how he wipes off my kisses
and I know that you will get to that point before I know it (I will still kiss
you though so deal with it!) so I sit with you more. I hug you more. I kiss on
you more. I truly ENJOY the day each and every day because I recognize what a
gift it is.

Nursing you has also been an
amazing experience. You have enjoyed it on a level I haven’t personally
witnessed before. It was frustrating that you didn’t want to take a bottle but
all those frustrations and worries were worth it to have the bond we share
through our nursing experience together. I never understood mamas who nursed
their toddlers but I do now…you just love it and so do I!

My favorite part of each day
is the time period after you finish nursing and before I put you to bed. I LOVE
just sitting with you in my lap. We giggle and cuddle and it’s just precious, precious
time. I can’t even put into words how much that time of the day means to me. My
life is so busy and it’s just a chance to relax and cherish you!

Seeing you with your siblings
has also been such a gift. They adore you and spoil you constantly! Anytime you
even let out the slightest whimper you have all four of us running to meet your
desires. We are probably in trouble with you 😉 While Britt took longer to warm
up to you, Kye has loved you from the start. Seeing him with that look of pride
on his face in the hospital when you were born is something I will never
forget. You have THE best big brother and sister. I know they will always look
out for you and be examples of Christ for you to follow.

I am especially excited to
see you and Britt and the bond you will share as sisters. It’s starting to
develop now as you are getting older and it’s so, so precious. I always wanted
a sister and am so thankful we were able to give you guys each other. I pray
that you will always be the best of friends!

From birth people have
constantly said that you look just like me. Kye and Britt have always gotten a
mixture of who people think they look like but with you it’s 100% me from every
single person. And I LOVE IT! It makes me so badly want to have another son who
looks exactly like Daddy so he can feel the joy it brings me when people tell
me that you are my mini-me.

You remind me so much of your
brother in your personality. You are very chill and happy and easy going. An
angel baby for sure! You adapt easily to most situations and are content to go
along with whatever we are doing. You are flexible in your schedule and a low
sleep needs baby. This was tough in the early days but now it’s a blessing as I
don’t have to be “to the minute” with your naps and bedtime and you still do

When I was a child I remember
not wanting to go to other people and really clinging to my mom when in large
groups. You are very much that same way. You are still even weary of close
family! While I know people are quick to say you are shy or that I need to
socialize you more, I’m not the least bit concerned about it. I’m not shy at
all and am plenty social so I’m sure it’s something you will change with time
and Daddy and I don’t mind you wanting to sit with us when we go places! I am
thankful he’s taken over Bible Class duty though for me 😉

This past year has been such
fun with you! You wake up smiling and go to sleep grinning. It’s impossible to
have a bad day when you are around and you give the sweetest cuddles. I love to
play with your soft hair and hold your sweet hands. You love the song “This
Little Light of Mine” and you are already such a light in this world. My prayer
for you is that you will always let that bright light shine!

While it’s so hard for me to
accept that you are no longer a baby, I’m excited for what this year will
bring. I’m excited to see how your personality changes and how you continue to
be molded into your own unique person! I know our days will get busier the more
mobile you become and before I know it I will be chasing you everywhere! I am
hopeful to continue in the path your siblings set with early potty training and
that you will have a smooth transition to the world of panties. I am also
hopeful that your “angel baby” stage continues on through until you’re 20 😉

Growing up I’d always hoped
for a daughter and you have brought double that blessing to my life. You and
Britt are so different in so many ways, which makes it so fun to watch you both
grow up. Having my third baby has really shown me how each child requires
different ways of parenting and you each have helped ME grow and change and
have a deeper, stronger faith.

I have not taken a single day
of your life for granted and I will continue to be forever thankful for you
each and every day of your life. I want to be the best mom possible for you! My
top priorities as your mom are to lead you on the path of righteousness and for
you to ALWAYS know how loved you are. I love you forever and ever for who you
are…no matter what!

Happy Birthday my sweet,
sweet girl! Thank you for being YOU!

I love you,


Emily Parker

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