Tess’s 1 Year Photos

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Once again we worked with Captured by Colson for our family photos. I cannot BELIEVE it’s already time for Tess’s 1 year pics. I was in pretty hardcore denial about it 🙂 We took the pics the week prior to her party, it was still a little way away from her actual birthday which made it easier for my heart to handle 😉 

It’s South Georgia in summer. It’s freaking HOT. With the heat and lightening and everything it made sense to take them as early in the day as possible. We met Lindsay first thing in the morning and even though it was like 7 am my hair still reacted to the crazy humidity 😉 Can I just say I’m pumped for our next photos in early December? Bring on the cool weather! 

With needed to take pics so early in the morning we brainstormed locations near our house. I actually suggested a school that’s located down the road from us. I’d never been on the campus before but assumed there would be some good backdrops for the photos. I think it worked out great with lots of variety for us to choose from!

Lindsay is soooooo awesome at being patient and working with us. Zach had a meeting and ended up having to leave after he was done being needed so I was manning all the kids while Lindsay snapped away. This was the first time that I had any behavior issues during a photo session from my kids. I’m SO thankful Lindsay handled it so well and was supportive of the way I dealt with it. Britt saw a playground and wanted to go play and proceeded to pitch a MASSIVE fit when she was told no. For the most part Britt has come SOOOO far in her outbursts but this was not one of those times. It was ugly and frustrating and disappointing. I was thankful we’d already gotten plenty of good ones of Britt and I didn’t let her behavior affect the rest of the session. I waited to discipline her until we got home but did have her sit in a spot and not move while she was crying. I was thankful school wasn’t in session or that would have made it even more embarrassing for me!

I wanted these pics to have a relaxed, summer vibe and my main goal in outfits was to find the perfect color of blue for the girls to wear to make their eyes pop! It took some hunting but I ended up using Carter’s (my fav!) to find the perfect outfits for all the kids. I’m so happy with how these turned out and appreciate Lindsay SO much for her awesome skills and awesome patience 😉

We’ve gotten into a good groove with Lindsay and always start off with the most difficult shots first: family and siblings then work our way through each child individually. We didn’t take as many individual shots at Tess’s 9 month shoot (b/c OMG it was SO HOT that day!) so I wanted to take as many as we could especially since we won’t do pictures again for 6 months! 

I love Britt’s bruised up legs in this…it just shows how she’s a girl who likes to PLAY 🙂 

My big six year old!

This is my favorite and I sent a copy of it to everyone in their thank you cards from the birthday party. We went to visit Big Daddy soon after and he pulled out the photo to show me and told me he looks at it every morning and it makes his day. How sweet is that? He went on and on about how beautiful she is and how it’s such a great photo. 

My sweet baby 🙂

Here’s a look back at all Tess’s photo sessions from her first year of life: 


3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

Something I REALLY love about every session we’ve done with Lindsay this year has been the way she manages to get images that really show the love I have for Tess in them. As “the mom” I’m usually the one behind the camera so I’m thankful for the chances to be in front of the camera for a change and to have that love I feel captured. My biggest goal as a mom is for my children to ALWAYS know how much I LOVE them. They have my heart and it’s so neat to see the look of love I have for Tess in each of her photo sessions!!! So thankful to have these and I hope they will be something Tess will cherish one day as well 🙂

and just for fun here’s a look back at the big kid’s 1 year photo sessions:

Kye’s 1 Year Pics

Britt’s 1 Year Pics

It’s cliche but SO TRUE: TIME FLIES!!! Huge thanks again to Lindsay for capturing our family through all the stages of this amazing life 🙂

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