Tess Summary of Month 24

Tess Summary of Month 24

Whoop whoop! This is Tess’s LAST monthly summary! It’s a strange feeling to be finishing up with these and not being pregnant πŸ˜‰ 

This summary covers Tess’s 24th month of life (July 1st – 30th) and she was 23 months old during this month. From here on out we’ll go to monthly summaries like Kye and Britt πŸ™‚ 

toddler summary 23 month old girl


We moved the kids up to the bar area to eat for quicker meals like breakfast and sometimes lunches or dinner if Zach and I aren’t eating with them.

I cannot believe it took us this long to utilize this space! Makes life SO MUCH EASIER for me to clean up! 

I was a tad nervous about the switch for Tess.

Our bar is higher up (taller bar stools). But she’s done well with it.

I put her in a chair with her brother on one side and sister on the other so she can’t really go anywhere πŸ˜‰

She’s still in her booster and will be for awhile (short girl probs).

I actually use TWO boosters right now.

One at the bar and one at the kitchen table πŸ˜‰

Makes it easy to switch back and forth and keeps one handy for on the go or for when Carter visits!

Tess is a great eater!

She still LOVES yogurt (especially the yogurt bark I make her) and eats pretty much anything the other kids are eating.

She’s easy going at meal times and never really complains about much. Gotta love the third child πŸ™‚ 

She now exclusively uses straw cups.

It hasn’t been an issue at all for her and she prefers them because it’s what Britt uses (Britt has tried to go lid-less but still has some spills so we are getting there slowlllly). 

I’m a big Take and Toss fan and still use their cups but found some awesome spill-proof straws!

I actually have been working on my Amazon Store where you can find ALL of my favorite parenting and personal products πŸ™‚ Check out the toddler section here for the straws! 

She also does very well with silverware (my kids all use plastic stuff from Ikea)

She’s also easy going when eating out!

When Britt was a toddler she went through a phase where she wanted me to feed her.

I’m SUPER thankful Tess doesn’t appear to be in that phase at all (at least not yet!) but Britt made me nervous this month when she started asking Tess to let her feed her.

Thankfully it didn’t cause any issues!

As normal for toddlers it’s often feast or famine for Tess.

One night she sat and ate for a SOLID HOUR.

She had yogurt, spinach, two helping of frozen blueberries, 2 helpings of yogurt raisins, an entire chicken sausage, 4 HUGE helpings of applesauce and a helping of frozen grapes! Girl can GRUB!

I also had to move our candy jar this month. Sneaky girl was getting into the pantry, reaching up to the jar and sneaking candy!!!


I’d have to look back to be sure but I feel like Tess is my oldest baby who will still fall asleep in the car. It pays off on road trips but is annoying when we’re out and about and it messes up her nap!

Tess typically falls asleep quickly at nap and nights but wakes before desired wake times.

She also ALWAYS wakes up at 10:45-11:00 and cries for a few minutes.

She may even be crying in her sleep. We never have to go in, it’s just a random time that she happens to consistently cry out! 

One thing Tess has started this month is completely stripping her bed.

She tosses out her blanket, friends, and SHEET.

She’s not upset about it, just tosses it all out and then unties the cover of the crib and then plays and sings until it’s time to get up from nap or night.

I guess as long as she’s happy and entertained…


7 awake for day
1-4 nap
7 bedtime

Independent Playtime: 

Tess does 40 min of independent playtime once a day (usually during the summer only 3 times a week).

She doesn’t complain about the pack and play so we still do it in there (and will for as long as she’ll play well!).

She has a plethora of toys and really enjoys this time!

The downside? Tess is an every few day pooper and ever so often THIS HAPPENS. BARF.

But usually she’s happy and dry and clean and easy going about it! Love that she loves this time!

Tess LOVES to play hide and seek and loves to gather up things and take them to hide with her.

One of her favorite places is in Zach’s closet.

At least until she found my empty cabinet πŸ™‚

I’ve been cleaning out my clothing so the little cubby is the perfect hiding spot for a toddler!

Tess loves being outside and especially loves our family walks in the evenings! I think it’s easy for her to enjoy them since she’s the only one not technically walking haha!

We had so much fun at the beach and my favorite memory of Tess was def how she was SO into the boogie board and wanted to PULL US around on it!

A big switch this month for Tess was in her independence.

She’s less and less wanting to hold onto Mommy and more and more ready to do things on her own.

When walking around the resort on vacation she wanted to walk EVERYWHERE.

It def helped me learn patience because it was HOT and took WAY LONGER letting her walk haha!

Speaking of independence, Tess also plays WONDERFULLY on her own!

She’s very content (and quiet!) and just easy going (as long as the big kids don’t take her stuff)

I do see the older kids influence on her because she does SUPER well with pretend play!

She loves dressing up in Big Sister’s accessories and shoes!

Keeli and I went to dinner this month so Eli and Tess could have their “first date” haha. Eli is SO ADORABLE so I’m all about them becoming a pair someday πŸ˜‰

Tess’s favorite person though? Britt πŸ™‚ 


Sibling Comparisons:

Kye’s 24th month (that cute tush!) and Britt’s (y’all. I can’t even handle the cuteness! I LOVE this age!)!

So thankful for my precious third baby and all the JOY she brings to the world!

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