Tess Summary of Month 23

This is a summary of Tess’s life from May 31st – June 30th.

She was 22 months old during this month! I covered a lot about her during my summer weekly recaps but here’s the stuff I didn’t mention in those:

summary for toddler at 22 months old


Tess continues to do SUPER well with the transition to the booster.

Probably because we put it off for so long haha. She likes to see everyone and copy everything they do at the dinner table.

We had a few issues with throwing things on the floor but overall she’s learned pretty quickly to keep things on her placemat. 

It would not shock me if my inability to smell was somehow genetic and if Tess couldn’t smell.

I know that’s random but she’s SO into TOUCH.

Without my smell, majority of my food preferences come from the way things feel and I can see Tess being that same way.

She’s all about different textures and doesn’t always want to eat food…she just wants to put her hand in the food and feel it.


This month we went and saw Finding Dory for Tess’s first movie theater experience (it went well up until the end then she got antsy and I had to take her out).

When we got home she LOVED her Dory stuffed animal and had already taken over Kye’s Nemo and claimed him as her own.

I totally caved in and let her sleep with them BOTH in her crib along with her friend. I know, I’m weak ๐Ÿ˜‰

How could I resist this precious face?!??!


Remains the same! 7:00 up for day, 1:00 nap, 4ish: up from nap, 7:00 bed for night!


Tess is a water baby! Girl LOVES it.

She loves to lay in the bath and in the pool and roll over and over with her face in the water.

It’s so cute and I’m so glad she loves water so much! I love to swim and love that my kids also enjoy it so much. 

Bible Class: 

Tess is almost two and has had the SAME bible teachers since BIRTH and she’s just now FINALLY letting me leave her for Bible class!

This month she even stopped crying when we dropped her off. Praise the Lord and just in time for her to start school this fall! 

Along with her new booster seat for eating at meals, Tess LOVES to climb up in the seat to color and draw and the big kids have quickly learned that the kitchen table is no longer a “safe place” to set things because Tess will climb up and retrieve them!

Tess is a little shadow of her siblings, which is typically adorable and sweet and even they enjoy it. Except when it comes to their stuff.

Tess especially likes Britt’s toys and it’s a pretty constant battle for each and every item.

The smallest of toys can turn into the largest dramas in our house. Britt is eager to move her room upstairs to be away from Tess ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love that she’s starting to play dress up and that she is all about everything Britt is about!

Poor Kye has to delete a ton of pics Tess takes on his camera!

Tess is very active and loves trying new things and is very adventurous.

I think being the youngest she’s less fearful because she does see her older siblings do things and do them so effortlessly. I love the big grin she gets on her face when she’s having fun!

First build and grow workshop

First time playing putt putt

Her favorite thing though is animals.

Any animal will do! Tess is always looking out for birds in the sky or bugs on the ground and is the first one to see them when we are out and about.

It is so fun to see her so excited about even the littlest of animals! 

Fearless! All smiles even down a big water slide with Daddy!

While I’m all about the adventurous spirit, the independent side of that can be frustrating. Especially when running errands.

Tess is no longer content to just happily ride in the cart and always wants to walk.

But she’s also not old enough to fully understand staying right by Mommy.

It’s a LOT of boundary training when out and about which is pretty frustrating and can make getting the actual items needed on the errands difficult. 

Tess was teething this month and got a rash all over her. She gets this rash whenever she teeths. Which I don’t remember happening with the other two?

Kye got rashes when he had viruses but Tess’s are just associated with her teething. She was extra cuddly though during the teething time which I didn’t mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

She also cracks me up with her selfie smiles!

One things for sure this girl has her mama WRAPPED!

She looks a lot like Britt here with that mouth wide open!

Along with the adventurous personality, she’s also got a good bit of humor too. She’s enjoying dressing up more and more and accessorizing like her sister.

She likes to be silly and make us laugh!

Harry Potter Jedi!

More About Tess:

  • She’s doing really well saying “yes ma’am/sir”
  • She’s getting a lot less upset when I leave her, which is a huge step!
  • We had a rough morning at church one morning. Zach was leading the Lord’s Table so he had to sit up front and the change in our normal routine just threw Tess off and she was inconsolable. Zach and I were in the hallway trying to figure out how to handle her and Ms. Francis (who is a SAINT and has taught all of our babies in Bible Class) came up and said “give me that baby” She went RIGHT to her and stopped crying and stayed with her the rest of services! It was the strangest thing but it made me happy that she was so comforted by someone other than Mommy! Good sign that she’ll do okay in school ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • When she plays on her own I’ll check on her and she’ll say “bye bye Mommy” to tell me to leave! 


Sibling Comparisons: 

You can see Kye’s 23rd month summary here and Britt’s here! 

Ahh so many of the pics of Britt straight up melt my HEART and that one towards the end of her and Sadie def made me pause. I miss her at this age…but I do not miss her fits ๐Ÿ˜‰

So far Britt was my toughest toddler for sure! I’m thankful for the phase she’s in NOW ๐Ÿ˜‰

And little Kye? Whew it was just SO LONG AGO!!!

I feel like he and Tess are sooo alike in so many ways, I can’t wait to see if they are similar in personality as they grow up too! I feel like Kye and Tess favor me a lot in their demeanor while Britt is more Zach but we’ll see!

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