Tess School Work: Spring 2018

Tess had SUCH a great year in K3. Her teacher this year was the same one that both Kye and Britt have had during their preschool career and I ADORE her. Seriously one of the sweetest people on the planet so I knew Tessie was in wonderful, caring hands 🙂

Tess loved having Carter in her class this year. She talked about him all the time and played with him constantly at recess. It’s so sweet that they have each other and I’m hopeful they will get to be together again next year before they go their separate ways in elementary school.

Tess had a few social concerns in K2. She didn’t like participating in the class activities and would kinda stick to herself and not want to open up. She also did have quite a few disciplinary actions (never pulling her clip past one time but still!) especially regarding not wanting to share and hitting.

We didn’t have ANY of those issues in K3. She LOVED her class. Her teacher talked to me about how different Tess is from Britt because Tess is so much more chatty. Yall that KILLS ME. Britt is THE most chatty child I have and Tess is SO QUIET but at school they are exact opposites!!!

When it came to Tess’s evaluation we did see some of the same concerns that she had in K2 regarding not really wanting to/ being willing to answer the questions asked. She has mastered many of the items from this school year including: all of her colors, shapes, and most numbers 1-8 (just missing 7). She’s also mastered recognizing most of her lowercase and capitol letters (A-c, G-I, K-m, O-p, S-v, and Xx) and many of their sounds. She’s mastered all except one social skill and can tell you what the weather is like outside.

She’s still in progress in knowing how many days in a week, how many months in a year, how many seasons, the numbers 9-15 and 7, All the letters I didn’t list as mastered, and several of their sounds. She also can’t quite spell her name out loud.

I talked to her teacher about her evaluation. Not because I was truly worried over it but just because Tess is THE youngest in her class and I have no intention to “hold her back” to redshirt for kindergarten but I also don’t want to be pushing her if she does need to have that extra year of preschool. Her teacher reassured me that she should be ready to go by the end of K4 and that truly a lot of her evaluation was based on Tess not really wanting to answer more than getting something incorrect.

I did a little research into it and the evaluation they do for the kinds leaving K3 covers more stuff than most kids are expected to know when leaving kindergarten! That def made me feel a lot better about it! We are working this summer on all of the areas she hadn’t quite mastered and within a week of receiving her evaluation she could already spell her name out loud and was already improving on communicating her letter and number knowledge!

Her teacher left this comment: Tess is such a little sweetheart! She always has a big smile on her face when she comes in the door. She is just like her brother and sister! They were always very sweet and kind. When I would hold up the flashcard and ask her to tell me the letter she had a difficult time so I laid out 3 flashcards and had her choose a certain letter and she did much better! I know that continuing to practice over the summer will help her be more confident and prepared for success in K4. Even letting Kye and Britt help teach her!

Of course when I read this to the kids Kye and Britt were ALL ABOUT IT and have already made flashcards for her and have been working with her! She’s gonna blow K4 outta the water!

I’m so proud of how much Tess grew this year and how she came out of her shell socially. She made so many sweet friendships and I’m excited to see all of her success to come next year. Although I’m gonna miss our mornings together I know she’ll do awesome!

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  1. GiGi
    June 18, 2018 / 1:56 am

    Talk about favoring mommy!!! In so many of the pictures she was your twin but the one with the letter N almost was you at that age!!! I was flabberghasted when I saw that one!! Love and hugs, GiGi

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