Tess School Work: Spring 2017

Tess just finished her very first year in school! She was our youngest child to start school (due to her summer birthday) and I have NO regrets about enrolling her in K2. Both Kye and Britt started school at age 2 1/2 and went into the 2 1/2 class. Tess started at age 2 (like a week after turning 2) and went into a 2 year old class. She won’t have the 2 1/2 year old class like Kye and Britt did and will be going straight into the 3 year old class this fall. I have no doubt that she will do great!

Being the youngest to start school, she had a bit of a rocky start. We made some adjustments and had her attend school three days a week rather than just two like we did in the fall. It was a good change! I like that Kye and Britt were in classes where ALL the kids in their class only went three days. Tess’s class was a mix of children who went a variety of days and I do think that was a disadvantage for her because it was harder to adjust.

She loves school and loved her teachers and made many new friends! You can see her work from the fall here! The BIG DEAL was comparing evaluations from fall to spring. It was laugh out loud funny how she didn’t respond to majority of the eval questions in the fall but she did GREAT this time around!

So proud to see an answer for every question! And she got many of them correct too!!!

With social they were all “never” in the spring so this is great too! 

My favorite though? That she says her name is “Tessie” LOVE IT!

I was so impressed with her teacher this year. She was VERY involved and we communicated many times throughout the year. It was clear (as it is in her comments here) that she truly pays attention to each student and does her best to meet their individual needs. We were really blessed to have Tess in this class and I know she’ll have a great year in K3!

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