Tess School Work: Fall 2018

Tess has done so awesome this year with school. She went from going three days a week last year to going five days a week this year. She is still attending half a day but this year it really steps up as it’s legit preschool and next year she’ll head to full day kindergarten! 

Her teacher is beyond sweet, it’s our first year having her as a teacher and we really love her and Tess gels very well with her. Tess tends to play with all boys at school and she especially enjoys center time! 

Tess is my more reserved child and we’ve learned she struggles a bit with speaking up and having attention on her. This can lead to some issues when being evaluated at school as she doesn’t feel comfortable when asked a question and having someone wait for her to answer. 

I was BLOWN AWAY proud of her evaluation! It really is a testament to her teacher and how comfortable Tess feels with her that she answered all the questions and did SO great with them!

Tess has mastered writing her name and identifying her written name. She’s also mastered identifying all of the upper and lower case letters. She’s mastered most of the letter sounds but it still in progress on “e”, “u”, “n”, “p” and “g” 

She is in progress on sounding out her consonant-vowel blends and is doing well with blends (which is the precursor to reading). 

Tess has mastered identifying all the numbers 1-10 as well as their orders. She has mastered writing all of those numbers but is still in progress on 2 and 3. She can count to 29 without error.

She’s still working on knowing the number of days in a week as well as a month (she replied “6” for both). She’s also in progress on knowing her seasons. 

She has mastered all of her colors as well as all of her shapes! Tess’s teacher says: “Tess is a wonderful student. She loves rot color and draw. She enjoys playing in he doll house and the other centers with her friends. Tess is friends with everyone, she is very social. Academically she is doing well, still in progress working on her beds. Tess is helpful and has a servant’s heart. I am enjoying having such a sweet and smart girl in my class.”

I think I will forever see Tess as my “most improved student.” I’m sure she’ll get tired of me reminding her that her first year of school she wouldn’t answer a single question on her evaluation and never participated in class at all. But truly I do always think back to that and just think WOW she’s come SO FAR in opening up and being social and is just doing so amazing at school!

It’s easy for me to often think about Tess’s age. She’s the youngest in her class. She always will be. She’s at the fine line of questioning whether or not to hold back. So I worry about that, and struggle sometimes in wondering if we’re making the right call in not holding her back. But seeing her evaluation this semester really shows how awesome she’s doing and how ready she will be for kindergarten next year! 

I’m so, so proud of Tess. I wanted to show her handwriting improvement. This is a comparison of her name from the first day of school until the day of her evaluation in December. It’s so awesome to watch her progress!

Tess wanted to keep EVERY SINGLE THING. Girl didn’t get tired of taking pictures either. She was all about her school work ­čÖé So get ready for a bit of picture overload: 

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