Tess School Work: Fall 2017

Tess is in Pre-K 3 this year and has been doing GREAT! It’s been AWESOME to see how well adjusted and how much she just LOVES school in comparison to last year. It’s truly like night and day. She is happy to go to school, wishes she could be there every day and has really come out of her shell. She participates in class and has many friends. It’s amazing what a difference just a year makes!

Last year at this same time she literally had an almost blank evaluation. She didn’t want to participate in it and didn’t want to say much of anything at all during class. I actually called and talked strategy with her teacher. This year she answered every one and did wonderful! 

Obviously being halfway through the year there are a lot of areas in which she’s “in progress” like knowing there are 7 days in a week, 12 months in a year and 4 seasons in a year. The only area she didn’t answer at all on were the names of the seasons so I want to be sure to work with her on that. 

She mastered the ability to describe the weather, all of the day of the week, naming Jan, March and December. She also mastered all of her colors, all number recognition except the number 4, and all of her shapes. She can count to 14. She mastered the capital, lower case, and letter sound for Aa, Bb, Cc, Ff, Ii. Their list only goes through Jj. The only social skill she is “in progress” on is listening during circle time (again, so different from last year where ALL she would do is sit and listen!) But she’s mastered following directions, taking turns, playing with others, showing pride in work, sharing with others, and washing hands! 

Her teacher is one of our family favorite teachers EVER! Kye had her for K4 and Britt and Tess have both had her for K3. She’s phenomenal and I’m so thankful all my babies have gotten to enjoy being in her class! She said Tess is a joy to have and that she always comes in with a big smile on her face and is very sweet with a kind spirit. 

Tess is actually really hardcore about showing off her school work. She was SO SERIOUS about it and I crack up at how she LOOKS so serious in all the pictures:

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