Tess School Summary: Spring 2020

Tess School Summary: Spring 2020

It really took Tess awhile to get in the groove with kindergarten and she’s the LEAST eager to go back to school in the fall.

Once she got acclimated to school, though, she really thrived and adored her teacher and loved her class! She did SO well this school year and scored mostly 3s and some 2s on her report card (real grades aren’t given yet at her age and instead it’s a scale from 1-3, 3 being mastered and 2 being progressing towards mastering).

Of all my kids I’m the most nervous about Tess academically and socially being impacted by coronavirus. She already struggled to adapt to the classroom setting and being home for SO LONG with me will only make that adjustment harder in first grade.

She’s also at an age where digital learning doesn’t really apply very well and she needs that classroom instruction more than the older ones do, in my opinion. I have no doubt the schools and teachers will be well equipped in the fall (if and when we go back!) to help kids pick back up and catch up on all the instruction time they’ve missed.

My main focus with Tess has been on reading and based on her report card scores I chose the right focus. She has solid threes across the entire board for mathematics scoring! Not a single 2!

The 2 scores show up more in her language arts areas and of the 23 items scored 11 of them she scored a 2. So we are focusing on our reading to help her keep what she’s learned as well as develop those skills for the upcoming school year. Luckily for me she LOVES to read and enjoys that quality one on one time with me reading through her books each night.

Tessie is very proud of ALL of her school work and it took a good bit of convincing to lower her pile a bit 😉

I’ve truly enjoyed being more hands on in her learning this school year and am so proud of how well she’s doing and how easy going she’s been during such a crazy time!

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