Tess School Summary: Fall 2020

It has made my mama heart so happy to see how beautifully Tess has transitioned into first grade. Okay, I admit it, it also makes me slightly sad that she’s not upset to leave me anymore like she was in kindergarten 😉 Now it’s a quick kiss goodbye in the car and she’s OFF!

Tess is so intriguing to me. She is a deep feeler and deep thinker. She gets upset easily but is also so easy going. It can be hard to read her or know what will cause her to be upset. And when she is upset it’s like the most heartbreaking thing because she gets these big tears and can’t stop crying and you just want to snuggle her forever!

God blessed her with such a precious teacher this year who is so patient with her and so loving and kind and the moment we met her at Open House Tessie instantly felt comfortable! She has had a GREAT school year this year so far.

She is my little social butterfly and has so many friends. I love that she truly befriends EVERYONE. Often times she will say a boy is her best friend and I truly believe so much of that comes from being raised so close to Carter, her cousin. She just loves playing with boys!

I was very nervous with the shut down that Tess would fall behind with school because she’s at that tender stage of learning new things and all the things are such important basics!

However, the exact opposite has been true for her. I think maybe not having the PRESSURE to learn helped her to ENJOY the process more? She is an INCREDIBLE reader. I didn’t realize it until someone else pointed it out to me but she just flies through books!

She is SO much like Kye where she just naturally LOVES to read. Both Kye and Tess weren’t early readers but it’s like once it “clicked” for them they took OFF with it. She skipped several reading levels and on her last reading test she scored WELL above the highest benchmark reading score for her grade. She is reading books that are meant for second graders who are almost in third!

Tess loves ALL subjects. She doesn’t have a favorite and she’s doing really well across the board too with her grades. In first grade they don’t receive actual grades but it’s more of a scale and she received all 2s and 3s which means she’s either mastered or on target for where she should be at this point in the school year for those items.

I love that she’s loving school so much and she enjoys being there with Britt and loves getting to ride the bus and eat lunch at school too. While she didn’t NEED to be in the classroom the way that Britt and Kye did (she’d be just as happy at home) I think the in classroom experience benefits her the most. It’s healthy for her to be away from Mommy a bit and have interactions with others and I’ve seen how it’s helped her growth!

So proud of my little sweet girl!

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