Tess Monthly Summary: September

This year Tess’s school switched things up and I’m not even mad about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Usually they have Donuts with Dads in Sept and Muffins with Mom in the spring. We were at Disney one year when Kye had his so we missed it and I was in Cali one year when Britt had hers and missed it. So I was super thankful to have Tess’s this year in Sept!

We wore matching outfits which she was SO PUMPED about! Kye took some pics for us before school that morning. I hate they turned out grainy (big camera…small kid…hard to zoom ha!) but love them overall!

The Muffins with Mom kicked off with the kids singing “you are my sunshine” which was ADORABLE 

(And YES Carter is in Tess’s class! They are total BFFs too which is so cute)

They sang the song twice (my guess is so maybe that extra singer would stop singing bahaha):



We ate our muffins and visited with her classmates as well as got to go through all her little gifts for me and do two crafts together. It was a super fun morning!

When it came time to leave she wanted to stay but it didn’t make sense for me to leave her only to basically walk out of the building and sit in the car pick up line so I told her we were leaving. She was NOT happy and made an ugly choice when cleaning up so she had to be disciplined. I was a tad nervous about it but took her in the bathroom to handle things and when we came out she apologized to her teachers and I was shocked (in a GOOD way) at how supportive they were at my disciplining her. I was nervous I’d get judged for it but thankful she attends a school where structure and discipline is respected! She was MUCH better after that and it didn’t take away from our fun time in anyway!

I always LOVE these!!!! 

Hilarious because she always says “I don’t like this” when I make chicken. And we’ve never played football together? 

I also took Tess to get her 2nd ever hair cut this month! It was just TIME. Her first haircut was at Disney but we literally just took off a tiny bit, this time we chopped off a little bit more but still left it long. I just love little girls with LONG hair and Tess has had so much hair since birth that it’s super long for her age. She always wears it up (she’s just that girl that looks ADORABLE in a stinking pony) but I still like it long to make those cute messy top knots ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

She was SO pumped!

Angel even curled it. So. Adorable.


I could just eat her up!!!

It was a big month for Tessie! She started gymnastics this month! I debated it awhile but they had an opening for a class during the same time Britt goes and I knew Tess would LOVE it so I figured, why not? She has a natural talent for it and she’s taken to it super quick and enjoys going. 

She’s somersaulting all over the house all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Britt was probably as excited as Tess was about Tess starting!

Waiting and ready (Britt’s class starts 30 min prior to Tess’s)

First day and she was so fun to watch! Kye and I didn’t want to leave!

Tess is doing very well in school. It was SUPER funny when I talked to her teacher at Muffins with Mom. Her teacher taught all three of my babies (and we ADORE her). She said it’s interesting just how different Tess and Britt are and how Tess is MORE CHATTY than Britt. Say what?!?! At home it’s the EXACT opposite for SURE and just last year we had to have a phone call with her teacher because she was SO quiet that she wouldn’t participate at all in class. It’s so awesome that she’s so much more comfortable this year. She truly loves school and begs to go every day! We’ve had ZERO tears at drop off! 

She might need to learn how to follow directions though ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Tess loves playing outside

and especially playing in Britt’s room when she’s not home!

She LOVES to swim and we were sad when the pool officially got too cold to swim anymore this year!

Her BIG thing right now though is playing “Captain Underpants.” Kye has been reading the books and for some reason it’s turned into a game where she strips down into her panties AND wears a pair on her head. We’ve had legit tears over having to remove the panties from her head at bedtime. Basically the game is she dresses like this and says she’s “Captain Underpants” and the kids run around and chase each other.

Why do I buy them toys? This is the game they play. Daily. 

Fresh up from nap “Mommy can I be Captain Underpants?”

Totally normal. 

She is so thoughtful and was excited to make a poster to cheer on Kye for football!

Speaking of football…Kye had practice in a field near a wooded area and I let the girls play within my sight. Tess found a TREASURE and brought it over to me. Watching her walk towards me carrying this beer can was pretty epic. Especially when she tried to DRINK IT. And I took it from her and she kept trying to get it and show it to people. Everyone was cracking up b/c hello we don’t drink at ALL so it was pretty hilarious of all the things for her to find that she ends up picking up a dang beer can. 

Had to explain to my kids what alcohol is on the way home that night. Educational. 


 I love this sweet girl and her fun, spunky personality she’s developed! 


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