Tess Monthly Summary: October 2017

I always hear of people who get sick while at Disney but that’s not how our crew rolls…we get sick right before Disney. Tess was fine ALL DAY and then BAM! she said her eyes hurt and she had an over 100 temp. Ugh. Two days before our Disney trip!

I waited until the next morning to take her to the walk-in clinic because she woke up still pretty miserable. Luckily she had a sinus infection which I mean if your kid has to be sick, it’s not the worst option! 

Broke that fever and was FINE for Disney! Whoop whoop!

She doesn’t mind the resting though 😉

When Zach and I were on our way home from Hawaii Tess had her field trip to Raisin’ Cane! I felt so bad I missed BOTH Britt’s trip and Tess’s! It was Tess’s very first field trip too. Luckily Carter is in her class so she had Aunt Casey there AND G-Mama tagged along too so she def wasn’t lonely or lacking in attention 😉

Her buddy Asher!

Sweet girl LOVES school!

So thankful to be home with her!

Kye and Britt had a camp out night with Colt and Payton this month and it was a VERY rare opportunity for Zach and I to BOTH have together solo time with Tess. We picked up Moe’s and she was SO INTO IT. She even tried my burrito and liked it!

Daddy made her a special pink slushie 😉 

and she got to read whatever book she wanted…

and the three of us played a game together too! Simple yet fun quality time with our little girl!

We also let her sleep with TONS of friends to make her night extra special 😉

This month I finally found a frame for Tess’s room to put Zeke’s paw prints in. When the vet put him to sleep they made this for us. Isn’t that SO NICE? Tess STILL talks about Zeke and I thought it’d be a nice addition to her room since he was her buddy. 

My sweet girl I love holding her precious little hands!

Tess is my errand buddy. I love going out and about with her because she’s so stinking cute and everyone comments about it. She spreads joy to others just by her smile and sweet personality!

She loves to lay on the bottom of the cart haha

She also made up our Target theme song 😉 

Cookies at Publix are her fav 🙂

Well and at Moe’s too!

She’s a GREAT but SLLLLOW eater!

Cutie with her crown!

Tess’s absolute favorite thing to do right now is “read” the read along stories we have. My dad recorded one for Kye several years ago and she loves that one along with the two Zach and I recorded for the kids to have when we travel. She plays them NON-STOP.

Tessie also loves to dress up!

And snuggle. Lots of snuggling!

She is very obsessed with colors and points out the color of EVERYTHING we see. 


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