Tess Monthly Summary: May 2018

All about Tess from May!

I know people always talk about how sucky Christmas birthdays are and how awesome summer ones are but honestly? I think Britt and Spear have it better than Tess when it comes to birthdays. Tess has always had the lowest attendance at her birthday parties since people are always out of town for summer and she never gets to have a class celebration near her actual birthday!

Tess’s birthday is the very last day of July. Like school starts a week later, yet in preschool they’ve always done her birthday celebration with ALL the summer birthdays in May. Last year it was SUPER confusing for her and she was disappointed for so long because she kept thinking it WAS her birthday. This year she understood much better and is super excited for her real birthday and her first DISNEY birthday this year! Whoop whoop!

Spear and I had a great time celebrating with her class for her birthday πŸ™‚ 

She was all about the little craft they had and didn’t want any help!

Special snack for Birthday time!

Tess also had an end of the year celebration at school. They did a red carpet event and usually yall know how I feel about some “graduation” ceremonies for kids. Not. Into. It. But as passionately against the graduating from every grade as I am…I’m equally passionately in love with a good theme. And this event? It was themed to the max.

It was a red carpet event which was pretty easy when it came to dress Tess. I did feel bad for the boy mamas because boys are tougher to dress up “fancy.” Parents were encouraged to dress up too and I had a dress on and took Kye and Britt to the bus stop. Another mom was at the bus stop whose daughter is also in Tess’s class and she was very quick to tell me I needed to change into something more “show stopping” and that she was going to be wearing her high school prom dress. Um. I wasn’t about to go that far ha! But I did toss on a dressier skirt that I’d bought for the Italy trip we never got to take (don’t worry we went to Cali instead!) so it was a good reason to wear it!

Spear and I snuck in a little Starbucks date before Tess’s awards ceremony! 

How many babies do you know that will sit contently in your lap while you drink your coffee and read a book? #bestbabyever

I keep trying out new things and enjoyed this one!

The awards banquet was ADORABLE.

Tess was HOLDING HANDS with this kid majority of the time! Good thing her Daddy wasn’t there!!!

My fancy girl πŸ™‚

BFF cousins

Loved watching her have her moment to shine!

G-Mama loves those grandbabies (and she loved snuggling Spear while he napped too)

Tess is NOT into picture taking but she was allll about it this day which I ate up πŸ™‚

Her teacher put together the cutest picture for each student too!

So it turns out Maddox is quite the catch πŸ˜‰ This is who she was holding hands with! I asked her if he’s cute and she said “No, he’s handsome”

Popcorn snack for the win! She walked around everywhere with it!

She received the award for Excellent Encourager which I love to hear!

Here are videos from her special morning:

Her teacher gave her a cute little end of the year gift and in it was this movie which I’d NEVER heard of but look at the cast list! SO random. And ALL three of my older kids really enjoyed it!

If you’re looking for a DVD to add to your kid-friendly collection you may wanna check out The Hero of Color City!

Speaking of favorite movies Tess is OBSESSED with Mickey and the Roadster Racers. I loved seeing one of her favorite Disney rides featured on the show πŸ™‚ 

For Mother’s Day Tess really wanted to get me a “purple snake.” Which was super sweet of her and, duh, yall know I had to let her get that for me πŸ˜‰ 

This is the purple snake “she” ordered! 

I mentioned in Tess’s school post that she struggled some with her letters and numbers and we wanted to make sure to work on those over the summer time. The oldest two took it super seriously and made flashcards right away for her and she’s been doing SO well working through them all! She’s also working on spelling her name which by these videos (1 and 2) she still needs work on ha!

I also bought these Melissa and Doug puzzles and Tess LOVES them. They aren’t cheap but they are WELL worth it. Not only does she LOVE puzzles but these help correlate the number and letter as well as sounds and items etc. It’s sounds and visual and matching and just really hits all the ways to learn!

Tessie LOVES reading!!!

She’s also come a long way with her writing! I LOVE this age when they start drawing people not just scribbles πŸ™‚ 

Daddy brought home these awesome little sticker things that Tess loved too! He got them from Chick-Fil-A and she enjoyed them and did so well with them!

Little Miss Independent! Tess is SO great about doing things on her own and for herself and loves it! She’s always so proud but sometimes it can be problematic…like when she offers to get herself some pretzels ha!

She also loves solo play and will dig out all her games and play on her own!

Putting on her socks all by herself!!!

Helping herself in the cabinet haha that innocent smile πŸ˜‰ 

Tess LOVES animals and was SO PUMPED that Colt and Payton got a pet turtle for their birthday! She was ALL about it. She spent their entire birthday party watching and playing with the turtle (and yes, we hardcore washed hands after). 

Tess is the queen of random. She’s a little hoarder and whenever anyone is missing anything we KNOW to look in Tess’s room. She always has the most off-the-wall items. Like a dagger in her bed haha

For nap time she wanted to wear sunglasses, a hat, and sleep with her dagger and book

I love that she wants to wear the hat all the time!

She kicked off summer with a random 102 temp that only lasted a day. Yall this was THE STRANGEST virus thing. All three older kids had it at different times and it was a whole day of being miserable with a high temp and then bam! Fine the next day!

My fav is a cute little kid in a baggy t-shirt. A.DORABLE.

My favorite thing Tess does is this RANDOM old grandma skit. She walks around the house carrying a baton that she’s converted into a cane and refers to herself as an “old grandma” and has her own catch phrase. Hilarious. Here’s a video!

Three years old and def getting that sass at times! She has always been my easy-going one but I will say the closer to four she gets the more opinionated she’s gotten and the more fits and outbursts we’re seeing. I kinda just want to ignore them and pretend like it’s not happening because I don’t wanna lose my sweet-easy going baby haha BUT on the plus side Britt has matured out of that phase so at least it’s just one kid at a time to deal with!

More Videos of Tess:

So thankful to be this spunky, precious, sweet girls mama!

This is a new fav pic of mine! She just looks like a mini-me and a flashback to the early 90s kid!


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