Tess Monthly Summary: March 2018

All about Tess in March!

This month Tess had her Donuts with Dads day at school and she was SO excited and proud. This was the first year she’s gotten Daddy allllll to herself since the past couple of years she’s had to share him with Britt and he’s split time between the girls’ classes. 

At the last minute the teacher requested photos of the child with their dad to post on their door. Um. I don’t EVER get photos printed…do you? I lucked OUT and happened to find this! She may have been like 1 in this pic but hey it works 😉 

Chowing on those donuts!

And they made a fun craft together…a cute wooden toolbox!

Daddy’s tradition is to take the kids out after their special day together at school. A luxury I never get to do on the Mommy special days since I’m always rushing back to relive a sitter from the other children left at home! #jealous

She loves her Daddy and he loves his littlest princess!

Speaking of school she also got her Spring photos back. I RARELY buy school photos and def didn’t buy this one but I love her happy grin!

And on my topic of bitterness that Zach gets to go and do with the kids and not have to worry about relieving childcare…he also gets to have ALL these ADORABLE candid pics of him with the kids while I have NONE of me b/c he is either at work during our interactions or doesn’t think to grab his phone…this post is just full of jealousy today haha!

I love that Tess’s paper from school regarding Easter mentioned baptism LOVE IT!

Tessie is a huge helper and I forget sometimes that she’s still only three and doesn’t fully understand instructions all the time. I have a post board with some of our family goals for the year written on it and had it somewhere else in the house and asked her to go put it in the laundry room for me. Bless her she took my directions quite literally and put it in the dryer! 

 Britt loves to wear sleep-in curlers so Tess wanted to try them too. First time wearing them…doesn’t she look SO STINKING CUTE?!?!?!

Yay…it’s going so well…


Shocker. Took 15 min to put ’em in her hair then she asked to take ’em out haha!

Not trying that again for awhile! 

Tess only attends school three mornings a week but is in a class where other students go all five days so her teacher sends home the worksheets they cover on the days she’s not there. She LOVES working through them and coloring and telling me all about what she’s learning! 

Love that concentration tongue!

She’s def got some work to do on learning her letters. I honestly think she KNOWS more than she is communicating. She gets so awkward and shy and embarrassed when I ask her questions…here’s a video!

“I playing school and I being teacher to myself” 

Love her independence!

She also had her first Fun Dip this month! And it was some sour kind so it was pretty funny to watch her eat it b/c she WANTED to like it haha

First Video

Second Video after I taught her how to use the stick 😉 

We have a rule that the kids are each allowed to sleep with four “friends” of their choosing. I tucked Tess in and noticed she had more than 4 friends in her bed. I reminded her of the rule and she showed me that she not only had the bonus friends in plain sight…but had additional ones hidden under her pillows…and inside her pillow cases! Sneaky girl!!!

Tess seems to have some bad dreams and some fears of sea creatures. She will tell us all about these dreams she has about octopuses and jellyfish coming into her room at night and getting her. The only thing that really makes her feel better is knowing that Daddy will shoot them if they come inside. 

This video is straight up adorable of her telling me about her fears and trying to tell me she’s brave about it while looking like she’s anything but brave at the same time. 

Every time I tuck her in she asks for a story. 💗

At first she wanted to hear the story of how we all became a family. ❤️ Then, after knowing that by heart, she started asking for scary stories (that must contain both “once upon a time” and “they lived happily ever after” of course 😉). Now she’s been asking for “Disney stories” where I tell her about past trips and we talk about plans for future visits (raisin’ her right ☺️). No matter what the story may be, I just love the opportunity to cuddle and snuggle my littlest girl 💕

Wild sleeper. HOW is this comfortable!?!?

We switched from Mediacom to ATT and from Dish to Direct TV this month and when all that was going on they had to do some install stuff using Tess’s room so she got to have her nap in Britt’s bed. She felt SO BIG GIRL status getting to sleep in her sister’s bed!

Tess loves, loves, LOVES to read. She loves for me to read to her but she especially just enjoys reading by herself on her own! Her favorite person to read to though? Spear 🙂

I’m SO glad we bought this storage chest for our hallway. It’s the perfect reading spot and perfect place to store our favorite family books! 

I got it from Target here!

Little Miss Independent dressed herself from head to toe for the first time! And of course it was head to toe in Christmas pjs 😉 

Tess is a blend of both Kye and Britt. She’s not a HUGE outside girl but she does enjoy it more than Kye does! She especially loves to swing 🙂 

She also loves to just chill on the bridge of the playground 😉 

This girl is so precious and adorable and just SWEET! I love this age and stage and wish I could just pause time 😉 

She LOVES school and loves the days when Spear and I walk in with her!

Easter eggs were THE TOY this month. Whew child loves to hide her some eggs…and find them on her own too 🙂 

She made her own MagnaTile creation!

Mommy’s lap is the best spot for playtime 😉 

So thankful for this girl!

Here are a few more videos from this month:

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