Tess Monthly Summary: July 2017

Tess’s last month of being two!

We had SUCH a wonderful trip to St Augustine this year. Tess is at a fun age and still, months later, talks constantly about the Alligator Farm. She has her Little People toys go “visit” there regularly. I’m so glad we went! Anything with animals and Tess is ALL about it!

I loved our quality time together at the beach! She’s the most CHILL kid ever!

All three kids attended VBS at a local congregation this month and Tess impressed me SO much with how well she did. When she first started school last fall she’d cry and cry and cling to me but she ran right in for this VBS where she didn’t know ANYONE and loved it!!! I’m so glad she’s more easily adaptable to new environments and all three kids had a blast!

It was a tad crazy picking the kids up and one day I didn’t realize until we got home that Tess had taken a book from the church!!! She admitted that she just took it without asking or without someone giving it to her! We talked a lot about how that is called stealing and it’s a sin. I made her carry the book in the next day and hand it to one of the people working VBS and apologize! 

Tess is very independent. Which is great…and also not so great. I was sick this month and had to go to the dr and just didn’t even CARE that Tess wore her pants inside out and her shoes on the wrong feet haha!

We are also def facing some “threeager” type behavior. Tess has a lot of amazing qualities but WHEW she’s my most messy child (Miss Messy Tessie). She likes to pull EVERYTHING out. And then pull EVERYTHING ELSE out too. Her room is a constant state of destruction and it’s FRUSTRATING to me as I’ll pick up and then BAM! disaster again. 

I’m trying to do better at enforcing rules about her having to clean up. I think the reason she IS so messy is because she’s allowed to be. She plays well on her own so we let her do that rather than monitoring her to make sure she puts away things before she gets out more. Then I’m bad about realizing it’s time to go and not leaving enough time for clean up. I’m trying to enforce clean up rules better and whew hello attitude. 

She is a very, very slow eater. She also doesn’t even like breakfast. Like she will opt not to eat at all if we let her. She’s also stubborn when it comes to being told she has to eat such and such to get a treat. 99% of the time she’ll say she doesn’t want the treat because she doesn’t want to eat the food. 

She wanted to wear a headband like sister πŸ˜‰ 

Tess struggles with falling asleep but once she falls asleep at naps then she’s OUT. I find if I push her nap a little later she tends to fall asleep quicker!

Omg on this day I HAD to go somewhere and I literally couldn’t wake Tess up! What mama can resist taking pics of a sleeping baby? 

It makes me laugh how she puts all of her friends down at the foot of the bed when she’s ready to sleep!

Tessie met her new cousin Cam this month and has been a lot more excited about getting a baby at our house now that Carter has one at his πŸ˜‰ 

Oh my goodness I LOVE comparing! She’s changed so much since she turned 1!

The big thing this month was Tess’s 3rd birthday! We had so much fun at her Mickey and Minnie Party and on her actual birthday too! 

She loved all of her presents! She wore them all and carried them all around with her πŸ˜‰ 

Videos from This Month:


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