Tess Monthly Summary: February 2017

This is Tess’s summary from Feb!

Tess did her survival swim lessons last summer and was a little FISH in our pool all summer long! This year I did 2 20 min lessons a week for three weeks with Mrs. Margie. Just to refresh her memory on her skills and make sure she still remembered her survival training for summer. Her first day of swim Zach and I were out of town for a meeting and his first infusion so G-Mama took her. I felt bad G-Mama having to deal with what I’m sure were first day tears but she said she did really well! 

I never mind any excuse to get to hold those sweet baby hands!

When I took her for her first time she was VERY timid about it. She cried some during but overall did well and then talked non-stop about how she went swimming the rest of the day and the following day. I am always amazed at how well kids retain these skills and she did really, really great! A few kinks to work out but overall she’s def pool ready and I cannot WAIT!!! 

If you are considering ANY sort of swim lessons in the local area then I cannot sing enough praises about Tiny Bubbles!

The only downside? CAR NAPS haha

Tess woke up on the Saturday prior to our Disney Trip with a super high temp. It was 102! I ran her up to the walk-in clinic because I did NOT want to risk her being sick AGAIN for Disney!!! The last time she was sick was ON our last Disney trip and poor thing was pretty pitiful the entire week. 

She was the IDEAL patient. It was precious. She sat so well in the waiting room and then let the nurses and dr do whatever they needed to. She didn’t even cry for the nose swab for strep! She had an almost 104 temp at the office and I was very thankful I took her in. The dr looked her over and said her throat was slightly red (but he didn’t do a strep test which kinda annoyed me!) and that she tested negative for flu. He assumed it was viral and just needed to run its course but since we had Disney he was cool with being more aggressive so he prescribed amoxicillin and we headed home. The fever didn’t last long and responded well to Motrin. 

Sick girl gets spoiled!

Still insisted on wearing shoes πŸ˜‰ 

By the next morning she was fever free and feeling WAY better! I let her pick out her entire meal and she was pumped for pretzels and “chocolate” (nutella). 

If anyone is a Young Living rep and wants to help a sister out that would be FABULOUS! I joined last year sometime but don’t know my upline personally and really, really want to learn more about using the oils. I diffused some thieves, lavender and just ONE drop of peppermint to help her feel better. I have used ’em when the kids (or Zach and I) have had the flu and have ran it for stuffy noses but I really don’t know much AT ALL about them. I have a hard time finding someone to help teach me b/c I’m already a member and people only want to help out people who benefit them. Which I totally get and understand! I know they can be useful and possibly helpful for autoimmune diseases (obviously MS being the main thing I’m interested in!) and I’d REALLY appreciate guidance on what to buy/use and how to best benefit Zach. We’ve been doing lavender on his pillow and it really does help him sleep! If you are in the YL know and don’t mind helping me out please contact me! I’d gladly do a blog feature with linkage to your site or whatever πŸ™‚ 

Sitting in Mommy’s lap means kisses are a must!

Usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays we run some quick errands together. Tess loves walking through the stores and is, typically, a fabulous little helper. I will confess: I prefer running errands WITH her rather than SOLO b/c I love all the compliments from strangers about her πŸ˜‰ 

Tessie loves to write and show off her work!

She loves suckers…

and yogurt!

Tess likes a variety of foods. Our issues with Tess at the table are KEEPING her at the table and the amount of time she takes to eat. She’s slow and what happens is Kye and Britt finish and then Tess just decides to be done too b/c she’d rather go play. 

This month Tess had her very first Lunch Bunch at school! It’s where she got to stay to eat lunch with her friends. I didn’t let Kye stay until he was in kindergarten and Britt stayed this year for the first time (in PK4) but in typical third kid fashion Tessie got to stay for the first time in PK2 πŸ˜‰ It was nice because it allowed me time to get to Kye’s school and have lunch with him! It’s not something that will happen again anytime soon but for the situation as it was, I was thankful for the timing!

It still cracks me up to see Tess with this bookbag on her shoulders…especially when she’s carrying her jacket too (and, naturally, she wants to always carry it “by myself”)

Carter and Tess like to each have a turn at shutting the gate!

The transition to three days a week has worked out really well for Tess and she’s loving school!

She found this HUGE bug and was so excited and wanted a picture with it πŸ˜‰ 

She loves tucking Britt in bed and it helps a lot with her transition for nap time too because she runs downstairs after tucking Britt in saying “my turn night night!”

Big kid status using her umbrella!

But still very much a little kid too…hiding in the laundry basket where she thinks I can’t see her b/c she can’t see me πŸ˜‰

I adore this age. Yes it has it’s challenges but it’s SO fun and her sweetness is just the best. Zach rolls his eyes at me b/c I’m constantly saying “she’s so cute” And am always telling him every little cute phrase she says but I think I appreciate this stage with her so much because I see the older kids and understand just how quickly the stages change!

She is SUCH JOY!

Check out those lashes πŸ™‚

My baby girl!

Just some proof that it’s not always rosy haha She def has her moments. She’s my most stubborn child which can be frustrating (see my post as ignoring as a parenting tool!)


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