Tess Monthly Summary: December 2016

This is a photo dump/overview of Tess from December:

The toughest thing Tess has probably gone through in her life so far happened this month when we had to put our cat, Zeke, to sleep. Tess took it very, very hard. I’m thankful I had the time in advance to purchase a little stuffed kitty for her. She took to the kitty right away and named him Zeke and was obsessed with carrying him everywhere (we’re a month out now and she no longer carries him around or calls for him but does still sleep with him each night/nap). She cried for Zeke. She asked where he was. She even woke in her sleep that first night crying out for him. It was SO sad but also so sweet and so neat to see how even the youngest of people can recognize death and grieve for those they love.

We had a night after church (which is already late for the kids to go to bed) where we couldn’t find the dang stuffed cat anywhere! I joked a lot that the stuffed cat was more responsibility than the alive one haha! 

Tess has been using the potty now for over a year. I KNOW I need to blog about the whole process with her but at this point she’s very independent about it and will want to go completely on her own. She also pooped in the potty this month for the first time! She called out during nap that she needed to poop so I took her and she went!

When Zach and I went away for a night together Kye stayed at Court’s, Britt stayed at Casey’s and Tess stayed at G-Mama’s and Big Papa’s. I love how Mr Rusty always sends pics!

Tess started back to school in Jan going three days a week now (MWF) so we wanted to hit up Friday Frolic with Carter one last time! 

Tessie LOVES this doll. It’s Elsa and it sings and it’s Britt’s but Britt zero percent cares about toys. Like at all. So she eagerly let Tess keep it 😉

We also went through Britt’s dress up clothes and passed along smaller ones to Tess…she LOVES dressing up!

And she loves letting Big Sister put makeup on her too 😉

Tess really is such a clean child. It’s a HUGE blessing (I’m used to Britt who makes a massive mess anywhere she goes haha) as it makes life so much easier. She loves play doh but she’s so neat and tidy with it that I don’t mind getting it out often!

Literally sang “Let it Go” non-stop for an entire day after Christmas…I may have hid the microphone haha

She also loves to play in the playroom, even just by herself

Tess drives Zach crazy with all her little items she likes to carry around. I don’t really care about it but it’s super annoying to him (and did cause some issues at Disney so I’m trying to do better buckling down with her about what all she’s allowed to bring). This specific picture was at the chiropractor so I did let her bring everything she wanted in order to keep her occupied while I got adjusted. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do 😉

Tess gets more drainage than any of our others ever have. Zach has a lot of drainage issues too so she def got this from him but I hate it for her when she gets in a coughing routine!

Two things that are a constant about Tess: she ALWAYS has some sort of cut or scrape or bruise AND always has some sort of random dirt on her. She’s my least mess-making child but my dirtiest!

We got a big girl bed for her and worked on getting it all together over the break!

I love my mini-me! Anyone have good recommendations of matching mother-daughter outfits? I’d love to get some for the girls and I. I know Britt would LOVE IT and Tess does look so much like me that it’d be fun!


Tess looked at these pics as I was posting them and she said “Aw Tessie” haha


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